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Articles from Clinical Psychiatry News (March 1, 2004)

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'Conscientiousness' predicts survival after cardiac test. Finn, Robert Brief Article 240
A harmful obsession? Rosenfeld, Alvin 794
A ride on the ferris wheel. Atkinson, Roland 1642
Acupuncture appears to work with Botox for migraine relief. Berger, Joanne M. Brief Article 201
Alopecia nearly epidemic among black women. Lohr, Elizabeth 664
Anorexia patients show emphysema-like changes. Finn, Robert 477
Antidepressant use has no effect on breast ca risk. Jancin, Bruce Brief Article 222
Assessing Obesity Drugs. Sherman, Carl 1095
Attachment disorders can be spotted early. Sullivan, Michele G. 818
Avoid new practice pitfalls. Fleischman, Michael 639
Behavioral therapies help infidelity couples: findings in this randomized, controlled trial can be useful to therapists working with couples premaritally or in a prevention capacity. Mahoney, Diana 1317
Body piercing, tattoo prevalence survey underway. Kubetin, Sally Koch 393
Botox stops headache pain in recalcitrant cases. Norton, Patrice G.W. 494
Breast cancer and mental health. Frieden, Joyce Brief Article 123
Bupropion and schizophrenia. Leard-Hansson, Jan; Guttmacher, Laurence 873
Bupropion for nicotine dependence. Splete, Heidi Brief Article 141
Bush budget proposal. Frieden, Joyce Brief Article 128
Careful differential diagnosis is crucial in cluster headache. Finn, Robert 690
CBT can help at-risk nursing home residents. Mahoney, Diana 800
CBT less effective in the trenches than the lab. McNamara, Damian 574
Coalition mounts aggressive campaign for Liability Reform. Peck, Peggy 722
Complementary therapies gaining scientific clout. Kirn, Timothy F. 431
Conduct disorder, gun carrying risk. Splete, Heidi Brief Article 195
Controlling chronic pain--part I. London, Robert T. 1050
Daily sunscreen use, avoidance of triggers critical for rosacea control. Lohr, Elizabeth 840
Daily topiramate effective for migraine prevention. Mahoney, Diana 502
Data show weather changes really may affect arthritis. Zoler, Mitchel L. 386
Depression in FP faculty tied to time, program concerns. Mahoney, Diana 598
Dial Q for quit. Frieden, Joyce Brief Article 126
Differentiating suicidal ideation, suicide attempts. Worcester, Sharon Brief Article 263
Disruption of EEG synchronization also seen in manic phase of bipolar disorder. Norton, Patrice G.W. 640
Doctors as politicians: different spin on service. Perlstein, Steve 1314
DSM criticized for failure to focus on etiology. MacReady, Norra 352
Duration of antipsychotic treatment. 290
Duration of untreated psychosis. Evans, Jeff Brief Article 197
Early fitness cuts risk of heart disease later. Kirn, Timothy F. 549
Easy hypnosis flags dissociation risk, type. 342
Eletriptan shown more effective than sumatriptan for treating acute migraines. Norton, Patrice G.W. 377
Enthusiasm for cancer screening: unhealthy? Evans, Jeff 743
Ephedra substitute poses similar risks to dieters. Walsh, Nancy 631
Ethics go up in smoke. Bennett, Sandra S. Letter to the Editor 247
Evidence helps clarify alternative med options. MacReady, Norra 1350
Exercise intervention may help high-risk youth. Splete, Heidi 438
FDA panel recommends pairing folic acid/OCs. Franklin, Deeanna 636
Fever, skin disorders top worldwide travel illness list. Zoler, Mitchel L. 361
Few gay HIV-positive men are likely to return to their jobs. Perlstein, Steve 413
First-line atypicals have similar efficacy in schizophrenia. Sherman, Carl 659
Focus on front-office issues to improve efficiency. MacReady, Norra 579
For comorbid PTSD, drug tx may surpass CBT. Perlstein, Steve 484
Future of early breast ca tx: minimal effective therapy. Jancin, Bruce 865
Gay men at increased risk for depression, distress. Perlstein, Steve 403
Green tea boosts metabolism without increasing heart rate. Walsh, Nancy 556
Helping patients who rage. Fink, Paul J. 1695
High DHA intake linked to less Alzheimer's, other dementia. Zoler, Mitchel L. 358
High-alert meds tied to errors. Schneider, Mary Ellen 339
Hype and hope of psoriasis biologics examined. Goldman, Erik 1808
Hypertriglyceridemic waist' touted as easy measure of metabolic syndrome. Tucker, Miriam E. 421
Hypogonadism and depression. Evans, Jeff Brief Article 157
Indomethacin can relieve short-lasting headaches. Finn, Robert 481
Integrative medicine is gaining popularity. Kirn, Timothy F. 729
Interventions help chronic fatigue patients. Evans, Jeff Brief Article 209
Key clues differentiate Alzheimer's from Lewy body dementia. Sylvester, Bruce 448
Let's get honest about fibromyalgia. Winfield, John B. 373
Levetiracetam controls epilepsy in most adults. Mahoney, Diana 668
Lexapro wins approval for GAD treatment. Franklin, Deeanna Brief Article 204
Lifestyle changes, SSRIs favored for hot flashes. Kirn, Timothy F. 814
