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Here is the weather prediction for next 3 days. By: Times News Service Sep 17, 2022 198
Mum captures cloud formation of 'Paddington Bear pouring tea for the Queen'; Jane Huskisson spotted a cloud formation that looked like Paddington Bear and the Queen in the early hours of Friday in Linconshire, and described the moment as "poignant". By, Duncan Gorman & Sara Odeen-Isbister Sep 12, 2022 589
Living in fear of the rain. Sep 3, 2022 528
Living in fear of the rain. Sep 2, 2022 556
Waterspout spotted in Catmon town in north Cebu. Aug 7, 2022 403
Infinix launches 3D Vapor Cloud Chamber Liquid Cooling Technology. Jul 28, 2022 230
Airbus to take up the hydrogen contrail characterisation challenge. Jul 21, 2022 308
Airbus to study hydrogen contrail characterisation. Jul 20, 2022 385
Rainy festive weekend expected. Jul 8, 2022 401
Liverpool weather: Met Office explains why it rains after a hot day; Why do thunderstorms happen after hot weather? By, Lottie Gibbons Jun 25, 2022 301
These parts of Oman to receive rainfall. Jun 24, 2022 173
Progressive and Prospective Technology for Cloud Seeding Experiment by Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Atmospheric Research Aircraft in Korea. Jung, Woonseon; Cha, Joo Wan; Ko, A.-Reum; Chae, Sanghee; Ro, Yonghun; Hwang, Hyun Jun; Kim, Bu-Yo Jun 22, 2022 7767
Heavy rain floods many areas in Hanoi. Jun 14, 2022 151
Clearing the Cloud Questions: Advances with DOE-ARM Solar Spectral Observation Capabilities. Riihimaki, Laura D.; Flynn, Connor; McComiskey, Allison; Lubin, Dan; Blanchard, yann; Chiu, J. Chris Jun 1, 2022 3337
Air tragedy probe continues after plane disappears on leisure flight from UK; Two people are still missing feared dead after plane disappeared from radar after hitting cloud on journey to Le Touquet in France. By, Brett Gibbons May 13, 2022 333
Air tragedy probe continues after plane disappears on leisure flight from UK; Two people are still missing feared dead after plane disappeared from radar after hitting cloud on journey to Le Touquet in France. By, Brett Gibbons May 13, 2022 333
Air tragedy probe continues after plane disappears on leisure flight from UK; Two people are still missing feared dead after plane disappeared from radar after hitting cloud on journey to Le Touquet in France. By, Brett Gibbons May 13, 2022 333
An Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm and Its Application to the Extreme Value Optimization Problem of Multivariable Function. Cai, Min May 13, 2022 5561
TAKE YOUR TIME. Kauh, Elaine May 1, 2022 1473
SATAVIA, AirCarbon Exchange Plan To Conduct World's First Carbon Trade Arising From Aviation's Non-CO2 Impacts. Apr 22, 2022 326
SATAVIA, AirCarbon Exchange Plan To Conduct World's First Carbon Trade Arising From Aviation's Non-CO2 Impacts. Apr 22, 2022 343
Did you see it? 'Crazy' cloud formation spotted in Teesside sky by family; Laura Smith and her family spotted the mysterious clouds -and decided to find out the cause of the phenomenon. By, Eden Lewis Apr 17, 2022 342
Peculiar cloud snap has people convinced it's a 'portal to another dimension'; Michael Allotta spotted an unusual formation in the clouds above his home, with a distinct blue patch in the sky, and he's convinced he's seen a portal to another dimension. By, Sarah Fittock & John Bett Feb 22, 2022 327
It's got cloudy with chance of golfballs. Feb 18, 2022 158
Thin clouds over PH, but 'amihan' still affecting Northern, Central Luzon - Pagasa. Feb 18, 2022 283
Strange clouds that look like flying jellyfish stun Brits as Storm Dudley hits; The freaky cloud formation is a rare and spectacular phenomenon, captured in Glasgow, Scotland, resulting from a process best described as reverse direction conviction. By, Shabir Noorzai Feb 17, 2022 355
Met Office explains why Storm Dudley caused odd cloud formations 'like a painting'; Mammatus clouds appeared in the skies above Britain today after Storm Dudley hammered the country with 80mph winds, downing trees and knocking out power for thousands of Brits. By, Matthew Dresch Feb 16, 2022 656
A Succession of Cloud, Precipitation, Aerosol, and Air Quality Field Experiments in the Coastal Urban Environment. Jensen, Michael P.; Flynn, James H.; Judd, Laura M.; Kollias, Pavlos; Kuang, Chongai; Mcfarquhar, Gr Report Feb 1, 2022 1454
Geometric and Physical Characteristics of Precipitation Clouds in Tibetan Plateau. Teng, Kunyu; Cai, Hongke; Sun, Xiubin; Chen, Quanliang Jan 10, 2022 9161
Hole-y Ice Heat. Jan 1, 2022 323
