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Articles from Clinical Psychiatry News (October 1, 2003)

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Abusive inmates. Splete, Heidi Brief Article 160
Adolescent, elderly refugees prone to mental disorders: identity struggles. Bates, Betsy Brief Article 257
Aggression tied to serotonergic, structural deficits: intermittent explosive disorder. (Adult Psychiatry). MacReady, Norra 643
Alcohol withdrawal worse for older patients: increased risk of falls. Sullivan, Michele G. 465
Antioxidants may protect women from Alzheimer's: lycopene, vitamin c. MacReady, Norra Brief Article 267
Antipsychotic weight gain. Evans, Jeff Brief Article 131
Apathy undermines bonds between spouses, dementia patients: worse than excessive behavior. Sullivan, Michele G. 325
Bipolar disorder management. Evans, Jeff Brief Article 125
Black women more likely to report partner abuse: common screening question not useful. Kubetin, Sally Koch Brief Article 326
Bridging the provider-payer gap. Sacks, Lee B. Editorial 545
Broader world view aids post-Sept. 11 resilience: more than 7,000 people studied: Internet survey participation cathartic. Bates, Betsy 692
Bullying linked to depression, suicide: impact on children. Frieden, Joyce Brief Article 117
Buprenorphine opiate detox beats anesthesia: safety concerns. Jancin, Bruce 553
Character. Stone, Alan A. Movie Review 1600
Cigarettes and 'bad girl' image. Splete, Heidi Brief Article 183
CIGNA settles lawsuit. Frieden, Joyce 123
CMS to accept noncompliant electronic claims: HIPAA contingency plan. (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). Schneider, Mary Ellen 577
Comorbid personality disorders can complicate antidepressant treatment: remission proves elusive. Perlstein, Steve Brief Article 204
Comorbidity and anxiety. Splete, Heidi Brief Article 190
Conflict with fathers affects suicide reattempts: potent risk factor. Walsh, Nancy 373
Consumer involvement won't slow health costs: lack of quality data. Frieden, Joyce 390
Counseling helps lift depression among Alzheimer's caregivers: study in U.S., U.K., Australia. Perlstein, Steve 444
Cultural considerations in psychiatric Tx. (treatment). Fink, Paul J. 1825
Cutting behavior, eating disorders linked in some students: female undergraduates. Jancin, Bruce 309
Dementia in schizophrenia. Evans, Jeff Brief Article 106
Depression often occurs before late-onset epilepsy in elderly: unexplained relationship. Sullivan, Michele G. 321
Differences in efficacy of drugs for Alzheimer's emerge at 2-year follow-up: galantamine, rivastigmine, donepezil. Sullivan, Michele G. 479
Differences seen in drugs used for suicide attempts: young people vs. adults. Jancin, Bruce Brief Article 210
Divalproex seems to help dementia-related behavior, mood problems: low side-effect profile. Sullivan, Michele G. 214
Dress rehearsal for disaster. Andrieni, Julia Editorial 641
Duloxetine appears to ease pain of diabetic neuropathy: nondepressed patients. Bates, Betsy 498
Dysmorphic facial features may offer clues about variant of autism: complex vs. essential autism. Kubetin, Sally Koch 571
Early puberty, ethnicity may contribute to teen smoking: parental monitoring matters. Walsh, Nancy 424
Eating psychoanalysis. Kelwala, Surendra Letter to the Editor 464
Elderly bipolar patients may benefit from antidepressants: fewer hospitalizations. Boschert, Sherry 253
Ephedra effects. Shuping, Martha Letter to the Editor 183
FDA strikes at drug imports. Frieden, Joyce Brief Article 125
Fluid, fiber, fruit can avert opioid constipation: cancer patients. Worcester, Sharon Brief Article 259
For gender-variant children, validation is key: outreach program for parents. Franklin, Deeanna 1390
Genetic advances may revolutionize epilepsy Tx: human genome project. (treatment). McNamara, Damian 887
Glutamate analogue may help treat anxiety: LY354740 similar to glutamate. Wachter, Kerri Brief Article 259
Glutaminergics promising for cognitive, negative symptoms: amino acids for schizophrenia. Sherman, Carl 473
Group therapy helps in metastatic breast cancer: feeling influence healing. Bates, Betsy 519
Higher-dose atypical regimens are becoming more common: economic pressures distorting Tx. (treatment). Sherman, Carl 514
Hot vs. cold aggression: differences guide therapy: unplanned vs. premeditated. Jancin, Bruce 591
Hypnosis: underused technique. London, Robert T. Editorial 624
Hypnotic may benefit sleep, limit grogginess: not yet FDA approved. Sullivan, Michele G. 573
Insulin resistance theory advanced: tied to Alzheimer's, depression. Sullivan, Michele G. 926
Intersubjectivity seen as separate from attachment: different from traditional thought. MacReady, Norra 505
Keep an eye on muscle-obsessed male patients: 'relatively new phenomenon'. Splete, Heidi 1106
Life story presentations. Hersh, Joshua Editorial 1009
Lithium may mitigate mania. Splete, Heidi Brief Article 155
Low-dose morphine, dronabinol help dementia: nursing home patients. Sullivan, Michele G. 818
