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Articles from Clinical Psychiatry News (October 1, 2008)

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'Fever phobia' still exists in many communities. Bates, Betsy Brief article 265
Acetaminophen use linked to later asthma development. Mahoney, Diana 429
Adiposity trumps BMI as predictor of stroke. Wachter, Kerri 674
Antidepressants may extend need for hypnotics. Sullivan, Michele G. 577
Aren't we already 'qualitists?'. Beecher, Lee H. Letter to the editor 533
Asenapine may ease schizophrenia symptoms. Boschert, Sherry Clinical report 612
Author Allan Peterkin encourages therapists to 'prepare a list of books and articles that explore themes relevant to your patient's exploration.' Is Dr. Peterkin's advice useful? Fink, Paul J. 1377
Avoiding antipsychotic polypharmacy. Henderson, Gina L. Interview 877
Balance efficacy, safety in bipolar depression. Boschert, Sherry 1129
Best Tx unclear for disordered eating in type 1. Jancin, Bruce 606
Better physician education urged on metabolic disorders. Sullivan, Michele G. Clinical report 397
Brain abnormalities appear heritable in OCD. Sullivan, Michele G. Report 620
CBT cited as only proven treatment for trauma. Lowry, Fran Report 622
Commission in transition. Schneider, Mary Ellen 252
Comorbid mental disorders predict chronic medical illness. Wachter, Kerri 442
Complexities in psychiatry. Adler, Lawrence W.; Burnie, Glen Letter to the editor 506
CSPI tries to dampen sparks. 131
Data offer insight into postpartum depression. Moon, Mary Ann 251
Deep brain stimulation lifts severe depression; Technique may suppress activation of brain region that malfunctions in cases of resistant disease. Sullivan, Michele G. Clinical report 826
Disaster response Dialogue. 88
Do [beta]-blockers cause depression? Leard-Hansson, Jan; Guttmacher, Laurence 881
Drinking behavior assessed among hispanics. Wachter, Kerri 332
Editorial advisory board. 131
Efavirenz may have edge for advanced HIV. London, Susan 620
Election 2008; Physicians' perspectives. 1659
Expectations lowered for disulfiram. Jancin, Bruce 233
Experimental drug that targets tau may aid memory in dementia. 465
Factors help predict eating disorders in diabetes. Jancin, Bruce Clinical report 584
Fish oil may cut heart failure mortality, morbidity. Jancin, Bruce 886
For early PTSD treatment, cognitive therapies better than escitalopram. 478
Gene variation may flag risk for early-onset depression. Sullivan, Michele G. 441
Grants to MDs in Hurricanes. 87
How much are we worth? Moffic, H. Steven 1794
Illicit drug use dips among youth and young adults: baby boomers' rates more than double. Evans, Jeff 804
Insulin tied to decreased brain plaques in AD. Sullivan, Michele G. 550
Intervention cuts STI rates among black women. London, Susan 655
Investigational antibody may dissolve plaques. 353
Let's make mental health a global priority. Gadit, Amin A. Muhammad 598
Let's reward good behavior. Lazarus, Arthur Letter to the editor 495
Marked neurocognitive deficits apparent in early-onset psychotic disorders. Sullivan, Michele G. 483
Media influences tobacco use. 151
Meta-analysis: long-term therapy is effective. Moon, Mary Ann 321
Metabolic syndrome common with clozapine. 266
Nortriptyline may aid ECT efficacy. Sullivan, Michele G. Clinical report 732
Paliperidone ER eases mania, depression. Sullivan, Michele G. 593
Pediatric schizophrenia findings consistent. Mechcatie, Elizabeth Clinical report 1276
Pfizer touts its drug safety site. 91
Physician groups protest timeline for ICD-10 switch. Schneider, Mary Ellen Chronology 723
Pregabalin matches naltrexone in lowering alcohol craving. Sullivan, Michele G. 379
Preventing post-rape psychopathology. Mahoney, Diana 1551
Psychologists OK anti-torture policy. Brief article 119
Quetiapine bests paroxetine in bipolar trial. Sullivan, Michele G. Clinical report 221
Rapid HIV testing of homeless vets beneficial. London, Susan Clinical report 633
Rasagiline delays symptoms in early Parkinson's. Sullivan, Michele G. Clinical report 972
Rebooting the brain for assertiveness. London, Robert T. 1720
Report backs standardizing criteria for diversion across hospitals. Ault, Alicia Report 300
Right unilateral placement in ECT endorsed. Sullivan, Michele G. Report 644
Selegiline reduces some adverse events in Parkinson's. Wendling, Patrice 659
Sildenafil reduces adverse sexual effects of sris in women. Moon, Mary Ann 343
Substance Abuse brochure in Spanish. Brief article 97
Suicide risk 15 times higher for PTSD patients: survey of 36,000 French citizens supports psychotraumatism screening in psychiatric evals. Sullivan, Michele G. 478
Sustained rise in youth suicide sparks call for data. Schneider, Mary Ellen 407
Swedish study shows that heart failure is no longer deadlier than most cancers. 464
Teva loses risperidone exclusivity. 118
TMS shows efficacy for treating migraine with aura. Mahoney, Diana 648
Tobacco control support drops. 121
Try tailored psychotherapy for fibromyalgia. Jancin, Bruce 913
Type of drink is more critical than number. Wachter, Kerri 533
Women smokers lose twice as many years of good health as men. 258

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