Our (Hot and Rainy) House: "It's like charging a massive battery.". Jan 1, 2022 313
'Down' and 'out'? COP26 wording clouds way ahead on climate. Reuters News Service Nov 16, 2021 598
Little fluffy clouds may help save Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Reuters News Service Oct 8, 2021 330
Alien cloud in UAE skies. Oct 1, 2021 235
A new color distance measure formulated from the cooperation of the Euclidean and the vector angular differences for lidar point cloud segmentation. Saglam, Ali; Baykan, Nurdan Akhan Report Oct 1, 2021 3519
Thunderstorms predicted in parts of Oman. By: Times News Services Sep 29, 2021 186
Thunderstorms likely in parts of Oman. By: Times News Service Sep 26, 2021 216
Cloud seeding boosts rains by 18 per cent in Oman. Aug 22, 2021 473
Advances in artificial rainfall hold big promise for water-scarce Arab region. Caline Malek Aug 8, 2021 1319
Funnel cloud swirls across Teesside skies; residents thought it resembled a tornado. KATIE ANDERSON @kateanderso_n Jul 10, 2021 223
Afternoon Sunlight is a Delight for Clouds. Jul 1, 2021 247
Scattered rainfall forecast for some parts of Oman. By: Times News Service Jun 25, 2021 217
Tropical storm in Arabian Sea to intensify further. May 15, 2021 403
Polarized Laser Backscattering of Atmospheric Cloud Distribution Based on Simulated Annealing Algorithm. Ren, Shenhe; Gao, Ming; Wang, Mingjun; Li, Yan Report May 4, 2021 5316
Rains and occasional thunderstorms to be expected: Oman Meteorology. By: Times News Service May 3, 2021 163
Thunderstorms over some parts of Oman expected. By: Times News Service May 2, 2021 153
Sky-High Study. Apr 1, 2021 1748
OUTLOOKS. Apr 1, 2021 456
Rapid Droplet Coalescence Produced by Thunder. Temkin, Samuel Mar 1, 2021 557
A Chamber Made for Cloud Studies. Feb 1, 2021 280
Where there's Smoke, there's Fire--and a Huge Cloud. Feb 1, 2021 204
Research on Ignition Energy Characteristics and Explosion Propagation Law of Coal Dust Cloud under Different Conditions. Liu, Tianqi; Jia, Ruiheng; Sun, Ruicheng; Tian, Weiye; Wang, Ning; Cai, Zhixin Report Jan 1, 2021 4304
Dependence of Warm Season Cloud-to-Ground Lightning Polarity on Environmental Conditions over Sichuan, Southwest China. Zhao, Pengguo; Xiao, Hui; Liu, Chang; Zhou, Yunjun Jan 1, 2021 7097
Polarized Laser Backscattering of Atmospheric Cloud Distribution Based on Simulated Annealing Algorithm. Ren, Shenhe; Gao, Ming; Wang, Mingjun; Li, Yan Report Jan 1, 2021 5317
Application of Multiple Detection Data in the Analysis of Snowstorm Processes in Xinjiang during the Central Asia Extreme Precipitation Observation Test (CAEPOT). Zeng, Yong; Yang, Lianmei; Tong, Zepeng; Zhang, Zuyi Dec 21, 2020 8565
Ice Is Cool--Artist's response to John Tyndall, "Ice Flowers". McKinlay, Pam Dec 1, 2020 2763
Simulating Heavy Meiyu Rainfall: A Note on the Choice of the Model Microphysics Scheme. Zhou, Zhimin; Deng, Yi; Hu, Yang; Kang, Zhaoping Nov 29, 2020 7877
Mayon Volcano wows with 'salakot' clouds after typhoon. Nov 13, 2020 394
Climate-Optimized Trajectories and Robust Mitigation Potential: Flying ATM4E. Matthes, Sigrun; Luhrs, Benjamin; Dahlmann, Katrin; Grewe, Volker; Linke, Florian; Yin, Feijia; Klin Report Nov 1, 2020 8469
The GLOBE Spring Cloud Challenge: The power of citizen scientists. Robles, Marile Colon; Amos, Helen M.; Dodson, J. Brant; Bouwman, Jeffrey; Rogerson, Tina; Bombosch, Interview Nov 1, 2020 2113
Multispectral Polarization State Analyzer of Scanning Polarimeter ScanPol. Syniavskyi, Ivan; Oberemok, Yevgen; Ivanov, Yuriy; Sosonkin, Mikhail Oct 26, 2020 6541
Impact of Hybrid-Electric Aircraft on Contrail Coverage. Yin, Feijia; Grewe, Volker; Gierens, Klaus Report Oct 1, 2020 7052
Understanding Contrail Business Processes through Hierarchical Clustering: A Multi-Stage Framework. Tariq, Zeeshan; Khan, Naveed; Charles, Darryl; McClean, Sally; McChesney, Ian; Taylor, Paul Oct 1, 2020 11095
Beyond Contrail Avoidance: Efficacy of Flight Altitude Changes to Minimise Contrail Climate Forcing. Teoh, Roger; Schumann, Ulrich; Stettler, Marc E.J. Report Sep 1, 2020 9963
Triggering Mechanism of an Extreme Rainstorm Process near the Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang, an Arid Region in China, Based on a Numerical Simulation. Zeng, Yong; Yang, Lianmei Aug 31, 2020 6408
Always wear a mask in public toilets to avoid Covid 19 say scientists; A flushing toilet can release a cloud of virus particles within seconds. By, Neil Shaw Aug 18, 2020 394
