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Clobbering cable connections.

Making cable connections from one commo shelter's signal entry panel to another shelter's signal entry panel should be no big deal.

But when you're in a hurry (and when aren't you in a hurry?) and it's dark and you're on your toes reaching up to make the connection, the lugs on the entry panel connectors can easily get torn off.

The lugs match keyways on your cable connectors. When in place, they give you the path to make the connection without damaging pins and then help lock the connector down.

When you ram a connector on without matching the lugs to the keyways, you break off the lugs. Then you've lost your path and the security for your connection.

So protect the path and the lugs. When you make the connections, take your time. Use a flashlight at night. If your buddy makes the connections, make sure he has done it before and knows about the lugs. If you're short, stand on something sturdy.

If a lug is damaged or missing, get your support to replace the receptacle right away. Without the lug in place, you'll damage pins on your cable connector and one problem will become two.
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