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Clubs: Bad girl Lisa's a loving mum.

Byline: Emma Johnson

SHE was the first lady of London's baddest (sic) hip hop group but now So Solid Crew's Lisa Maffia, is stepping off the street and into the nightclub.

After a couple of years away from the music scene, the 28-year-old Londoner, who achieved five top ten hits with the now notorious collective, is back and filling dancefloors with the smash hit Bad Girl (At Night).

Originally a stunning instrumental from D J/producer Dave Spoon, Lisa was invited to add her own inimitable vocal styling transforming it into a dance anthem for girls who like to party.

"When I heard the At Night track I thought this needs something a bit quirky," reveals Lisa.

"I was thinking about how every good girl like to be a bad girl and how every good girl has a naughty side. It's about partying all night."

Away from the music though Lisa is hardly a bad girl, she might like to party on the but is also a doting mum to her 10-year-old daughter. In fact doting on her daughter is what she has been up to for much of her recent break.

"I got to spend some real quality time with my daughter which was well overdue," she says.

"She was really small when I started with So Solid and I got a proper year with my daughter - she is 10 now - she is a big girl now!"

The two-time MOBO award nominee also used her break to go back to college where she trained in photography - a lifelong ambition, designed her own clothing line (which she is looking to bring out soon) and even launched her own record label Maffia Recordz, signing a number of acts up. Next week Lisa comes to Liverpool as part of the promotion for Bad Girl and will be performing the track live at Hed Kandi at Nation. Singing to a packed nightclub will be a new experience for her.

"I can't wait," she says. "I have seen Hed Kandi in places like Ibiza, it is such a big name in dance music, and to be part of that, well I was like woah, hold on a minute'."

When the work on Bad Girl (At Night) -which has been getting heavy rotation on Pete Tong's Essential Selection - is done, Lisa will be turning her attentions to her new album. The follow-up to her first solo effort back in 2003, she is excited about getting back into it but taking things in her stride.

"I want to release some more music on my own," she says. "But I'm in no rush. We will see how this single goes, there is a lot more to come."

As for the rest of the So Solid crew, they have gone their own ways (some rather infamously ending up in prison), Lisa still sees some of the guys though.

"I work with Romeo every week in Spain and see Harvey from time to time but we are all doing our different things."

CATCH Lisa Maffia at Hed Kandi Beach House Party at Nation tomorrow night where you can also see PAs from Out of Office with hand Up, Silverlakes, Wide Open Space and Steve Edwards performing World Hold ON, not to mention DJs, including Andy Norman, Chris Bailey and Doc Da Funk. For info see

'I want to release more music on my own'
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jul 27, 2007
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