Lithium affects thyroid in BPD. Splete, Heidi Brief Article 182
Low-fat foods helped fuel obesity epidemic. Norton, Patrice G.W. 1390
Make pain resolution a key issue in depression tx. Sherman, Carl 642
Maternal alcohol counseling boosts development in siblings. Sullivan, Michele G. 548
Medicare enrollment form to be simplified. Silverman, Jennifer 770
Mental health coverage has holes. Evans, Jeff Brief Article 192
Methadone death spike linked to outpatient prescriptions. Kubetin, Sally Koch 473
Methamphetamine withdrawal changes the brain; brain abnormalities are similar to those observed in patients with depression and those with anxiety. Mahoney, Diana 902
Methylphenidate, ADHD. Splete, Heidi Brief Article 229
Mindfulness training boosts CBT in social phobia. Mahoney, Diana 508
Minority role models needed. Nieves, J. Edwin Letter to the Editor 99
Misfire in brain tied to auditory hallucinations. Norton, Patrice G.W. 553
Modest exercise maintains weight in mildly obese. Evans, Jeff 406
Monotherapy may be best for resistant epilepsy. Mahoney, Diana 595
More on late questions. Furman, Andrew C. Letter to the Editor 268
More studies on bipolar disorder sorely needed. Mahoney, Diana 639
Mortality rate of obesity surgery may be higher than believed: patient survival 1 year after procedure does exceed that of obese people who do not undergo surgery. Bates, Betsy 480
NAMI executive director leaves. Frieden, Joyce Brief Article 117
Neuropathic pain: guidelines simplify management. Worcester, Sharon 413
New fragile X often misdiagnosed as Parkinson's. Kirn, Timothy F. 630
New Jersey to open MD records to the public. Silverman, Jennifer 901
NIH examines conflict of interest policy. Schneider, Mary Ellen 577
Opioid dependence likely plays role in drug co-use patterns. Mahoney, Diana 686
Overall teen drug use falls for 2nd year in row: inhalant use in grade 8 a 'warning sign.'. Perlstein, Steve 893
Pain and alcohol intake not linked in older male drinkers. Brunk, Doug 418
Percentage of adults free of heart disease risk factors falls to 36%. Brunk, Doug Brief Article 243
Physicians encouraged to note patients' stress. Kirn, Timothy F. 722
Possible predictor of stimulant abuse identified. Worcester, Sharon 319
Postmenopausal mental function unchanged with hormone therapy. Johnson, Kate 379
Poststroke dementia more likely among African Americans. Finn, Robert Brief Article 267
President's proposed cuts to education, research draw criticism. Silverman, Jennifer 1120
Project tests ways to change health behavior. Schneider, Mary Ellen 807
Psychiatric adverse events reported to FDA. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 578
Psychology of terrorism. Frieden, Joyce Brief Article 152
Republicans, democrats say Medicare bill needs fixing. Frieden, Joyce 625
Screen teens for use of performance enhancers. Schneider, Mary Ellen 836
Seeds of delusion sowed early. Zuk, Carmen V.; Zuk, Gerald H. Letter to the Editor 406
Self-inflicted skin disorders: new classification proposed. Kubetin, Sally Koch 662
Short-term olanzapine for BPD. Evans, Jeff Brief Article 168
Should physicians conduct spiritual histories of their patients? 772
Social phobia eased by cognitive-behavioral tx. Mahoney, Diana 761
Some cognitive deficits may signal future stroke risk: study of 1,011 men and 1,164 women points to importance of intervention. Sylvester, Bruce 525
SSRI-induced hyponatremia underrecognized. Moon, Mary Ann 571
Stigma is depressing. Brysk, Judith Letter to the Editor 208
Stress, panic, depression, drugs bring on depersonalization disorder. 512
Study explores semantic processing; deficits seen in patients with antisocial disorder differ from those of alcoholics. Norton, Patrice G.W. 651
Study: meal replacements aid weight loss. Splete, Heidi Brief Article 223
Sunbathers may be hooked on rays. Perlstein, Steve Brief Article 204
Synthetic peptides may prevent some fas injury: small amounts of these compounds might avert brain damage caused by fetal alcohol syndrome. Sullivan, Michele G. 1056
Task force backs obesity counseling. Schneider, Mary Ellen 714
Teaching hospitals and the economy. Frieden, Joyce Brief Article 89
Tell patients in trials of research's benefits. Splete, Heidi 638
The art of Aaron Holliday. Franklin, Deeanna 1234
Time to peak intensity crucial in evaluating acute headache. Finn, Robert Brief Article 231
TMAP guidelines gaining ground. Perlstein, Steve 974
To build attachment and foster self-regulation with child, heed nonverbal cues. Boschert, Sherry 665
Topiramate shows promise for alcohol dependence tx. Worcester, Sharon 393
Try 'I VOTE' in psychocutaneous disorders. Kubetin, Sally Koch 612
Unique identifiers to simplify claims processing. Silverman, Jennifer 518
Vitamin C, E combo may lower risk of Alzheimer's. Sylvester, Bruce 417
Women crave cocaine with a different brain region than men. Kubetin, Sally Koch 408

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