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Closing Waters.


   It's downright dangerous
   a neighbor yells from her lawn
   A truck's underbelly
   churns towards
   A yawning well

   Why does my mind see
   Abram and Sarah's son Isaac
   seeking wells of living waters
   Hagar and her son
   thirsting in the desert
   of Sarah's envy
   finding God's well?
   In Aram Naharayim waiting at the well
   Isaac watches Rebecca
   (a curved rainbow in his eyes)
   lift her jug of water
   to speak the betrothal-words
   Drink ... and I shall draw waters
   for your camels too ?
   Why do I see Jacob fevering
   for Rachel move the heavy stone
   from a well's mouth
   to draw a winking drink
   and beget a people?

   Light is fading
   The truck drones away
   leaves a new earth-diary
   locked safe until
   an ear presses against its cover
   History's watering-places
   are talebearers
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Author:Barrett, Lou
Article Type:Poem
Date:Jan 1, 2013
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