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Clondalkin Flexible Packaging.

Harlingen Flexo printing Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Harlingen has launched a range of Flexo HD printing solutions to meet the increasing demand for the highest quality printing on branded packaging within the food and beverage sectors and predicts the gradual demise of Gravure printing.

FleXtreme[R] Full HD Flexo printing provides a quality that is equal to Gravure printing with very high ink and colour density at a more competitive cost, with the added flexibility of Flexo printing allowing for shorter production runs and lead times.

Jack van der Heiden, Sales and Marketing Manager said: "We have worked very closely with supply partners including Esko HD and Kodak NX to develop close working relationships that allow us to deliver premium quality levels. While we have been working on these solutions, gravure printing has remained static. Flexo has progressed continually and is now well positioned to meet the increased demands of the market."

Pressure from consumers has dictated that brands now require shorter production runs, quicker lead times, increased colour and premium quality printed imagery in order to achieve the required shelf appeal. Clondalkin Flexible Packaging, Harlingen believe that gravure printing cannot offer the levels of flexibility that the market now requires and that FleXtreme[R] will begin to take market share.

Jack continued: "The print industry has been working very hard to develop flexo to a point that it can compete like for like with gravure on quality because of the many other benefits that the technique offers. We now have the solution for brands that need premium quality and flexibility and we are confident that our offer will successfully grow market share within the food and beverage markets. Brands need flexibility and cost competitiveness as well as quality. This is where FleXtreme[R] has the advantage."

Clondalkin Flexible Packaging, Harlingen specializes in extrusion of PE films up to five layers, laminating and printing up to ten colours and numerous finishes. FleXtreme[R] is the new premium level product specifically for the food and beverage sector.

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Date:Oct 1, 2014
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