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Plays In Motion (PIM) is a program that allows you to create, edit, organize, and animate your playbook. Very simply, you can diagram your plays in minutes, add text wherever needed, and change anything you want at will: number of players, size of the playing area, etc. - a flexibility that come in handy when diagramming your scrimmages.

The football version even lets you select standard starting formations, eliminating the need to repeat the same setup over and over. The players can be represented by player number, jersey number, or good ol' X's and O's.

Once the info is filled in, you are ready to animate. Just click the "go" button and your players are in motion. Animation speed can be set from exceedingly slow to excessively fast. Options include a frame-by-frame presentation for player analysis, and you can even stick in a pop quiz to keep the players on their toes.

Although PIM scores high in its primary functions (creating and animating plays), it does have its drawbacks. Printing the playbook requires Microsoft Paintbrush which, while standard on Windows, complicates the printing process, and without Paintbrush it's worse, as you will have to make your own graphics program work with PIM.

Also, while PIM will take up very little hard drive space, the Paintbrush files it creates to print are each over one megabyte. PIM also has a non-standard Windows interface that may put some users off (most Windows programs have a similar look and feel) and lacks on-line help (keep the manual handy!).

As long as you can live with the printing problems and the interface, Plays in Motion will definitely facilitate your playbook project and make it fun.

- Michael J. Scarpelli, Jr.

PUBLISHER: Eberst, Soper, and Associates, P.O. Box 7346, Moreno Valley, CA 92522. (909) 653-6200


SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: IBM-compatible 386 with 4 MB RAM; Windows 3.1


After Quadrax Corporation developed a new ultralight, ultra-strong thermoplastic (QXT) for the Department of Defense, the Air Force ordered a supply of QXT for its F-22 program - only to have the program canceled. What does one do with a warehouse full of the stuff? Simple. Turn the battle-ready styrene into shafts for lacrosse sticks.

That's exactly what Quadrax and Brine, Inc. did. The new Brine Attack composite shaft is made from DuPont Kevlar and Quadrax QXT thermoplastic composite. Result: a lighter, stronger, stiffer, stick that dampens more vibration.

But Quadrax isn't stopping there. It has already marketed a tennis racket made with QXT, the Wimbledon Conqueror, and plans to expand into footwear, batting helmets, football pads, hockey sticks, and golf clubs.

The future looks bullish. QXT is not only lighter and stronger than most plastics, it's cheaper. So, the Defense Department's loss could quickly become the coaches gain.

- Timothy Nolan

MANUFACTURER: Quadrax Corporation, 300 High Point Ave, Portsmouth, RI 02871

SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE: Lacrosse stick: $99 (shaft only), $120-$185 (complete stick) Tennis racket: $195.00


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