Massive waterspout seen over Bristol Channel amid UK storms; The spiralling cloud was visible for around 15 minutes, according to onlookers, and appeared to create a spray from the sea. By, Neil Shaw Aug 17, 2020 208
Leading Edge Radar: The Upgraded ARM Network. Kollias, P.; Bharadwaj, N.; Clothiaux, E.E.; Lamer, K.; Oue, M.; Hardin, J.; Isom, B.; Lindenmaier, Aug 1, 2020 1856
UAE weather: Residents warned about hazy conditions and rough seas due to strong winds. Falah Gulzar, Social Media Reporter Jul 23, 2020 238
UAE weather: Harsh winds, dusty skies and chance of rainfall in Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain. Falah Gulzar, Social Media Reporter Jul 21, 2020 189
Weather update in pictures: Haze and dust blur the UAE skyline. Nilanjana Javed, Digital Content Editor Jul 21, 2020 261
Video: Moderate to heavy rains hit Dubai and Al Ain on Thursday. Staff Reporter Jul 16, 2020 198
Over 200 cloud seeding missions conducted in UAE from January to June this year. Staff Report Jul 6, 2020 386
Phase-Field-Based LBM Analysis of KHI and RTI in Wide Ranges of Density Ratio, Viscosity Ratio, and Reynolds Number. Zhou, Xun; Dong, Bo; Li, Weizhong Jun 30, 2020 7917
Striking picture shows 'mini-tornado' in skies above rural Aberdeenshire; It's perhaps more reminiscent of a scene from The Wizard of Oz... Jamie McKenzie Jun 29, 2020 374
UAE issues weather alert as rain hits parts of the country, blowing dust reduces visibility. Web Report Jun 26, 2020 193
Pakistani aerospace engineer aims to make air travel sustainable. Sana Jamal, Correspondent Jun 5, 2020 995
Weather alert: Dust storm warning issued in UAE. Web Report May 31, 2020 224
Ten Years of Aerosol Effects on Single-Layer Overcast Clouds over the US Southern Great Plains and the China Loess Plateau. Yan, Hongru; Wang, Tianhe May 31, 2020 10461
Plum rain to start pounding Taiwan tonight. May 26, 2020 389
UAE weather: Rainy, dusty weather by afternoon, temperatures to hit 45A-C. Evangeline Elsa, Deputy Social Media Editor May 25, 2020 404
Watch: Heavy rain reported in some parts of the UAE. Evangeline Elsa, Deputy Social Media Editor May 25, 2020 398
Watch: Heavy rain reported in many parts of the UAE, on Monday. Evangeline Elsa, Deputy Social Media Editor May 25, 2020 337
UAE weather: Rain, dust, thunderstorms and cloud seeding on the first day of Eid. Evangeline Elsa, Deputy Social Media Editor May 24, 2020 343
Weather: Temperature to touch 44A-C in UAE with 85% humidity. Web Report May 17, 2020 171
New study confirms decommissioned microsat Diwata-1 can measure cloud-top height. May 5, 2020 642
Clear skies predicted over most parts of Oman. Times News Service Apr 29, 2020 261
UAE weather: Rainfall across the country, thunder and lightning expected between Tuesday and Saturday. Evangeline Elsa, Deputy Social Media Editor Apr 28, 2020 450
Clear skies forecast for Oman. Times News Service Apr 21, 2020 248
Clear skies, some rainfall forecast for Oman. Times News Service Apr 20, 2020 254
More rain expected in the UAE: 'Yes, we are cloud seeding to enhance rainfall,' says UAE weather bureau. Evangeline Elsa Jose, Deputy Social Media Editor Apr 20, 2020 288
Clear skies forecast for Oman. Times News Service Apr 19, 2020 232
UAE weather: Rain, strong winds and rough seas expected. Falah Gulzar, Social Media Reporter Apr 15, 2020 238
UAE weather: Overcast skies and rainy weather conditions to continue. Evangeline Elsa, Deputy Social Media Editor Apr 14, 2020 303
UAE weather: Rainfall across the country, thunder and lightning expected between Monday to Thursday. Evangeline Elsa, Deputy Social Media Editor Apr 13, 2020 425
UAE: Rainfall, windy weather in many areas, 8 cloud seeding flights completed since Sunday night. Evangeline Elsa, Deputy Social Media Editor Apr 13, 2020 286
Move a Plane, Erase a Contrail. Apr 1, 2020 236
Rain and cloud seeding in the UAE: It might actually help prevent the spread of coronavirus. Here's how... Mar 31, 2020 252
Assessing the Effects of Microphysical Scheme on Convective and Stratiform Characteristics in a Mei-Yu Rainfall Combining WRF Simulation and Field Campaign Observations. Liu, Lin; Lin, Chunze; Bai, Yongqing; He, Dengxin Mar 31, 2020 7083
UAE weather: Brace for thunder, rain this weekend. Web Report Mar 26, 2020 474
Rain and cloud seeding in the UAE: It might actually help prevent the spread of coronavirus. Here's how... Evangeline Elsa, Community Solutions Editor Mar 22, 2020 961
Photos: Gulf News readers share pictures of the rain, lightning and dark clouds in the UAE. Manuel Almario, Community Editor Mar 22, 2020 388
UAE to see rain, thunder. Manuel Almario, Community Editor Mar 21, 2020 181
