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Clone of Famous Lauduc Broker Mandy, Sold During 2000 World Dairy Expo, Born at Infigen.

Birth Adds to Company's Cloning Success

DEFOREST, Wis., Oct. 1 /PRNewswire/ --

History was made last year as a clone of Lauduc Broker Mandy, EX-95 2E, the first clone ever to be sold at public auction, was purchased for $82,000 at the World Classic during the 2000 World Dairy Expo. Infigen, Inc. announced today that a healthy cloned heifer calf, "Mandy II," was born September 2. "Mandy II," previously purchased by the Landox Syndicate of Minneapolis, Minn., will be on display at the 2001 World Dairy Expo in October.

Infigen is a privately-held biotechnology company merging genomics and reproductive technologies to advance both animal agriculture and human health. The company's scientists have increased the efficiency of cloning to make it commercially viable. "Mandy II" was produced using Infigen's proprietary Nuclear Transfer (NT) technologies.

"Infigen is excited to have 'Mandy II' on the ground," said Dr. Michael Bishop, Infigen's President and Chief Scientific Officer. "Her birth demonstrates not only the commercial viability of our proprietary cloning technologies but also verifies that we can deliver these animals when they are needed."

"Mandy," owned by Carrousel Farms of Orangeville, Ill., is one of the most admired cows in the Holstein breed and a veteran at World Dairy Expo. She is a two-time All-American and three-time All-Canadian winner with several impressively high component records and an outstanding pedigree behind her.

"We are pleased to be able to lead the global dairy market by offering a genetic duplicate of this tremendous cow," said Ron Bader, owner of Carrousel Farms. "Infigen kept us informed and involved through the entire process."

Genmark, Infigen's marketing division, offers tissue/cell harvesting and storage, the precursor to AGRICLONING(TM). This service functions as an insurance policy against injury or loss of any genetic lines. It is also a way to broaden the genetic base as one can store great genetic lines of today for use in the future, holding endless genetic possibilities.

"I am enthusiastic, as I am sure my syndicate members are, that the first phase of the Mandy clone is a reality and indeed is born and looking great," said Spencer Landswerk of the Landox Syndicate. "It is exciting to be associated with people who wish to achieve lofty goals."

According the Landswerk, the next phase is to watch "Mandy II" develop and see if she follows in the legendary footsteps of "Mandy" as a heifer calf.


Infigen, Inc., formed in August 1997, is a privately-held biotechnology company commercializing its proprietary Nuclear Transfer cloning in the animal agriculture and human health fields. The company has a strategic partnership with Immerge BioTherapeutics, Inc., a joint venture of Novatis Pharma AG and BioTransplant Incorporated, to develop genetically modified miniature swine for the study of xentransplantation (transplantation between species). In 2000, Infigen was issued a U.S. patent covering critical processes for cloning any mammal, excluding humans, utilizing Nuclear Transfer. Infigen markets its agricultural products under the trademark name of Genmark. In addition to its AGRICLONING(TM), Genmark also markets marker assisted selection, diagnostic testing, and tissue/cell harvesting and storage. For further information on Infigen and Genmark, visit and

This release contains certain forward-looking statements which involve known and unknown risks, delays, uncertainties, and other factors not under the Company's control which may cause actual results, performance or achievements of the Company to be materially different from the results, performance or other expectations implied by these forward-looking statements. These factors include results of current or pending research and development activities, actions by the FDA and other regulatory authorities and other activities.

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