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Close-up on security.

A: The LED NEMA Head Series (LNH) luminaire uses LED technology to produce a comfortable and efficient white light that significantly reduces operating costs and extends fixture life. Consuming only 60 watts of input power, the LNH luminaire reduces [CO.sub.2] emissions by 0.4 metric tons annually. Intended for security areas, storage yards, rural areas, area lighting, loading, and receiving areas, the LNH luminaire offers more than a 65% energy cost reduction compared to 175MV HID and a 50% reduction in maintenance costs compared to HID. LED NEMA Head Series by American Electric Lighting. Circle 201.


B: The RedCloud Convergence Platform enables organizations to unify their physical and logical access control for 360-degree visibility into the security of their facilities, people, and assets. RedCloud Virtual is a web-based access control virtual appliance that leverages an open architecture, integrates identity management and video surveillance, and achieves a high level of scalability with a low cost of ownership. Manage employee access privileges quickly and easily from any location without being tied to a dedicated client workstation. RedCloud Virtual by RedCloud. Circle 202.

C: Pelco by Schneider Electric's Digital Sentry Network Video Management System (VMS) provides a simple way to install, deploy, manage, and record multiple HD, IP, and analog cameras and encoders from a single platform. Available with a network video recorder, Digital Sentry is simple to configure and operate and meets the demands of HD video recording and playback operations. A software option allows operators to access, monitor, and manage critical data and multiple locations from a central location. Digital Sentry IP Video Management System by Pelco. Circle 203.


D: The Single-Door PoE (Power over Ethernet) Access Control Unit (CA150) is ideal for buildings that have only one critical door to secure or require the flexibility that an on-board PoE adapter can provide for multi-entrance access control. The CA150 supports two reader inputs, a request to exit (RTE) option, and a door contact to provide flexible access control capabilities. It comes with two heavy-duty powered relays for door strike and auxiliary output control, offering up to 500mA at 12VDC. Single-Door PoE Access Control Unit (CA150) by Keyscan. Circle 204.


E: The H.264 Varifocal (3.6-6mm) Mini Dome Series has a large objective lens element that improves edge resolution while enabling larger field-of-view (FOY) and user flexibility. The cameras offer image quality in vandal-resistant models from VGA to HD1080p resolutions and allow operators to easily change camera position, FOV, and area of interest without switching lenses. These tiny cameras are designed for discreet indoor ceiling, surface, and wall mount installations and feature streaming audio for two-way communication. H.264 Varifocal Mini Dome Series by IQinVision. Circle 205.


F: The Fastlane GlassGate 150 is a compact, IP-enabled optical turnstile with bidirectional glass barriers. The barriers are shorter than the pedestals and open to fit smoothly against the pedestal walls, granting full use of the lane width. In addition to the tailgate detection, speed, and alarm accuracy, the turnstile's IP connectivity delivers optimum performance and low total cost of ownership. As a network device, the GlassGate150 turnstile can plug into any management console to help simplify and centralize security controls. Fastlane GlassGate 150 by Smarter Security. Circle 206.

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Date:Aug 1, 2012
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