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A: StoPowerwall Stucco Systems form a wall cladding that weighs less and can be installed faster than conventional stucco. Coatings and finishes that bridge hairline cracks keep moisture out, enhancing the weather resistance and long-term appearance of cladding. StoPowerwall NExT combines StoPowerwall Stucco, an engineered fiber-reinforced cement stucco with elastomeric finishes, with StoGuard waterproof air barrier technology. The result is a stucco cladding that provides the energy savings of an air barrier and substrate moisture protection. StoPowerwall Stucco Systems by Sto Corp. Circle 201.


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B: BionicTile by Ceracasa, a Tile of Spain branded manufacturer, improves the environment by continuously decontaminating the air. It filters harmful nitrogen oxide ([NO.sub.x]), the air contaminant responsible for acid rain and a leading cause of pulmonary diseases. Nitrates left inert on the tile surface are washed away by rain, fog, and humidity--leaving the surface ready to destroy more [NO.sub.x] molecules. BionicTile is available in four colors and two formats for use in ventilated facades: 19 by 38 inches and 11.8 by 24 inches. BionicTile by Ceracasa. Circle 202.


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C: NanoUltra Glass Stain Remover and Polish eliminates mineral corrosion without mechanical buffing and restores architectural windows to their original condition. It polishes glass while removing mineral deposits, oils, acid rain, and everyday grime and buildup. NanoUltra produces a highly reflective surface without the need for hydrofluoric or hydrochloric products. Windows are left free of stains and micro-roughness. It is ideal for high-rise, class A, and post-construction stain removal projects. NanoUltra Glass Stain Remover and Polish by Nanophase Technologies Corporation. Circle 203.


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D: MaxBlock Sunshades maximize daylighting, minimize solar heat gain, and are available in airfoil, Z-blade, and tubular architectural profiles. Each outrigger type can be extended from the building in various projections. Blades are attached to the outriggers using screw spline connections. Because each profile uses Tubelite's EcoLuminum, it contains a minimum of 80% reclaimed aluminum. They work well on low- to mid-rise buildings, such as schools, medical clinics, and neighborhood offices. MaxBlock Sunshades by Tubelite. Circle 204.


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E: Easily installed prior to the building's exterior facade, DuPont Tyvek CommercialWrap is a tough, spunbonded polyethylene membrane with microscopic pores. It helps protect against bulk air and water infiltration, avoiding costly damage and reducing energy costs. Its vapor permeability allows harmful moisture vapor to escape from the wall cavity. This building wrap also offers added durability through tear-strength and the ability to withstand UV exposure for up to 270 days. Tyvek CommercialWrap by DuPont. Circle 205.


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F: Kolorshift is a series of iridescent paint colors designed to change the appearance of the metal surface of a building, depending on the viewing angle or direction of sunlight. This new line of CENTRIA paints offers a myriad of design possibilities for exterior metal walls. The continuous iridescent color gradient creates depth to the exterior of a building and adds distinctive aesthetic value. The paints are formulated as a polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) coating system. Kolorshift paints by CENTRIA. Circle 206.


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Date:Nov 1, 2010
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