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Closet-bathroom is really just 7 by 11.5 feet.

Closet-bathroom is really just 7 by 11 1/2 feet

Room-wide mirrors at both ends of a tight bathroom-wardrobe area create an illusion of spaciousness. The remodeled two-room complex, only 7 feet wide and 11 1/2 feet long, gained actual volume by removing a flat ceiling and opening up to the ridge line; two 2- by 4-foot skylights in the new peaked ceiling add daytime brightness.

The opposing mirrors reflect each other, barbershop-style, to produce an endless corridor of repeated images. To establish this almost seamless look, they were extended, uninterrupted, from the ceiling to the counter in the vanity area and to the baseboard in the wardrobe area.

To further the deception, a length of PVC pipe housing a track light system runs between the end walls. At each end, the pipe was mounted directly to the mirrors, so it, too, seems to go on forever. Above the sink, a cantilevered soffit extends from the wall. It houses two down lights, with a galvanized planter above.

David S. Gast & Associates of San Francisco designed the remodel of the second-floor space.

Photo: Opposing mirrors exaggerate visual size of wardrobe and bath, length of track light. Closet actually ends behind his left foot, near pull-out shoe rack. Reflection over sink doubles the curved soffit

Photo: Closet area is 7 feet wide, as is vanity. Shower and toilet are in separate room. Tone indicates size and location of skylights. Color line represents pipe housing three track lights
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Date:Feb 1, 1988
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