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Clint Smith wins NTOA Award. (Insider).

Handgunner's own Clint Smith was recently awarded the Spirit of NTOA Award in: "Grateful recognition of his continued support of Police Special Operations and the NTOA mission." The NTOA is the National Tactical Officer's Association, an organization dedicated to improving and sharing information for the training of tactical officers.

This award is given to people who are not law enforcement officers but who support the police and tactical community. Smith's award was in recognition of his presentation on the television show 60 Minutes II having to do with precison SWAT riflemen and the appropriateness of their intensive training for their occupation. At one point, Smith said on camera that, "Some people need to be shot:' which caused no-end of hair-pulling and sound bites replayed, again and again. But then he made it very clear why, if the moment arrives, the officer behind the trigger should be trained to the fullest ability possible.

Larry Glick, the Director of the NTOA, presented the award on September 4,2002, at their annual meeting in Colorado.

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Publication:American Handgunner
Date:Jan 1, 2003
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