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Articles from Clinical Psychiatry News (June 1, 2006)

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A previously established link. Rasgon, Natalie L. Letter to the editor 148
ADHD treatment less risky than nontreatment: the risk for substance abuse in untreated patients is 75%, compared with 25% in treated patients. Worcester, Sharon Statistical data 848
Amnesia, stress disorder common after ICU stays: a metaanalysis revealed that about 30% of patients have at least some amnesia for their ICU experience. Finn, Robert 644
Antibiotic prescribing patterns vary by specialty: penicillins were dispensed most frequently, followed by macrolides, cephalosporins, and fluoroquinolones. Wendling, Patrice 489
Ask about pain in initial evaluations. Sherman, Carl 1022
Be culturally sensitive in screening. MacNeil, Jane Salodof Statistical data 390
Bipolar diagnosis elusive in elderly. Finn, Robert Clinical report 666
Community health centers face increased understaffing. Johnson, Kate 603
Compulsive hoarders reveal comorbidities: a study of 75 self-reported hoarders showed fewer axis II diagnoses than were expected. McNamara, Damian Statistical data 569
Depression and diabetes. Clinical report 368
Depression deepens as CHD risks rise in diabetic patients. Splete, Heidi Brief article 269
Depression may be catching. Splete, Heidi Brief article 257
Dieting linked to risky behavior. Splete, Heidi Brief article 223
Disability rate declines among older Americans. Schneider, Mary Ellen 904
Don't blame the pharm reps. Beckwith, Matt Letter to the editor 112
Don't misdiagnose hydrocephalus as dementia. Kirk, Patricia L. 587
Drug-related ED visits. Frieden, Joyce Brief article 149
Elevated risk of MI seen in men who are anxious: a 10-year study of 740 initially healthy men found that anxiety independently predicted chances of MI. McNamara, Damian 778
Emergency physicians question droperidol black box warning. Kirn, Timothy F. 477
Emotional toll of atopic dermatitis highlighted. Jancin, Bruce 594
Episodic nature key to dx of seizures in older adults. Wachter, Kerri 464
Federal plan boosts donor organs for transplant. Zoler, Mitchel L. 682
Feeling the burnout? Brunk, Doug 1551
Four new Parkinson's disease guidelines hailed: review finds insufficient evidence to show that alternative therapies benefit Parkinson's patients. Schonfeld, Amy Rothman Statistical data 824
Friends inspire smoking initiation. Splete, Heidi Brief article 219
GAO raps FDA decision making. Frieden, Joyce Brief article 162
Hoarding behavior associated with traumatic life events. McNamara, Damian Statistical data 533
Hospital may spur alcohol counseling. Sullivan, Michele G. Statistical data 383
Hospital payments increased. Frieden, Joyce Brief article 99
Initial focus on OCD may ease defiant disorder: results show patients must be open to engaging in exposure therapy for treatment to be effective. McNamara, Damian Statistical data 544
IOM: it's time to wake up to sleep disorders. Brunk, Doug Statistical data 915
Late-life AD risk linked to midlife fat distribution. Schonfeld, Amy Rothman Brief article 256
Liver enzyme seems to influence ability to quit smoking. Evans, Jeff 781
Malpractice "crisis" questioned. Frieden, Joyce Brief article 175
Meth's cognitive effects may short-circuit therapy. Kirn, Timothy F. 925
Naltrexone favored over acamprosate in alcoholism trial: therapy did not improve drug treatment. Kirn, Timothy F. 671
Neurologic dysfunction, cued by 'soft signs,' may predate PTSD. Moon, Mary Ann 346
New alcohol test appears fallible: several medical professionals who say they did not touch a drink are testing positive; losing their jobs. Kirn, Timothy F. 1307
NMHA names new president. Frieden, Joyce Brief article 105
Nonhormonal therapies show limited efficacy for hot flashes. Moon, Mary Ann 480
One-third of U.S. girls sexually active by age 15, CDC says. Nelson, Colin Statistical data 450
Oral appliances, surgery falling short for apnea. Jancin, Bruce Statistical data 660
Organizational psychiatry: does the company want to change? Worcester, Sharon 404
Panel cites potential for severe rash; stalls modafinil for children. Ault, Alicia Statistical data 795
Part D: no help for poor seniors. Frieden, Joyce Brief article 142
Patient adherence to CPAP therapy elusive despite new methods. Jancin, Bruce Statistical data 666
Paxil label to warn of suicide risk. Worcester, Sharon 591
Perspective. Bell, Carl C. 376
Physician programs inspiring substance abuse treatment efforts. Kirn, Timothy F. Statistical data 713
Play, stress management combat childhood PTSD. Sullivan, Michele G. Statistical data 660
Postop neurocognitive dip tied to high inflammatory markers. Brunk, Doug 437
Preventive measures can break molestation cycle. Kirn, Timothy F. Statistical data 1191
Psychiatry: 'treatment of the soul'. Woyciechowska, Joanna Letter to the editor 302
PTSD linked to TMJ dysfunction. Brief article 278
Rape associated with increases in headaches, pain, GI disorders. Sullivan, Michele G. 357
Skip meds first in treating agitation. Finn, Robert 765
States plan med schools to bolster workforce: with physician shortages expected, new schools are being proposed in Florida and California. Finkelstein, Joel B. 704
Stroke history raises risk of vascular dementia. Wachter, Kerri 341
Strong link seen between depression, inflammation. McNamara, Damian 713
Studies allay fears of Iraq War syndrome among brits. Bell, John R. Statistical data 466
Study seems problematic. Letter to the editor 614
Study strongly links adenotonsillectomy with improved ADHD. Finn, Robert Clinical report 593
Suicide experts linking mnemonic to prevention. Jancin, Bruce 712
Surprising distress level seen in Asian Americans. McNamara, Damian Statistical data 531
Survey eyes cycle of sexual abusers and victims. Kirn, Timothy F. 995
Survey: teens use inhalants more, worry about risks less. Worcester, Sharon Statistical data 698
Teens and steroids: a dangerous mix. Mahoney, Diana Statistical data 1647
Testosterone shows mixed results as Alzheimer's treatment. Wachter, Kerri 541
The allure of amnesia. Atkinson, Roland 1594
The art of Martin Cohen. Franklin, Deeanna 1479
The global workforce challenge. Sheldon, George F. 614
The how-to of relaxation techniques. London, Robert T. 1108
The psychological toll of layoffs. Fink, Paul J. 1724
Treating anxiety in MI patients. Letter to the editor 184
Trial data awaited on PFO closure for migraine relief. McNamara, Damian 503
Value of peer support regaining attention: studies show method improves symptoms and social functioning while reducing hospitalizations. Ault, Alicia 805
Varenicline gets fast-track nod for smoking cessation. Kirn, Timothy F. 654
Veterans, PTSD, and blood pressure. Brief article 317
Weighing new evidence on SSRI use. Cohen, Lee S. 785
Writing wrongs: treating graphomotor problems. Bates, Betsy 604

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