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Articles from Clinical Psychiatry News (October 1, 2007)

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A survey shows that religious physicians more often refer to clergy members than to psychiatrists. What explains these practices, and how can they be changed? Fink, Paul J. 1936
Addressing global warming. Letter to the editor 341
Adolescent surveys broaden thinking about bullying. Boschert, Sherry 393
Alter environment to stem stimulant misuse on campus. 410
An offensive characterization. Letter to the editor 1009
Antidepressant warnings may have caused drop in new Rx. Moon, Mary Ann 398
Back to the future: tricyclic overdoses are increasing. Jancin, Bruce 765
CBT's role in treatment of schizophrenia is growing. 470
Cigarette smoking reduces Parkinson's risk. Moon, Mary Ann Clinical report 344
Civilian TBI data show dire long-term outcomes. Splete, Heidi 969
Combine behavioral therapies to stop marijuana abuse. 413
Court date set for Ayres. Ault, Alicia Brief article 94
Cultural competence is not optional. Gadit, Amin A. Muhammad 653
Depression affects heart rate variability. Moon, Mary Ann 402
Diabetic eye disease could triple by 2050. Tucker, Miriam 258
Do physician bloggers compromise patient privacy? Gordon, Phillip V.; Peel, Deborah C. 817
Dr. Ellis helped change our field for the better. London, Robert T. 1255
Dual treatment best in co-occurring disorders: optimal approach is for addiction psychiatrists to focus on treatment, leave monitoring to primary care. McNamara, Damian 590
Experts dubious about bipolar study. Kirn, Timothy F. Disease/Disorder overview 532
Federal study to look at ADHD drugs, possible heart risks. Schneider, Mary Ellen 588
Few migraineurs use emergency department. Ault, Alicia 557
Global mental health burden underestimated. Gardner, Jonathan 546
Healthful living may slow Alzheimer's disease. Dixon, Bruce K. 601
Helping pseudoseizure patients. Burd, Jeremy Letter to the editor 319
How much training is best for residents? Kirn, Timothy F. Interview 1213
Insomnia in elderly: medicate with care; Many clinicians prefer nonbenzodiazepines over benzodiazepines because they carry less risk of falls. Sherman, Carl 1201
Lawmakers OK delay in Rx rule. Ault, Alicia 167
Migraine often improves over long term. Sullivan, Michele G. 430
Military to focus on improving mental health care: services aim to 'create culture of support.'. Wachter, Kerri 1171
More adolescents getting drug Tx. Boschert, Sherry 602
National drug use survey reveals ups and downs. Tucker, Miriam E. 726
New cardiac alert added to haloperidol label. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 301
NQF substance abuse standards. Ault, Alicia 86
Number of uninsured Americans continues to increase. Schneider, Mary Ellen 370
Obesity rate rises in more than half of states. Schneider, Mary Ellen 625
Omega-3 fatty acids and borderline personality disorder. Leard-Hansson, Jan; Guttmacher, Laurence 656
Online game playing can be helpful, hurtful. Boschert, Sherry 610
Perspective. Bell, Carl C. 387
PET scans show depressed dopamine activity in ADHD. Moon, Mary Ann 389
Physicians deliver street medicine to the homeless. Schneider, Mary Ellen 1176
Preteen alcohol use, suicidal behavior linked. Splete, Heidi 307
Preventive measures could save 100,000 lives each year. Schneider, Mary Ellen 351
Psychiatrists encouraged to stop underprescribing clozapine. 345
Residency duty-hour changes tied to mortality reductions. Beck, Debra L. 383
Rise in adverse drug event reports. Ault, Alicia Brief article 129
School-based violence prevention can work. Mahoney, Diana 1102
Self-referral rule marks return to earlier policy. Ault, Alicia 582
Settlement on Zyprexa leaks. Ault, Alicia 138
Statins may slow dementia in Alzheimer's disease. Walsh, Nancy Clinical report 651
Study affirms impact of depression. Gardner, Jonathan 331
Study elucidates menopause-related sleep issues. Splete, Heidi 560
Suicide rates spike in youth and young adults. Mahoney, Diana 627
Suicides high among Rochester, N.Y., home care seniors. Ault, Alicia 362
Task force looks at physician gifts. Ault, Alicia 204
Technique may reduce auditory hallucinations: improvement brought by transcranial magnetic stimulation appears short lived. Kirn, Timothy F. 722
The art of Debbie Kizer. Franklin, Deeanna 519
To drive or not to drive? That is the ... Moffic, H. Steven 1647
Worker disability system criticized as destructive. Dixon, Bruce K. 573

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