UAE to see rain, hear thunder. Manuel Almario, Community Editor Mar 21, 2020 181
UAE weather: Rainfall in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other areas. Evangeline Elsa, Community Solutions Editor Mar 19, 2020 290
Be extra vigilant: Police issue weather warning in UAE. Web Report Mar 19, 2020 324
Photos: Gulf News readers share pictures of the clouds formation in the UAE. Manuel Almario, Community Editor Mar 18, 2020 295
Photos: Gulf News readers share pictures of the rare clouds in the UAE today. Manuel Almario, Community Editor Mar 15, 2020 264
Alcohols Quenching Cloud Particles Before They Form. Mar 1, 2020 318
It's raining in many parts of the UAE. Evangeline Elsa, Community Solutions Editor Feb 11, 2020 299
Biological Processes as a Source of Seeds for Cloud Ice Formation in the Arctic. Feb 1, 2020 559
Reddit users get excited over Baby Yoda cloud formation. Jan 22, 2020 306
Cloudy weather, rain, thunderstorms and cloud seeding expected today in these parts of the UAE. Evangeline Elsa, Community Solutions Editor Jan 14, 2020 292
Australia Fires: Airline Passengers Recount Journey Through Fire Cloud. Shreyashi Chakraborty Jan 6, 2020 450
Sensitivity of Precipitation and Structure of Typhoon Hato to Bulk and Explicit Spectral Bin Microphysics Schemes. Shen, Xiaodian; Jiang, Baolin; Cao, Qimin; Lin, Wenshi; Zhang, Lan Dec 31, 2019 7657
Interdecadal Variability of Summer Precipitation Efficiency in East Asia. Wang, Jian; Gui, Shu; Ma, Anqi; Yang, Ruowen; Zhang, Qi Dec 31, 2019 9897
UAE weather: Rough sea and rain forecast for today. Web Report Dec 18, 2019 282
UAE issues weather red alert, warns of very rough sea, likely rainfall. Web Report Dec 18, 2019 282
Rainy, cloudy weather to prevail in UAE during the week. Web Report Dec 14, 2019 456
Cloudy weather forecast in UAE; will it rain today? Web Report Dec 10, 2019 266
UAE: Heavy rainfall expected in some parts, red alert for rough seas. Evangeline Elsa, Community Solutions Editor Dec 10, 2019 272
Weather: Rain likely today, temperature drops to 8.5A-C in UAE. Web Report Dec 6, 2019 404
Video: Moderate to heavy rain hits parts of UAE. Web Report Dec 6, 2019 469
Alert: NCM issues weather warning for UAE residents. Web Report Dec 5, 2019 510
Thundershower to hit parts of UAE next week: NCM. Web Report Dec 5, 2019 332
Rain and thunder storms expected in UAE next week. Staff Report Dec 5, 2019 278
For the gardener, the composter, the lover of flowers: As in one of the loveliest lines attributed to Margaret Atwood, "In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.". Peters, Annie Book review Dec 1, 2019 683
Soil Moisture Brings Clarity to Cloudy Sky Modeling. Dec 1, 2019 570
RADAR DETECTION OF INDIVIDUAL RAINDROPS: A high-resolution, hybrid cloud and precipitation radar reveals the fascinating structure and behavior of individual hydrometeors within observed cloud systems. Schmidt, Jerome M.; Flatau, Piotr J.; Harasti, Paul R.; Yates, Robert. D.; Delene, David J.; Gapp, N Dec 1, 2019 10883
Comparison of Colony Morphology, Sporophore Characters and Yield Performance of Wild and Cultivated Milky Mushroom Isolates. Bhupathi, Priyadharshini; Subbaiah, Krishnamoorthy Akkana Report Dec 1, 2019 7536
Temperature to drop in UAE, rainfall likely today. Web Report Nov 25, 2019 113
UAE weather: Abu Dhabi residents experience light rain. Falah Gulzar, Social Media Reporter Nov 25, 2019 216
Are rains in UAE caused by cloud seeding? NCM responds. Sarwat Nasir Nov 21, 2019 533
UAE weather: Expect some rainfall and thunder in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. Manuel Almario, Community Editor Nov 19, 2019 215
UAE weather: Rain over RAK, more rain predicted this week in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi. Falah Gulzar, Social Media Reporter Nov 17, 2019 289
Weather: Rough sea, rain likely in parts of UAE today. Web Report Nov 13, 2019 192
Weather: Temperature drops to 8.5A-C in UAE. Web Report Nov 13, 2019 244
'Be extremely vigilant': UAE weather department issues warning as rain lashes country. Web Report Nov 10, 2019 151
Rain hits part of the UAE: Here's what to expect in the upcoming days. Falah Gulzar, Social Media Reporter Nov 10, 2019 336
Chance of rain in some parts of the UAE today. Shreya Bhatia, Reader Interactivity Journalist Nov 3, 2019 155
Kyarr: Here's the latest update from PACA. Times News Service Oct 31, 2019 191
Satellite-Based Assessment of Various Cloud Microphysics Schemes in Simulating Typhoon Hydrometeors. Zhang, Ying; Wang, Yu; Liu, Guosheng; Guo, Jianping; Yang, Yuanjian; Li, Rui; Fu, Yunfei; Liu, Lipin Oct 31, 2019 11638
