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Clothing for the hunt.


The season of the hunt is underway. Maybe it's only woodchucks in Connecticut or caribou in Alaska, or the thought of the hunting season approaching in September. The common denominator in both cases is the need for good hunting clothing.

The SHOT Show showcases many of the new developments and lines that are offered to the dealer each year. SI is bringing you a review of some of the products showcased at the Show. Keep in mind that a lot of the clothing manufacturers have refined their products rather than release new ones. For a more extensive listing of clothing manufacturers or distributors, see your 1990 SHOT Show issue for additional suppliers not listed in this review. There were many technology oriented developments exhibited, most being in the areas of durability, quietness, waterproofing and camouflage.

Woolrich introduced Wool-Dura [TM], a blend of wool for softness and Cordura [R] for durability and cleanability. Wool-Dura [TM] distinguishes itself with almost five times the strength and twice the pilling resistance of previous 85/15 wool/nylon mixtures. Fieldline carried their new 100% waterproof, breathable Fleece products to Las Vegas. The quieter you are, the more successful you may become in the field. Fieldline is shooting for a winner here. Realtree [R] has expanded their already successful Realtree patterns but now include quieter designs.

Liberty Trousers' new "Hide 'n Pine [TM]" camo pattern garment line adds one more camo pattern to the inventory that hunters and photographers can use for success in the outdoors.

These are but a few of the additions to the 1990 inventory of clothing items available for the outdoors person your store serves. Bob Allen -- Woolies coats, caps, hats and pants are Bob Allen's addition to their already wide line of sporting clothing. The Adirondack lines' 100% virgin wool 26-ounce red/black plaid pattern is available in the coats, hats and caps with the pants coming in an 18-ounce, 100% virgin wool loden green color. All Weather [R] Outerwear has a new Lightweight Hunting Coverall in a Forrest [R] with Leaf pattern. Insulated Hunting Coveralls also feature this pattern or any one of seven other patterns or colors. Browning [R] has a Gore-Tex [TM] Z-liner garment that is quiet, waterproof and windproof. The Woodhide and Big Horn Shell Parkas can be combined with a sweater or vest for a layered hunting system.

