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Articles from Clinical Psychiatry News (November 1, 2006)

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[T.sub.3] supplementation raises patients' response to sertraline. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 583
ABPN implementing recertification changes. Schneider, Mary Ellen 726
Adolescent insomnia may be risk factor for disorders later. Worcester, Sharon 322
Alpha-synuclein gene variation associated with Parkinson's. Moon, Mary Ann Brief article 281
Antipsychotics' side effects more common in young. MacNeil, Jane Salodof Clinical report 870
APA urged to focus on exposure to violence. Walsh, Nancy 1027
Arthritis often negatively affects sexuality. Jancin, Bruce Brief article 305
Asthma survey reveals communication gaps between physicians and parents. Wendling, Patrice 606
Atypical antipsychotics still used after warning: pattern probably reflects perceptions that clinical benefits outweigh risks for older dementia patients. Sullivan, Michele G. 636
Autism disorders more prevalent than thought in England. Moon, Mary Ann Editorial 600
Bariatric surgery may be safe option for older adults. Evans, Jeff 834
Carotid artery stenting vs. depression. Brief article 229
CDC launches autism study. Schneider, Mary Ellen Brief article 132
CDC recommends routine HIV screening. Finn, Robert 777
CDC's first estimate sets number of autistic children at nearly 300,000. Splete, Heidi Survey 604
Cognitive therapy reaches a milestone. London, Robert T. 787
Consider Montgomery-Asberg scale for assessing depression. McNamara, Damian 525
Correction. Correction notice 107
CUtLASS findings interesting but inconclusive. Sullivan, Michele G. Clinical report 758
Daily stress management can work in classroom setting. Schneider, Mary Ellen 492
Deep brain stimulation improves major depression. Boschert, Sherry 585
Depression linked to risky sexual behaviors. Mahoney, Diana 482
Depression risk high in women under 60 with MI. Moon, Mary Ann 584
Depression Self-Care may aid diabetes control: diabetic patients are especially burdened by a sense of hopelessness and helplessness about their disease. Bates, Betsy 747
Depressive symptoms predict exposure to violence. Mahoney, Diana 420
Diabetes severity linked to sleep. Brief article 266
Donepezil approved for severe dementia Tx. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 660
Exercise improves diabetic neuropathy. Brief article 239
Exposure to Western psychiatry is a right. Gadit, Amin A. Muhammad Editorial 716
FCC changes children's TV rules. Schneider, Mary Ellen Brief article 193
FDA advisory warns of serotonin syndrome. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 337
FDA approves first agent for treating autism symptoms: risperidone approval called 'breakthrough.'. McNamara, Damian 764
First-trimester lamotrigine use tied to defects. Walsh, Nancy Brief article 240
Glycemic control may stop dementia. Sullivan, Michele G. 356
Gulf War vets may face increased ALS risk. Schneider, Mary Ellen 740
Helping residents get 'inpatient chops'. Dulchin, Michael C. 1299
Herbal supplements: no guarantees. Shuping, Martha Letter to the editor 390
Herbal use may affect psychotropic response: serotonin syndrome has been reported in patients who used both St. John's wort and an SSRI. Sherman, Carl 1094
Hormone therapy debate continues post WHI: effects of postmenopausal hormone therapy on heart disease risk, breast cancer risk remain unclear. Dixon, Bruce K. 1598
Hypertension tied to sexual dysfunction in women. Zoler, Mitchel L. 499
Interplay of stress, Ca development is unclear. Dente, Karen 399
IOM backs Medicare shift to pay for performance. Anderson, Jane 575
IOM report faults FDA for lack of postmarketing focus. Ault, Alicia 394
Is drop in sleep connected to obesity? Gardner, Jonathan Brief article 271
Lean black women more likely than others to have insulin resistance. Mahoney, Diana 456
Lifestyle changes can reduce risks in diabetes. Tucker, Miriam E. 836
Medicaid enrollment, spending. Schneider, Mary Ellen Brief article 144
Medicare fraud decision. Schneider, Mary Ellen Brief article 134
Mediterranean diet, omega-3 show anti-AD effect. Finn, Robert 653
Mental health Rx restrictions. Schneider, Mary Ellen Brief article 214
Mental illness and obesity. Fink, Paul J. 1815
Mental illness, HIV often comorbid. Mahoney, Diana 1173
Migraine Prevalence 6% among adolescents: panel recommends that preventive therapy be offered to patients with six or more migraines per month. Bates, Betsy 491
Minorities rely on diet, exercise to lose weight. Schneider, Mary Ellen Brief article 291
Older patients more compliant with antiretroviral therapy. Lowry, Fran 352
One-on-one Tx for autism trumps mainstreaming. Mahoney, Diana 344
Panel opposes separate drug testing in the elderly. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 618
Perspective. Bell, Carl C. 362
Quetiapine wins approval for bipolar depression. Mechcatie, Elizabeth Brief article 189
Race makes difference in metabolic syndrome. Finn, Robert 656
Race, gender affect meth use. Splete, Heidi Brief article 264
Rate of myocarditis from clozapine higher. Zoler, Mitchel L. 367
Risky sex in black teens. Splete, Heidi Brief article 265
Serosorting limits HIV among men who have sex with men. Splete, Heidi Brief article 327
Sertraline maintains mood in diabetes. Moon, Mary Ann 485
Severe apnea linked to CNS abnormalities. Johnson, Kate 548
Sleep disturbances after trauma might prove predictive. Worcester, Sharon 319
Sleep duration predicts weight gain in women. Worcester, Sharon Brief article 244
Small study: tamoxifen may lift mania in bipolar. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 562
Smoking quit lines appear to ease doctors' workloads. Splete, Heidi 506
Sparse data on eating disorders prompt call for research. Evans, Jeff 901
Spiritual coping Sparks personal growth in Ca. Sullivan, Michele G. Brief article 202
SSRI helps control premature ejaculation. Finn, Robert Clinical report 373
SSRIs not known to promote suicide risk in pediatric OCD. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 448
Study highlights effective dementia treatments: teaching caregivers how to interact with patients tops the list of psychological therapies. Kumar, Pamela 1381
Study questions value of second-generation drugs in AD. Kilgore, Christine Clinical report 758
Study shows strong link between RLS, depression. Worcester, Sharon Brief article 184
Subtext is key in domestic abuse. Acosta, Regis F. Letter to the editor 359
Suffering fools gladly (when the joke's on us). Atkinson, Roland 1589
Tailor teen pregnancy messages. Splete, Heidi Brief article 174
Take patient's word in judging chronic pain. Lowry, Fran 620
Team takes on eating disorders. Evans, Jeff 1086
Teens, parents may disagree on arthritis severity. Lowry, Fran 397
Testosterone spikes in some women before matches. Wendling, Patrice Brief article 191
The art of Rosemary Carson. Franklin, Deeanna 1532
Transdermal postoperative pain control device approved. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 401
Use 'professional firewall' to manage stress. Lutter, Lowell D. Editorial 913
VIGILance key to avoiding hassles in opioid prescribing. Lowry, Fran 365
Warning targets several Canadian drug Web sites. Mechcatie, Elizabeth Brief article 203

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