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Cllr Storey had duty to taxpayers.

Byline: Joe Riley

MIKE Storey, former city council leader and present deputy lord mayor, has been found "guilty" of divulging confidential information about the ill-health of ex-culture company boss Jason Harborow.

We live in a democracy and expect full disclosure on matters of public interest.

Yet, after an inquiry costing thousands of pounds and absorbing hundreds of man hours, the Standards Board has decreed Cllr Storey to be in breach of a nonsensical and vague code of conduct.

Mr Harborow was earning pounds 150,000 a year heading up Capital of Culture. He had been on prolonged sick leave.

Mike Storey's 'transgression' was in confirming a tip-off about his health, already given to this newspaper.

"It is not part of Cllr Storey's responsibility to comment on personal information relating to a council employee," says the report.

But Mike Storey was not Mr Harborow's GP. He was an elected councillor responsible (and answerable) to taxpayers paying Harborow's salary.

As it happens, Mr Harborow left the Culture Company with a pay-off of pounds 230,000.

For my money, Mike Storey emerges without blemish.

PS Is it any wonder I used to call the culture company the Culture Kremlin?
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Dec 18, 2008
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