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Closet organization.

No one ever has enough closet space. Before tearing down walls or adding on, consider this less expensive alternative. First, remove everything; then divide your closet in half vertically with a single rod on one side up 66 inches high for full length garments and two rods spaced 42 inches apart on the other with shirts or blouses and jackets up top, and skirts and pants or trousers on the bottom. Then re-hang and reorganize in groups with everyday wear being most accessible and dressy evening clothes less so. Then shop for nifty slide-out storage bins and shelf kits and clever ways to store shoes on racks in clear plastic boxes or in over-the-door soft pouch hangers. Speaking of hangers, get rid of the wire ones. Matching plastic hangers are cheap and their tubular design is easier on your clothes.

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Title Annotation:On the House With the Carey Brothers: Tips of the Month
Publication:The Family Handyman
Date:Oct 1, 2006
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