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Who: Parker Hannifin has developed an integrated manifold system that provides "close-coupled" connection of differential pressure instruments to process vessels--eliminating potential leak paths and reducing installation time.

Technology: The manifold CCIMS level-flange concept offers users a simpler means of installing level measurement instrumentation to process tanks and vessels. Two single-piece manifolds integrate all the valves and features required for connecting the upper and lower pressure sensing points to a differential pressure transmitter. The approach eliminates weight, size and potential leak paths compared to conventional hook-ups.


One manifold provides a single-piece solution for the lower or "wet leg" pressure connection at the bottom of a tank. This has a flange at one side for connection to the tank, double-block-and-bleed valves in a monoflange style, a mounting point for a differential process transmitter, and tube connections for the balance line connection to the second sensing point. The second manifold provides an integrated solution for the upper or "dry leg" pressure sensing point, with a flange connection, block-and-bleed valves and balance line connections.

Parker says the nature of the piping connection aids the performance of the instrument system. Traditional hook-ups, fabricated from discrete valve and tubing components, typically involve longer flow paths, bends and sometimes changes in bore size.

These can introduce pressure drops that can decrease measurement accuracy, commonly referred to as gauge-line error. The close-coupled design ensures that the differential pressure instrument is mounted directly adjacent to the process vessel--helping to avoid the common problem of blockages that can be caused by factors such as viscous media, hydrate formation, freezing and so on.

The weight and size of the integrated manifolds are reduced compared with other solutions. A complete assembly with instrument only extends around 10.4 inches/26.3cm from the tank--which can be as little as a half that of some other hook-ups. This eliminates any need for supporting metalwork, and reduces the likelihood of clashing with nearby pipework.

Application: Differential pressure transmitters are a widely used technology for the measurement of liquid level. Common applications for Parker Hannifin's technology includes storage tanks in refineries and chemical plants, fuel storage and distribution centres, in marine fluid transport vessels, and other tanks and vessels used in industries including nuclear power, water and waste water, and gas.

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Title Annotation:PROCESS: Manifold measurement device
Publication:Professional Engineering Magazine
Date:May 5, 2010
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