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Clymer lead remover.

Clymer Manufacturing Co. recently announced a new tool that is designed to remove the lead from the mouth of .357 and .44 caliber revolvers. Lead buildup is particularly a problem when shorter than normal ammunition is used in magnum length chambers; .38 Specials in the .357 Magnum and .44 Specials in the .44 Magnum.

Lead deposits in the mouth of the chamber play hob with accuracy, and are rather stubborn to remove. No more! Clymer has a new tool, actually two, one in .357 and another in .44 caliber, that simply, easily and quickly removes lead deposits.

It looks very much like a chambering reamer with five spiral cutting flutes that make reaming out the lead a chatter-free operation. Each cutter is precision ground to .0005 inch under minimum industry standards. In addition they are made from high speed steel that is hardened to 62/64 on the Rockwell "C" scale. They should last a lifetime with normal care.

The tool comes in two parts, with a "T" handle which can be mated to either the .357 or the .44 caliber reamer. The reamer is inserted into the rear of the cylinder and rotated using the T handle. Only a few seconds are needed to completely remove lead deposits.

We tried the .357 reamer on four different guns, a Colt Trooper, a Dan Wesson, a Llama Comanche and brand "X," an inexpensive foreign import. In the case of the first three guns the mouth of the chamber was just "kissed" by the reamer, removing lead buildup in tiny flakes.

Brand "X" was a different matter entirely. Apparently it was not built to U.S. standards and the chamber mouth was decidedly undersized. The Clymer reamer took this in stride and opened the mouth up to minimum standards with just a bit of extra work. It not only removed the lead but also the excess soft steel of the cylinder. Talk about tough!

This new tool, used in conjunction with quality guns, will ease a heretofore laborious task. It should prove a boon to individuals and gun clubs alike. The .357 or .44 reamers, complete with T handle, are $22 each or $41.50 for the set. For more information write: Clymer Manufacturing Co., Dept. GA, 14241 West Eleven Mile Rd., Oak Park, MI 48237.
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Title Annotation:evaluation
Author:French, Howard E.
Publication:Guns & Ammo
Date:Jun 1, 1984
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