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Clinton bawls out holy duo.

President Clinton bawled out two preachers he brought into the White House after they gave him fire and brimstone warnings over the Monica Lewinsky affair.

Clinton subjected the holy men to the kind of tirade he usually reserves for underlings who upset him.

His rage against ministers Tony Campolo and Gordon MacDonald came when they warned him about the "spiritual peril" he was in.

Campolo and MacDonald said they pressed home their concerns about his spiritual welfare "so forcefully that he shouted at us".

Campolo said: "I am concerned about a man whose soul is in mortal danger. That is what I have to focus my attention on.

"We have come on so strong with him he has yelled at us, bawled us out.

"That's not an easy thing, having the president of the United States yelling at you.

"But his contrition is sincere and genuine."
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Sep 25, 1998
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