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Closing the tax gap: alternatives to enforcement.

IRS 9th Annual Research Conference

Nearly 250 people attended this year's conference held on November 14-15, 1991, in Washington, DC.

Keynote speaker Harley Duncan, Executive Director of Federation of Tax Administrators, set a positive tone by discussing initiatives various states had taken in helping small businesses meet their tax obligations.

Representing business interests were John W. Nelson, Vice President, Citizens Bank in Newport, RI, who reviews business loan applications and also teaches business administration at the University of Rhode Island; D.J. Gribben, National Federation of Independent Businesses; Robert McGuckin, Director, Center for Economic Studies, U.S. Census Bureau; Thomas A. Gray, Chief Economist, Small Business Administration; and Benson Goldstein, Tax Policy Manager, U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Tax professionals presenting papers included Peter M. Berkery, Jr., Director of Federal Affairs, National Society of Public Accountants; Marjorie Joder and Claudia Hill, National Association of Enrolled Agents; Norman Hendricks, President, National Association of Tax Practitioners; Donald Skadden, Vice President (Taxation), American Institute of Certified Public Accountants; and Karyl Kinsey, American Bar Foundation.

John E. Price, University of North Texas; Ruthie G. Reynolds, Howard University; and Percy Vaughn, Dean, College of Business Administration, Alabama State University discussed the problems of minority-owned small businesses, while Cherie O'Neil, University of South Florida; and Alfonso Morales, American Bar Foundation examined the special needs and attitudes of Hispanics and other recent immigrants who set up their own businesses.

Presentations were also made from several IRS districts as well as the IRS national office.

Although it was conceded that some business people play fast and loose with the tax law, the majority are confused by its complexities and would be more willing to comply if the law were simplified by Congress, and if the IRS offered them a broader array of assistance and services.

Joseph R. Weikel Conference Coordinator Reasearch Division, IRS National Office
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Title Annotation:Special Report: IRS 9th Annual Research Conference
Author:Weikel, Joseph R.
Publication:The National Public Accountant
Date:Feb 1, 1992
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