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Close-up on fire safety.

A: Unlike hard-piped fire protection systems, FlexHead sprinkler connections provide adjustable height and sprinkler alignment. They are ideal for retrofits and easily install in confined and hard-to-reach spaces. The flexible design can be relocated and reconfigured without draining or disassembling the system. These 100% leak-tested connections have no O-rings, which reduces water pressure loss and minimizes damage during seismic activity. They are available in 2- to 6-inch hose lengths. Commercial Ceiling Sprinkler Connections by FlexHead Industries.

Circle 201.

(800) 829-6975


B: The IFA-1000 Intelligent Fire Annunciator is an interactive touchscreen video display system that allows emergency responders to access life-saving information. Threat levels and hazards can be identified beforehand, leading to more effective response operations. The wall-mounted display shows building floor plans with detailed information about active alarm system devices and critical building icons. It also shows tracked information about the time and origin of the fire, as well as a time sequence display of activated detectors to track smoke progression.

IFA-1000 Intelligent Fire Annunciator by Johnson Controls. Circle 202.

(414) 524-1200


C: The Industrial VESDA VLI is an air-sampling smoke detector (ASD) that provides an out-of-the-box solution for harsh and industrial environments. The ASD doesn't require application engineering, and the modular design means the intelligent filter, aspirator, secondary filter, and detection chamber are all field-replaceable. The system provides absolute detection thresholds, clean-air barriers for optics protection, and advanced air filtration. Enhanced aspiration enables pipe lengths of up to 1,200 feet for applications with extended ceiling heights and area coverage. Industrial VESDA VLI by Xtralis. Circle 203.

(800) 229-4434


D: The Farenhyt IFP-FFT system operates on a single loop of standard wire and is ideal for high-rise buildings and large facilities in regions requiring firefighter telephone systems. The IFP-FFT can support up to 72 phone jacks, with a maximum of 10 able to conference together at the same time. The communication system is fully supervised, and trouble conditions are immediately detected and displayed on the main panel. Remote handsets and a lockable cabinet are also available. Farenhyt IFP-FFT System by Silent Knight. Circle 204.

(800) 328-0103


E: The CSGWS 73 wire guard accommodates most ceiling-mounted horn and strobe devices and smoke detectors. The unit's inside diameter measures 7.5 inches with a depth of 3 inches. The CSGWS 73 features a tapered design to match the contour of the installed device and uses wire-formed loops to provide a secure mounting base. Available finishes include white or red polyester to complement the enclosed product. Service plates are available for installations in open areas. CSGWS 73 Wire Guard by Chase Security Systems. Circle 205.

(773) 775-7148


F: HI-FOG Water Mist Fire Protection uses fine droplets to suppress or extinguish fires by cooling the fire itself and the air surrounding it, blocking the | radiant heat and displacing oxygen from the seat of the fire. The small droplets vaporize fast, absorbing heat efficiently and facilitating a safer evacuation of the occupants. HI-FOG uses 70-90% less water than traditional sprinklers, ensuring less damage, faster cleanup, and minimal business interruption. HI-FOG Water Mist Fire Protection System by Marioff North America. Circle 206.

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Date:Aug 1, 2011
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