Rains and thunderstorms sweep across many areas. Oct 14, 2019 172
Rainfall expected for coming five days. Oct 11, 2019 381
UAE weather: Expect rainfall today and next five days. Manuel Almario, Community Editor, and WAM Oct 11, 2019 564
Rain, thunder and hail in Al Ain. Staff Report Oct 11, 2019 200
Rain forecast for UAE on Tuesday as mercury dips. Web Report Oct 8, 2019 104
UAE issues weather alert for until 8pm tonight. Web Report Oct 8, 2019 128
High waves to hit UAE, rain forecast for parts of the country. Web Report Oct 7, 2019 154
Weather in UAE: Expect some rainfall today. Manuel Almario, Community Editor Oct 7, 2019 210
Heavy rain lashes parts of UAE on Friday night; here's the forecast for today. Web Report Oct 5, 2019 242
Video: Weather alert after dust swirls, rain and hail in UAE. Gulf News Oct 4, 2019 488
Five-day weather forecast. Oct 1, 2019 354
Gujarat: Tornado-like cloud formation in Sabarkantha. ANI Oct 1, 2019 196
BIOLOGICAL PROCESSES AS A SOURCE OF SEEDS FOR CLOUD ICE FORMATION IN THE ARCTIC. Creamean, Jessie; Cross, J.N.; Pickart, R.S.; McRaven, L.; Lin, P.; Pacini, A.; Hanlon, R.; Schmale, Oct 1, 2019 546
Backward Cloud Model Based Feature Extraction of Aircraft Echoes and Target Classification. Li, Qiusheng; Wang, Li Report Oct 1, 2019 4305
Impacts of Different Physical Parameterization Configurations on Widespread Heavy Rain Forecast over the Northern Area of Vietnam in WRF-ARW Model. Duc, Tien Du; Duc, Cuong Hoang; Hole, Lars Robert; Hoang, Lam; Thanh, Huyen Luong Thi; Khanh, Hung M Sep 30, 2019 13697
Five-day weather forecast. Sep 27, 2019 405
MetMalaysia: Rain caused by cloud seeding not harmful to health. Sep 26, 2019 395
Humid weather forecast for UAE, mercury to dip gradually. Web Report Sep 25, 2019 340
NCM issues weather warning for UAE residents. Web Report Sep 25, 2019 385
Contrail Conundrum. Sep 22, 2019 358
Pass, Valley, Gate, Cathedral. Miller-Duggan, Devon Poem Sep 22, 2019 266
NCM launches nanomaterials testing campaign in cloud seeding operations. Sep 21, 2019 751
New research campaign on cloud seeding launched. Staff Report Sep 21, 2019 192
UAE Weather report: Fair skies ahead. Sep 10, 2019 163
Heavy rain alert issued in 14 counties, cities in Taiwan. Aug 30, 2019 166
UAE weather: Will it rain today? It might! Aug 23, 2019 205
It is raining in many areas of the UAE. Aug 23, 2019 247
Watch: Heavy rain and dust storm hit many areas of UAE. Aug 23, 2019 244
Here's the latest weather update across UAE. Aug 21, 2019 239
Five-day weather forecast. Aug 21, 2019 402
Five-day weather forecast. Aug 19, 2019 389
Saturday rainshowers in the UAE. Aug 17, 2019 235
UAE residents can expect some respite from heat. Aug 13, 2019 244
Rainfall over Oman to continue. Aug 13, 2019 166
Karnataka: 3-month-long cloud seeding project for rainfall launched. Aug 2, 2019 269
AEROSOL-CLOUD-METEOROLOGY INTERACTION AIRBORNE FIELD INVESTIGATIONS: Using Lessons Learned from the U.S. West Coast in the Design of ACTIVATE off the U.S. East Coast. Sorooshian, Armin; Anderson, Bruce; Bauer, Susanne E.; Braun, Rachel A.; Cairns, Brian; Crosbie, Ewa Report Aug 1, 2019 10977
A STANDARDIZED ATMOSPHERIC MEASUREMENT DATA ARCHIVE FOR DISTRIBUTED CLOUD AND PRECIPITATION PROCESS-ORIENTED OBSERVATIONS IN CENTRAL EUROPE: A multitude of cloud and precipitation observations in Germany are now available in the new Standardized Atmospheric Measurement Data archive. Lammert, Andrea; Hansen, Akio; Ament, Felix; Crewell, Susanne; Dick, Galina; Grutzun, Verena; Klein- Jul 1, 2019 9151
Comparison of Simulations of Updraft Mass Fluxes and Their Response to Increasing Aerosol Concentration between a Bin Scheme and a Bulk Scheme in a Deep-Convective Cloud System. Lee, Seoung Soo; Jung, Chang-Hoon; Chiao, Sen; Um, Junshik; Choi, Yong-Sang; Choi, Won Jun Jun 30, 2019 17228
Spectacular cloud formation stuns residents of Taiwan's Keelung. Jun 22, 2019 238
Rain in Northern Emirates likely to continue. Jun 21, 2019 349
Hot and hazy days ahead, chance of rain in the east of UAE. Jun 5, 2019 199
Clouds do prevent radars from detecting accurately: Air Marshal Raghunath Nambiar. May 27, 2019 490
Video: Heavy hail and thunderstorm lash Dubai, UAE on Sunday. May 19, 2019 285
Extremely heavy rain alert issued for N. Taiwan, flash floods reported. May 17, 2019 469
How bad will it be? One of the biggest sources of climate uncertainty is how clouds will behave. Tapio Schneider's powerful new model should give us some answers. Pickett, Mallory Interview May 1, 2019 754
