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Co-axial TOF detector offers 10-kV post acceleration.

The proprietary co-axial bipolar TOF detector incorporates the high temporal resolution of MCP-based detectors with the co-axial capabilities of flat metal anode detectors. Instrument designers can adapt existing instruments or design simpler versions with smaller vacuum systems and lower-cost co-axial geometry. The detector offers high levels of sensitivity, temporal resolution, dynamic range and high mass detection. In addition to its 10-kV post acceleration, it features the Extended Dynamic Range small-pore, microchannel plates. A low-profile assembly, combining a highly sensitive microchannel plate and electro-optically isolated output signal, encloses the detector. The instrument is available for flight tube mounting, un-mounted or mounted on a conflat flange. BURLE Electro-Optics, Inc., 800-648-1800


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Publication:Laboratory Equipment
Date:Apr 1, 2006
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