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CoQ10 may prevent migraine in kids and teens.


Coenzyme Q10 supplementation may prevent migraine headaches in those who are deficient in this nutrient. * Researchers at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center assessed CoQ10 levels among more than 1,500 children and adolescents visiting a neurology clinic due to frequent headaches. Those with low CoQ10 levels were started on a program of CoQ10 supplementation. Their subsequent headaches and CoQ10 levels were monitored.


About one third of the children and adolescents referred to the clinic for frequent headaches were CoQ10 deficient. A subset of patients who were seen in follow-up after about three months had normalized CoQ10 levels. The normalized CoQ10 patients reported fewer headaches, while headache disability scores decreased by more than half, overall. "Deficiency of CoQ10 may be common in ... migraine ...," investigators concluded, "... supplementation may result in clinical improvement."


* Hershey AD, Powers SW, Vockell AL, et al. Coenzyme Q10 deficiency and response to supplementation in pediatric and adolescent migraine. Headache. 2007 Jan;47(1):73-80.
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Title Annotation:IN THE NEWS; Coenzyme Q10
Author:Kiefer, Dale
Publication:Life Extension
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Date:Jan 1, 2008
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