OVERVIEW OF THE HI-SCALE FIELD CAMPAIGN: A New Perspective on Shallow Convective Clouds. Fast, Jerome D.; Berg, Larry K.; Alexander, Lizbeth; Bell, David; D'Ambro, Emma; Hubbe, John; Kuang, May 1, 2019 11242
THE ARCTIC CLOUD PUZZLE: Using ACLOUD/PASCAL Multiplatform Observations to Unravel the Role of Clouds and Aerosol Particles in Arctic Amplification. May 1, 2019 17965
MODELING OF CLOUD MICROPHYSICS: Can We Do Better? The Lagrangian particle-based approach is an emerging technique to model cloud microphysics and its coupling with dynamics, offering significant advantages over Eulerian approaches typically used in cloud models. Grabowski, Wojciech W.; Morrison, Hugh; Shima, Shin-Ichiro; Abade, Gustavo C.; Dziekan, Piotr; Pawlo Report Apr 1, 2019 11605
Cloud Features of Tibetan Plateau Vortex Category Cloud Cluster over Different Regions along the Eastward-Moving Path in Summer. Li, Chao; Wang, Xiaofang; Zhou, Lingli; Cui, Chunguang; Jiang, Xingwen; Xu, Guirong Mar 31, 2019 8755
How to use clouds to predict weather. Mar 27, 2019 387
Clouds, rainfall help contain pollen count. Mar 24, 2019 318
My House Is Cloudy. Esfandiari, Ali Poem Mar 22, 2019 140
DA orders cloud seeding amid water shortage. Mar 12, 2019 1032
Alien cloud in UAE skies. Mar 1, 2019 228
Weather forecast: UAE to get rain on Wednesday through Friday. Feb 27, 2019 180
Strong winds lash UAE. Feb 16, 2019 140
Detecting Clouds Associated with Jet Engine Ice Crystal Icing. Haggerty, Julie; Defer, Eric; De Laat, Adrianus; Bedka, Kristopher; Moisselin, Jean-Marc; Potts, Rod Report Jan 1, 2019 5081
Unstable weather could bring rain this weekend. Dec 13, 2018 267
Aoun-Hariri tensions cloud Cabinet formation. Dec 8, 2018 1102
OBSERVING CLOUDS IN 4D WITH MULTIVIEW STEREOPHOTOGRAMMETRY: Six cameras along a 12-km-diameter circle generate a 4D view of clouds at the Southern Great Plains atmospheric observatory in Oklahoma. Romps, David M.; Oktem, Rusen Report Dec 1, 2018 6957
ULTRAFINE PARTICLES IN THE LOWER TROPOSPHERE: Major Sources, Invisible Plumes, and Meteorological Transport Processes: A decade of airborne regional-scale measurements of aerosol size distributions and meteorological parameters allows apportionment of major sources and budget estimates for ultrafine particles. Junkermann, Wolfgang; Hacker, Jorg M. Dec 1, 2018 10217
Is it going to rain in Dubai? Nov 20, 2018 298
'No storm coming to UAE', only rain and fresh winds. Nov 12, 2018 639
UAE beachgoers warned, rough sea forecast during weekend. Nov 1, 2018 374
A Nebulous Existence: For both Venus and Earth, life's last refuge might lie in the clouds. Grinspoon, David Nov 1, 2018 590
Weather: More rain expected in UAE as winter season sets in. Oct 31, 2018 489
Rain in Dubai, Shajrah, Ajman. Oct 30, 2018 209
Rain in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman. Oct 30, 2018 274
Rainy clouds seen over the UAE's east from Saturday. Oct 27, 2018 398
Warning: 7-foot-high waves off UAE, more rain. Oct 22, 2018 451
Pockets of rain to fall in UAE. Oct 15, 2018 458
Mostly unny this Morning, more Clouds with Local Rainfall Forecast Later Today. Sep 24, 2018 129
Be aware of bad weather and take precautions, advises MetMalaysia. Sep 2, 2018 236
UAE weather: Chance of fog, mist on Sunday. Aug 24, 2018 297
Hot, humid weather to continue in UAE until Tuesday. Aug 10, 2018 268
Using the GOES-16 Split Window Difference to Detect a Boundary prior to Cloud Formation. Lindsey, Daniel T.; Bikos, Dan; Grasso, Lewis Case study Aug 1, 2018 2423
WIVERN: A New Satellite Concept to Provide Global In-Cloud Winds, Precipitation, and Cloud Properties: A new satellite concept with a conically scanning W-band Doppler radar to provide in-cloud winds, together with estimates of global rainfall, snowfall, and cloud properties, is examined. Illingworth, A.J.; Battaglia, A.; Bradford, J.; Forsythe, M.; Joe P.; Kollias, P.; Lean, K.; Lori, M Report Aug 1, 2018 11843
Video: Rain hits parts of Dubai, Al Ain. Jul 6, 2018 233
Video: Dust storm, rain hits parts of Dubai, Al Ain. Jul 6, 2018 279
THE SKY IN EDVARD MUNCH'S THE SCREAM. Prata, Fred; Robock, Alan; Hamblyn, Richard Jul 1, 2018 8504
One in 10 women do nothing to protect their skin from damage when it's sunny; And three quarters confessed they didn't know invisible UV rays can penetrate clouds. Jun 24, 2018 378
Weather update: Fog, rain forecast for Oman. Jun 19, 2018 191
Temperatures soar further in the UAE. Jun 6, 2018 324
Strange 'twister' spotted in the sky above West Wales; The cloud formation was spotted in Pembrokeshire at around 1pm. Jun 4, 2018 432
