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Closing a generation gap.

In this issue of Countryside, we celebrate the end of our 99th year as a publishing company, and 43rd as the magazine that you read today. We want to thank you, our loyal readers, in as many ways as we can, and since we're always looking for a reason to throw a party, the 100th anniversary seems too obvious and too big of an event to pass up. That's a few generations of readers who have read our magazines, and written for them, a few generations of tips, trades and techniques that will be passed along for another 100 years.

In late summer, a reader called me to tell me about her grandson and his cattle farm in Oklahoma. She said she's just proud that he's continuing a tradition her grandfather had started, and while she's been retired and living in the city for a few years, she just wanted to tell me that it's possible to raise cattle and thrive and get your boot ankles bricked in mud, even with an iPhone charging in the console. It's possible to still live, as she put it, "with a harmony with the land."

I still like that sentiment. We have previous generations who showed us the roadmap of how to live self-reliantly, and she called to tell me not all was lost. A generation of millennials is coming of age and is very much against mass-produced and GMO-laden food, and is very much for self-reliance and responsible living. They recycle, drive cars that run on French fry grease and generally think differently about the world--in terms of saving it, not using it. Go to any farmers market in the United States and tell me what you see, and I bet it's young people--both in front of and behind the booths.

As we end 2015, I think confidently about this next generation and ones beyond it. Progress, as we have learned, almost always involves starting with what has worked in the past. And today's growing self-reliance movement and growing consciousness about our environment and our food supply are two examples that maybe, just maybe, the world's getting back to being a better place.

From everyone who has ever worked for Countryside Publications, I'm honored and privileged to thank you for the 99 years. Happy holidays, and you are all invited to join us for our 100th and beyond.

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Title Annotation:Countryside: from the editor
Author:Slabaugh, Ryan
Publication:Countryside & Small Stock Journal
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Nov 1, 2015
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