Both have Cordura [R] Matrix Cloth shells with the Gore-Tex Z-liner waist draw strings and storm gaiters. Both also feature an inside mesh pocket for Browning's ReActar [TM] recoil reduction pad. Bushlan [TM], South Texas Camouflage's clothing division, has two newly designed camo patterns. The South Texas and the Foothills patterns are specifically designed to break up the shapes that give a hunter's position away. The South Texas camo is for dry, brushy areas and the Foothills patterns is flexible enough to be used in foothills and hilly areas of North America as well as brushy areas. Columbia Sportswear has several new products for upland game. Topping the list is the Chukar Parka [TM]. Lined with Zap Fleece [TM] in a removable, lightweight liner, the cotton jacket is suitable for most upland hunting climates and provides versatility for both warm and cool climates. Fieldline -- Wulusion [R] Fleece is the secret behind Fieldline's new quiet, warm, durable clothing line. Catalogued in pants, parkas and jackets, the polyester fleece is combined with a Gore-Tex Z-liner and Thinsulate [R] for waterproofing and warmth. Fieldline's Whisper Ridge Fleece Parka is ideal for outdoorsmen who rely on stealth in the field and need the warmth and dryness this parka can provide. It is available in Trebark or blaze orange. Hide 'n Pine [R] Camo from Liberty is a new camouflage pattern designed to make the hunter virtually vanish in dark, shadowy pine forests. Unlined and insulated overalls, coveralls, jackets and pants will be in the Hide 'n Pine line for 1990. G. Loomis Company's Nomad Rain Jacket (in three lengths) and Bib+Trousers are breathable, yet totally waterproof, windproof and machine washable. Loomis lines the clothing with a material called VentX, a non-porous material that allows the fabric to breath out but rejects external moisture from finding its way onto the wearer. North Consumer Products is swaying from the popular line of hearing protection products to manufacture a line of inexpensive outerwear for hunters and sportsmen. The North Shooter's Suit is designed for wear over regular outdoor clothing. The spun bond polypropylene breathes easily, is lightweight, and is quiet during movement. It folds into a small package for easy carrying and is available in woodland camouflage and winter white. The suit is available in coverall, two-piece suits or parkas. Northlake [R] has the ultimate waterproof rig. Their Camo Neoprene Body Suit is a one-piece suit, similar to coveralls but made of soft, thermal neoprene. It includes a pouch on the back for your license, a pocket in the front and several shell loops on the breast. Entry, arm and leg zippers are included for ease of entry and exit. Pachmayr's Rifleman coat is now available for those who want full range of motion when hunting. Their field coat is insulated with DuPont's 808 [R] insulation and fits into a waterproof, breathable outer shell. The pockets have handwarmers built in and combined with the knit cuffs and drawstring waist, will provide warmth and utility for the sportsman. Ranger's new Ranger Reversible Camouflage Jacket and Pants are quickly adaptable to different hunting areas. By reversing the garment, the hunter may use either the `Up-A-Tree' or the `Fall-Up-A-Tree' patterns as necessary. Full-cut sizes range to XXL. Realtree [R]-Spartan has added a new design to the inventory of phenomenally popular Realtree camo patterns. The new color is Realtree Brown-Leaf, a tree and ground cover camo with five different earth-tone colors. In addition to the new pattern, Realtree has also added several new fabrics, a soft and quiet 50/50 twill, a 100% cotton ripstop and 100% cotton chamois. Their 6-Pocket Pants and Unlined Hunter's Coat are available in the both the cotton rip-stop and the 6-ounce chamois fabric. Redhead has expanded their lines with newer designs in quieter fabrics. The Polartuff [R] jacket and pant is made of a fleece fabric, that when combined with any the four different popular camo patterns available makes a quiet, hard-to-see combination. The Vellux [R] line includes hooded sweats and archery coveralls. The Vellux fabric, bonded to polyurethane, literally wick the moisture away from the body for breathability. Remington announced their new products at the Remington New Products Seminar last year and then formally displayed them at their fashion show during the SHOT Show. Remington, as with many other clothing companies, has refined their line for '90. New patterns such as Marsh and Mossy Oak have been added to the Ultimate Climate Suit which will make it more useful to the southern waterfowlers and whitetail deer bowhunters. The Big Game Parka is now available in loden green, and the Woodmaster shirt and pant is available in Mossy Oak and Woodland camos for the spring or fall turkey hunter. Shannon Outdoors' new Bug Tamer jacket will keep the hunter who travels in mosquito country happry. The jacket uses a light mosquito netting outermesh with a large inner mesh that acts as a spacer keeping the fabric away from the skin. It is available in Woodland and Trebark camo patterns. Walls Industries new breathable Water-Pruf [TM] Parka uses the Ultrex [TM] waterproof apparel system as a basis for this new line. The parka can be added to existing layers of Walls clothing to provide a "system" for varying climates and weather conditions. The Supplex [R] nylon shell with Ultrex coating by Burlington allows breathability and when [C] 36 combined with a Durepel finish repels moisture yet breaths comfortably. Woolrich, 160 years young, is still making advances in the clothing industry. The new loden green "Wool-Dura [TM]" fabrics bring the strength of Cordura and the softness of wool to hunting wear. Woolrich's Eagles Mere line consists of a: Field Coat, Field Parka, Safety Vest, Field Vest, Field Pant and a Utility Pant. All are designed with a European Hunt look. The system also includes a matching shirt to round out the system. These are but a sampling of the trends occurring in the clothing industry. The improvements are taking place from head to toe, from underwear to outerwear. Find the product that fits the needs of your customers, that works in your region of the country, and you'll profit for your hunting season. Remember, there are many suppliers in the shooting industry.

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