A Long-Lasting Vortex Rossby Wave--Induced Rainband of Typhoon Longwang (2005). Lin, Yanluan; Li, Yuanlong; Li, Qingshan; Chen, Minyan; Xu, Fanghua; Wang, Yuqing; Huang, Bin Report Jun 1, 2018 3845
A BIRD'S-EYE VIEW: Development of an Operational ARM Unmanned Aerial Capability for Atmospheric Research in Arctic Alaska. de Boer, Gijs; Ivey, Mark; Schmid, Beat; Lawrence, Dale; Dexheimer, Darielle; Mei, Fan; Hubbe, John; Report Jun 1, 2018 9571
LAND-ATMOSPHERE INTERACTIONS: The LoCo Perspective. Santanello, Joseph A., Jr.; Dirmeyer, Paul A.; Ferguson, Craig R.; Findell, Kirsten L.; Tawfik, Ahme Jun 1, 2018 12949
Chances of rain in some parts of the country on Tuesday and Wednesday. May 28, 2018 209
Heavy rain hits parts of UAE; more showers forecast. May 26, 2018 312
Weird Saturn-Like Exoplanet Has No Cloud Cover. May 9, 2018 477
Astronomers Find Exoplanet Atmosphere Free of Clouds. May 8, 2018 627
Met warns of poor visibility in UAE, rainfall expected today. Apr 17, 2018 179
Video: Rain, sandstorm hit parts of UAE. Apr 17, 2018 230
Weather alert: Blowing dust to reduce visibility. Apr 14, 2018 251
Dusty weather, spells of rain expected across UAE. Mar 12, 2018 279
Photo of the Day: Mysterious 'roll clouds' appear over Taiwan. Mar 6, 2018 300
Cloudy weather to continue, rainfall likely in UAE today. Mar 3, 2018 313
Parts of UAE to experience rainfall this weekend. Mar 1, 2018 281
CLOUDSAT AND CALIPSO WITHIN THE A-TRAIN: Ten Years of Actively Observing the Earth System: More than 10 years of observations jointly collected by CloudSat and CALIPSO satellites have resulted in new ways of looking at aerosol, clouds, and precipitation, and new discoveries about processes that connect them. Stephens, Graeme; Winker, David; Pelon, Jacques; Trepte, Charles; Vane, Deborah; Yuhas, Cheryl; L'Ec Report Mar 1, 2018 7224
Brace for wet and windy weather this weekend. Feb 28, 2018 361
Unstable weather until Monday morning. Feb 25, 2018 284
The ARM Cloud Radar Simulator for Global Climate Models: Bridging Field Data and Climate Models. Zhang, Yuying; Xie, Shaocheng; Klein, Stephen A.; Marchand, Roger; Kollias, Pavlos; Clothiaux, Eugen Jan 1, 2018 3200
THE NEXUS BETWEEN SEA ICE AND POLAR EMISSIONS OF MARINE BIOGENIC AEROSOLS: We examine the relationship between sea ice dynamics, phytoplankton biomass, and emissions of marine biogenic aerosols in both the Arctic and Southern Oceans. Gabric, Albert; Matrai, Patricia; Jones, Graham; Middleton, Julia Report Jan 1, 2018 11346
THE DYNAMICS--AEROSOLCHEMISTRY--CLOUD INTERACTIONS IN WEST AFRICA FIELD CAMPAIGN: Overview and Research Highlights: Unprecedented ground-based and aircraft measurements in southern West Africa characterize atmospheric composition and dynamics, low-level cloud properties, the diurnal cycle, and air pollution impacts on health. Flamant, C.; Knippertz, P.; Fink, A.H.; Akpo, A.; Brooks, B.; Chiu, C.J.; Coe, H.; Danuor, S.; Evans Report Jan 1, 2018 11387
Sensitivity Studies on the Impact of Dust and Aerosol Pollution Acting as Cloud Nucleating Aerosol on Orographic Precipitation in the Colorado River Basin. Jha, Vandana; Cotton, William R.; Carrio, Gustavo G.; Walko, Robert Jan 1, 2018 6190
Numerical Simulations of Airborne Glaciogenic Cloud Seeding Using the WRF Model with the Modified Morrison Scheme over the Pyeongchang Region in the Winter of 2016. Chae, Sanghee; Chang, Ki-Ho; Se, Seongkyu; Jeon, Jin-Yim; Kim, Baek-Jo; Kim, Chang Ki; Yum, Seong So Jan 1, 2018 5218
Influence of Ice Nuclei Parameterization Schemes on the Hail Process. Liu, Xiaoli; Fu, Ye; Cao, Zhibin; Jin, Shuanglong Jan 1, 2018 7774
Numerical Study of a Southwest Vortex Rainstorm Process Influenced by the Eastward Movement of Tibetan Plateau Vortex. Liu, Xiaoli; Ma, Endian; Cao, Zhibin; Jin, Shuanglong Report Jan 1, 2018 4872
Cosmic Rays Trigger Cloud Formation In Earth's Atmosphere. Dec 20, 2017 584
Hail, heavy rain hit UAE; unsteady weather to continue. Dec 17, 2017 1539
Unstable weather in UAE today, rainfall likely. Dec 16, 2017 264
Video: Thunderstorm lashes parts of UAE. Dec 16, 2017 311
NEW CLOUDS! Brief article Dec 1, 2017 148
Video: Showers bring in respite, rainfall set to continue in UAE. Nov 18, 2017 478
Video: Heavy rains lash parts of UAE, cloudy weather to prevail. Nov 17, 2017 432
NASA Finds Noxious Ice Cloud On Saturn's Moon Titan. Oct 19, 2017 664
Make It Rain: Does temperature affect rain clouds? Oct 1, 2017 388
SCREAMING AT THE CLOUDS? Brief article Sep 1, 2017 210
Heavy rain in Al Ain, warning of blowing dust over weekend. Aug 11, 2017 337
