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Clinicians or computers for OCD. (Clinical Capsules).

Computer-guided behavior therapy effectively treats obsessive-compulsive disorder, said Dr. John H. Greist of Healthcare Technology Systems, Madison, Wis., and his colleagues. In a randomized trial of 218 obsessive-compulsive disorder patients (aged 15-80 years), 69 patients received 10 weeks of clinician-guided therapy 74 received 10 weeks of computer-guided therapy, and 75 used self-relaxation therapy for 10 weeks (J. Clin. Psychiatry 63[2]:138-45, 2002). Those who used the computerized behavior therapy system (BT STEPS) improved their scores on the Yale-Brown obsessive-Compulsive Scale from an average of 24.6 at baseline to 19 at 10 weeks. Those who had clinician-guided therapy fared even better, reducing their average score from 25.2 at baseline to 17.6 at 10 weeks. Patients who received either clinician-guided treatment or computer-guided treatment improved significantly--a 3.4-hour reduction in time spent at rituals and obsessive behavior--compared with a 0.6hour reduction among those receiving relaxati on therapy.
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Title Annotation:obsessive-compulsive disorder
Author:Splete, Heidi
Publication:Clinical Psychiatry News
Article Type:Brief Article
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Date:Apr 1, 2002
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