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Closing the barn door.

Closing the barn door: The Majlis has drafted legislation for a three-phase retaliation on European countries that impose sanctions on Iran, according to Deputy Nasser Sudani (photo), deputy chairman of the Majlis Energy Committee. No EU member state has imported any Iranian oil since July 1, but Iran pretends that some are still doing so by buying oil from Iranian private dealers. News reports from Europe say private dealers have been contacting European firms offering crude, but without success. There are, however, suspicions that some dealers may be mixing Iranian crude stored in the Mediterranean with crude from another country and marketing it as coming from that other country. Sudani was quoted by PressTV as saying, "Some European countries have openly dissociated themselves from the economic war front and Iran will continue its oil transactions." The only European country to public dissociate itself from EU sanctions is Switzerland, which does not buy Iranian crude. Sudani said the first step in the retaliation against European countries that impose sanctions on Iran would be to halt crude oil sales to them(!), the second step would be to ban imports from those countries and the third step would be to forbid Iranian tourists from visiting those countries.

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Title Annotation:Tidbits and Morsels: A column of musings on news that might otherwise go unnoticed.
Publication:Iran Times International (Washington, DC)
Date:Nov 2, 2012
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