Weather: Hot to very hot, but with a chance of rain. Aug 4, 2017 237
Why is it raining in the UAE and still 50C? Aug 2, 2017 393
Challenges for cloud modeling in the context of aerosol-cloud-precipitation interactions. Lebo, Zachary J.; Shipway, Ben J.; Fan, Jiwen; Geresdi, Istvan; Hill, Adrian; Miltenberger, Annette; Aug 1, 2017 2562
Flash rainstorm in UAE, showers expected in south, eastern areas on Wednesday. Aug 1, 2017 350
A crunchy and crisp fish dish; stephen jacksonCHEF AND CO-OWNER, T&CAKE CAFE, ALMONDBURY. Jul 28, 2017 405
Parts of UAE might still get rain on Wednesday and Thursday. Jul 11, 2017 180
Laying down the line. Jul 1, 2017 2121
For cloud research, just point and click. Brief article Jul 1, 2017 226
Quantifying the dependence of satellite cloud retrievals on instrument uncertainty. Jul 1, 2017 451
The Saharan aerosol long-range transport and aerosol-cloud-interaction experiment overview and selected highlights. Weinzierl, Bernadett; Prospero, A. Ansmann.J. M.; Althausen, D.; Benker, N.; Chouza, F.; Dollner, M. Report Jul 1, 2017 15009
After Several Delays NASA, Scheduled To Launch A Rocket To Color The Clouds. Jun 13, 2017 549
Mapping rainfall feedback to reveal the potential sensitivity of precipitation to biological aerosols. Morris, Cindy E.; Soubeyrand, Samuel; Bigg, E. Keith; Creamean, Jessie M.; Sands, David C. Report Jun 1, 2017 5814
Pontiff tries to get over the Don tiff; Climate change casts cloud over visit. May 25, 2017 297
UAE weather: Chance of rain in certain areas. May 6, 2017 157
The Green Ocean Amazon experiment (GoAmazon2014/5) observes pollution affecting gases, aerosols, clouds, and rainfall over the rain forest: the susceptibility of air quality, weather, terrestrial ecosystems, and climate to human activities was investigated in a tropical environment. May 1, 2017 10178
New Clouds Added To The Atlas. Apr 3, 2017 482
10th symposium on aerosol-cloud-climate interactions, 7-11 January 2018, Austin, Texas. Apr 1, 2017 110
Ceres S'COOL Project update: the evolution and value of a long-running education project with a foundation in NASA earth science missions. Chambers, Lin H.; McKeown, Megan A.; McCrea, Sarah A.; Martin, Ann M.; Rogerson, Tina M.; Bedka, Kri Report Mar 1, 2017 5569
Winter weather patterns: the sun's reduced heating of the atmosphere minimizes vertical cloud development, but there's still plenty of moisture in the air to create fog and reduce visibility. Hart, Mike Feb 1, 2017 1911
ML-CIRRUS: the airborne experiment on natural Cirrus and contrail cirrus with the high-altitude Long-Range Research Aircraft HALO. Report Feb 1, 2017 11372
Can you dissolve clouds using your mind? Jan 17, 2017 802
Modeling Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability in Soft X-Ray Solar Jets. Zhelyazkov, Ivan; Chandra, Ramesh; Srivastava, Abhishek K. Report Jan 1, 2017 14272
An Integrated Method of Multiradar Quantitative Precipitation Estimation Based on Cloud Classification and Dynamic Error Analysis. Huang, Yong; Liu, Huijuan; Yao, Yun; Ni, Ting; Feng, Yan Report Jan 1, 2017 3410
Comparison of Chebyshev and Legendre Polynomial Expansion of Phase Function of Cloud and Aerosol Particles. Zhang, Feng; Liu, Kun; Yang, Quan; Wu, Kun; Zhao, Jian-Qi Report Jan 1, 2017 3390
Observational and Simulative Study of a Local Severe Precipitation Event Caused by a Cold Vortex over Northeast China. Liu, Ying; Liang, Zhaoming; Li, Yupeng Report Jan 1, 2017 7874
Cloud Base Height Estimation from ISCCP Cloud-Type Classification Applied to A-Train Data. Liang, Yao; Sun, Xuejin; Miller, Steven D.; Li, Haoran; Zhou, Yongbo; Zhang, Riwei; Li, Shaohui Report Jan 1, 2017 6981
Characteristics of Winter Clouds and Precipitation over the Mountains of Northern Beijing. Ma, Xincheng; Bi, Kai; Chen, Yunbo; Chen, Yichen; Cheng, Zhigang Report Jan 1, 2017 6198
Spatial and Temporal Features of the Frequency of Cloud Occurrence over China Based on CALIOP. Cai, Hongke; Feng, Xiao; Chen, Quanliang; Sun, Yi; Wu, Zhengmin; Tie, Xin Report Jan 1, 2017 5362
Statistical Comparison of Cloud and Aerosol Vertical Properties between Two Eastern China Regions Based on CloudSat/CALIPSO Data. Qiu, Yujun; Wang, Jing; Yang, Keran Report Jan 1, 2017 5986
Large-Scale Analysis of Relationships between Mineral Dust, Ice Cloud Properties, and Precipitation from Satellite Observations Using a Bayesian Approach: Theoretical Basis and First Results for the Tropical Atlantic Ocean. Kluser, Lars; Popp, Thomas Report Jan 1, 2017 12441

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