Malpractice crisis has not yet hampered access: feds study nine states. Silverman, Jennifer 835
Mental illness at forefront of general reform of U.S. health care system: Institute of Medicine report. Worcester, Sharon 530
Mentally ill need us all. Grace, Glenn D.; Christensen, Richard C. Editorial 491
Mind/body approach may conquer infertility: target depression. Walsh, Nancy 816
More on patient suicide. Letter to the Editor 324
Multifamily therapy holds promise for anxiety. Jancin, Bruce 1333
Multiple suicide attempters' risk profiles different: these adolescents face far higher health risks than do young single attempters. Bates, Betsy 529
New theories emerge about predisposition for alcoholism: are dopamine receptors protective? Wachter, Kerri 353
New tool spots abuse, neglect in teen addicts: 20-to 45-minute interview. Jancin, Bruce 598
Newly diagnosed epilepsy responds well to topiramate monotherapy: higher dose more effective. Finn, Robert 353
No FICA for Mayo. (Mayo Clinic is not required to deduct Social Security taxes from residents' paychecks). Frieden, Joyce Brief Article 87
Opioids may induce mania in bipolar patients: no explanation behind the trigger. Splete, Heidi Brief Article 239
Opioids tied to male sexual problems, depression: permanent damage possible. Mulcahy, Nicholas 323
Panel backs memantine for moderate, severe Alzheimer's: FDA approval likely this year. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 473
Patient alliance key in attachment therapy: positive transference important. MacReady, Norra 543
Placing mentally ill in community units no panacea: deinstitutionalization in the Netherlands. Sullivan, Michele G. 494
Postpsychotic adjustment may be part of psychosis: PPAS is a changing state. (postpsychotic adjustment state). Worcester, Sharon 548
Pregnant women wary of taking antidepressants: false perceptions of birth defect risk. Mulcahy, Nicholas 510
Prescribing heroin to addicts. Evans, Jeff Brief Article 155
Probing GABA reveals complexity of disorders: gamma-aminobutyric acid. Lane, Laura 516
Promising Tx on horizon for opioid dependence: lofexidine, injectable depot naltrexone. (treatment). Jancin, Bruce 718
Psychiatric risk factors. Evans, Jeff Brief Article 154
Psychoneuroimmunology shifts away from stress--based models: field on the move. Jancin, Bruce 548
Remembering Jack O. Scher. Lohr, Elizabeth Obituary 229
Report on underage drinking. Frieden, Joyce Brief Article 129
Rivastigmine switch well tolerated: donepezil patients. Perlstein, Steve 304
School-age aggression increases over time; students become less likely to target property: rethinking TOCA-R scale. (Teacher Observation of Classroom Adaptation-Revised). Kubetin, Sally Koch 379
Screen for depression in patients older than 85: underrecognized, undertreated. Sullivan, Michele G. 433
Sertraline soothes MDD. (major depressive disorder). Splete, Heidi Brief Article 189
Sexual aversion an issue for borderline patients: new observation. (borderline personality disorder). Jancin, Bruce 320
Short-term testosterone therapy may boost effectiveness of Viagra: penile arterial function. Mulcahy, Nicholas Brief Article 274
Side effects guide antipsychotic drug choices: atypicals vs. typicals. Boschert, Sherry 1034
Signs of autism show as early as 6 months: study of high-risk siblings. Walsh, Nancy 505
Six key questions provide a quick screen for autism: two negative prompt referral. Kubetin, Sally Koch 434
Small amounts of GHB can cause respiratory depression or death: GABA useful in dependency Tx. (gamma-hydroxybutyrate, gamma-aminobutyric acid, treatment). Jancin, Bruce 360
Stopping benzodiazepine treatment to indigent appears to cause no harm: Los Angeles County study. Boschert, Sherry Brief Article 256
Stress plays key role in substance dependence: core elements of success. Jancin, Bruce 545
Substance abuse survey. Frieden, Joyce Brief Article 123
Support diabetic teens. Splete, Heidi Brief Article 132
Thyroid hormone T3 doesn't boost effectiveness of SSRIs: clash with APA guidelines. (American Psychiatric Association). Mulcahy, Nicholas 341
Tool may help diagnose personality disorders: SWAP-200-A to be released by next spring. (Shedler-Western Assessment Procedure). Sullivan, Michelle G. 531
Tools may miss depression in African American patients: standard questionnaires fall short. Zoler, Mitchel L. 371
Treating bipolar depression. Sherman, Carl 1002
Use caution when adding Rx to atypicals: augmenting psychotropics ill advised. (another antipsychotic drug). Sherman, Carl 542
Venlafaxine XR holds own in panic disorder: matches paroxetine. Jancin, Bruce Brief Article 243
Vitamin D deficiency common in residency: risk to bone health. Jancin, Bruce Brief Article 290
Women with Alzheimer's: exercise aids mood, stamina, decreased resting heart rate. MacReady, Norra Brief Article 210
Zolmitriptan effective Tx for menstrual migraine: significant, sustained relief. (treatment). Norton, Patrice G.W. 429

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