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Articles from Clinical Psychiatry News (September 1, 2001)

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[D.sub.1] Receptors May Hold Key To Schizophrenia Outcome. MCNAMARA, DAMIAN 469
A Call for Correct Diagnosis. LEWIS, LYDIA 541
ABUSE-RESISTANT OXYCONTIN. Imperio, Winnie Anne Brief Article 83
Addressing Pregnancy in Women on ADHD Medication. MECHCATIE, ELIZABETH 767
Atomoxetine Appears Effective in Pediatric ADHD. SHERMAN, CARL 513
Benefits of Polypharmacy in Elderly Undear, Costly. SHERMAN, CARL 460
Benzodiazepines Steal Patient Memory of CBT. FINN, ROBERT 273
Brain Scans and Anhedonia. Splete, Heidi Brief Article 118
Brain Studies Predict OCD Treatment Response. SHERMAN, CARL 410
Brief Scale Reliably Assesses Patient Satisfaction. YASGUR, BATYA SWIFT 424
Cannabis Use Does Not Correlate With Psychosis Onset in High-Risk Youth. WALSH, NANCY 461
CBT Effective For Ovarian Restoration. Jancin, Bruce 303
Consider Adjunctive E-Mail Therapy for Anorexia Nervosa Patients. IMPERIO, WINNIE ANNE 776
Cost-Effective Treatment Offers Relief for Severe IBS. MULCAHY, NICHOLAS 339
Coverage Varies Widely Across Insurance Market. FRIEDEN, JOYCE Brief Article 575
Data Reanalysis Suggests Optimal Dose for Atypical Antipsychotics. SHERMAN, CARL 373
Depression in Late Adolescence a Risk Factor for Obesity in Young Women. BRUNK, DOUG Brief Article 371
Depression May Lurk in Stress-Response System. SHERMAN, CARL 531
Depression: Psychiatrists Often Treat Selves, Friends. SHERMAN, CARL Brief Article 289
Despite Restrictions, MAOIs Are Best Bet for Anxious Teens. IMPERIO, WINNIE ANNE 311
ECONOMIC IMPACT OF PARITY. Imperio, Winnie Anne Brief Article 117
ECSTASY- RELATED ER VISITS UP. Imperio, Winnie Anne Brief Article 88
Elevated C-Reactive Protein Tied to Depression in Men. MACREADY, NORRA 346
EXECUTION OF MENTALLY RETARDED. Imperio, Winnie Anne Brief Article 109
Expect Tx Resistance From Athletes With Eating Disorders. CHRISTENSEN, LYNNE Brief Article 434
Family Therapy Works for Early-Onset Anorexia. CHRISTENSEN, LYNNE 237
Family-Focused Therapy May Help Bipolar Teens. SHERMAN, CARL 554
Helping Couples With Unconsummated Marriage. JANCIN, BRUCE 576
Imagery Eases Nightmares. Splete, Heidi Brief Article 216
Interpret Psychotropic Research With Caution. SHERMAN, CARL 576
LETTERS. Letter to the Editor 405
Look for Anxiety, Depression, Panic Attacks With Migraine. IMPERIO, WINNIE ANNE 256
MEDIA AIDS COPYCAT SUICIDES. Imperio, Winnie Anne Brief Article 112
Mental Health and Gambling. Splete, Heidi Brief Article 140
Miscarriage Raises OCD Risk. Splete, Heidi Brief Article 115
MRI, PET Map Source of Schizophrenia Symptoms. CHRISTENSEN, LYNNE 549
New EEOC Charge System Slights Psych Claims. YASGUR, BATYA SWIFT Brief Article 520
New Law Targets Rebirthing Therapy. MOON, MARY ANN 1243
OCs Disturb Sleep More in Nondepressed. Yasgur, Batya Swift 249
Parents Must Help Filter Out Marketing, Violent Media. 547
Patients Who Fear Flying Find Relief in Virtual Reality Therapy. FINN, ROBERT 563
PATIENTS' RIGHTS COMPROMISE. Imperio, Winnie Anne Brief Article 125
Polypharmacy, Atypicals Top Pick For Schizophrenia. SHERMAN, CARL 663
Posttransplant Angst. Splete, Heidi Brief Article 117
PRACTICAL PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY: What Experts Do Before Study Results Are In Meds Play Important Role in Borderline Personality. SHERMAN, CARL 914
Pregabalin Eases Symptoms of Social, Generalized Anxiety. JACOBSON, ANNE 405
Psychologic Traits Predict Metabolic Syndrome. Moon, Mary Ann 281
Psychopathology Often Accompanies Asthma. BATES, BETSY 523
REM Disorder May Explain Violent Sleep Behavior. YASGUR, BATYA SWIFT 541
Researchers Hopeful Antidepressant Augmentation Will Improve Remission. 566
Schizophrenia, Addiction Demand Integrated Tx. SHERMAN, CARL 481
September Is National Alcohol And Addiction Recovery Month. Imperio, Winnie Anne 173
Sertraline Benefits Quality of Life in PTSD. JACOBSON, ANNE 550
Start Meds Early To Cut Risk of Alcohol Relapse. IMPERIO, WINNIE ANNE 380
Study Links Cognitive Deterioration to Depression. SHERMAN, CARL 343
Substance Abuse a Serious Problem in Schizophrenia. SHERMAN, CARL Brief Article 508
Sustained Release Bupropion May Aid Teen ADHD, Substance Abuse. SHERMAN, CARL 276
Tackle Noncompliance With Persistent, Critical Eye. WORCESTER, SHARON 555
The War on Drugs Not a Bust, Expert Contends. MACREADY, NORRA Brief Article 406
TOBACCO MONEYS BENEFIT HEALTH. Imperio, Winnie Anne Brief Article 81
Transdermal MAO Inhibitor Appears Safe Without Dietary Restrictions. 320
Use Patient-Centered Approach With Gulf War Vets. FRIEDEN, JOYCE 824
Virtual Reality Tx Brings Fear of Heights to Earth. FINN, ROBERT 390
Weigh Psychosocial Function in IBD Management. MACREADY, NORRA Brief Article 258

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