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Articles from Clinical Psychiatry News (December 1, 2001)

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ADHD's Social Deficits become clear with Age. (Social Skills Training May Help). Boschert, Sherry 403
ADHD-Like Cognitive Deficits may actually be a Learning Disorder. (Overlap Common). Boschert, Sherry 260
Adolescent Anxiety Predictive of Future Problems. (Linked to Later Substance Abuse). Finn, Robert 253
Antiepileptic Drugs Disrupt Reproductive Function. (Monitor Metabolic, Endocrine Effects). Sherman, Carl 625
APA Election Highlights concerns over declining Membership, Managed Care: Two Candidates Vie for Top Spot. Imperio, Winnie Anne 756
Berkeley Pilot Study examines fee-based E-Mail Consults. (Doctors Paid $20 Per E-Visit). McNamara, Damian 752
Bipolar Management demands Life Charting, Time. (Do Longitudinal Evaluation). Sherman, Carl 557
Bupropion helps COPD Patients stop smoking. (Less Craving and Anxiety). Finn, Robert 253
Bupropion may help Pathologic Gambling. (Small Study Marred by High Attrition Rate). Sherman, Carl 435
Chart Height, Weight of Patients on ADHD Drugs. (Growth Delays Noted in 2-Year Study). Boschert, Sherry 361
Communication, Coordination are key to successful Split Treatment Arrangements. (Integrating Drugs and Psychotherapy). Worcester, Sharon 370
Data on Extended-Release Methylphenidate Grow. (Side Effects Related to Dose). Boschert, Sherry Product/Service Evaluation 724
Depressed Children are likely to be Depressed as Adults. (Comorbidity Raises Risk). Sherman, Carl 252
Depression, Erectile Dysfunction. (Clinical Capsules). Splete, Heidi 148
Developmental Language Impairment may be due to Diffuse CNS Dysfunction. (Related to Other Neurologic Anomalies). Moon, Mary Ann 626
Don't apply Conventional Expectations to quality of Life with Schizophrenia. (Clinicians, Patients Disagree on Criteria). Sherman, Carl 384
DSM-IV failings Spawn Wish List for DSM-V. (Patient-Focused, Evolving System Wanted). Jancin, Bruce 845
Earlier use of Antidepressants, Tapered Doses reduce Relapse Rate Post ECT. (Dispelling Treatment Misconceptions). Mann, Arnold 659
Eating Disorder Relapse risk linked to Self-Esteem, Motivation. (Impulsivity, Ego Syntonicity Influence Risk). Sherman, Carl 536
Ecstasy Research Okayed. (Policy Practice). Imperio, Winnie Anne 96
Emetophobia Characterized. (Clinical Capsules). Splete, Heidi 155
Endocrine Test predicts Antidepressant response: Drop in prolactin secretion is a good sign. (Dopaminergic Tone may be Key). Sherman, Carl 394
Hyperventilation may help women with Sexual Dysfunction. (Improves Arousal). Finn, Robert 260
Infected Moms, Psychotic Kids. (Clinical Capsules). Splete, Heidi 152
Inpatient Today, Inmate Tomorrow: 60% of Inpatients Arrested Within 3 Months. Sherman, Carl 683
Inquiries Heighten Stress for Emergency Workers. (Firefighters, Police, Paramedics). Sherman, Carl 577
Insurers Survey New Mothers about PPD. (Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale Used). Frieden, Joyce 582
Integrating Drugs, Therapy a delicate balancing act. (Drugs May Inhibit Psychotherapy). Worcester, Sharon 689
Integration is Key to Survival. Katschnig, Heinz Editorial 523
Is Suicide Genetic? (Clinical Capsules). Splete, Heidi 133
Jury is still out on use of HRT for Perimenopausal Depression. (Few Older Women Participate in Trials). Demott, Kathryn 703
Juvenile Justice Reform. (Policy Practice). Imperio, Winnie Anne 89
Lamotrigine rivals Lithium in Effectiveness for Acute Mania. (Randomized, Controlled Trial). Sherman, Carl 336
Letters. Letter to the Editor 470
Lithium decline Reflects Economic, not Clinical Trends: Since 1965, 24 studies have reported a drop in bipolar recurrence with lithium. (Valproate Garners 70% of the Market). Sherman, Carl 623
Malingering Pet Owners Score Drugs from Vets. (Good Dogs, Bad Owners). Sherman, Carl 609
Mental Health Staff harassed, Stalked by Patients. (Expert Intervention Crucial). Sherman, Carl 467
Mood Disorders Tend to Evolve Over Time. (Raised Expression of Genetic Predisposition). Jancin, Bruce 541
Neuroimaging Studies: Disease Response or Cause? (Chicken-or-Egg Question About Results). Boschert, Sherry 576
New Laws Address Student Mental Health. (Take Time to Talk to Students). 536
NIH Directors resign. (Policy Practice). Imperio, Winnie Anne 93
Nonstimulant ADHD Drug reviewed by FDA. (Good Safety Profile). Mechcatie, Elizabeth 209
Personality Trait may Predispose Patients to Depression, Relapse. (Low Sensitivity to Reward). Sherman, Carl 307
Pindolol Accelerates Effectiveness of SSRI response. (Effect Limited to First 2 Weeks). Sherman, Carl 322
Progress in Bipolar Genetics slow, but promising. (Multiple Genes Involved). Sherman, Carl 597
PROs enlisted to educate Doctors on Bioterrorism. (Information Transmitted in 1-2 Days). Silverman, Jennifer 337
Psychotropic use in Nursing Homes. (Policy Practice). Imperio, Winnie Anne 89
Psychotropics useful in managing Chronic Pain; Practical psychopharmacology: What experts do before study results are in. (Psychopharmacology). Sherman, Carl 841
PTSD responds to Mix to Drugs, Psychotherapy. (Consider CBT, SSRI). Jancin, Bruce 513
Rate of Mortality related to ECT is extremely low. (Study of 8,148 Patients). Finn, Robert 270
Risperidone Aids PDD. (Clinical Capsules). Splete, Heidi 149
Sexual Orientation may impact Women's Health. (Survey oF 4,135 Women). Boschert, Sherry 244
Should the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services scrap the CPT? (Pro & Con). 582
SSRIs stand alone in treating pediatric depression. (Fluoxetine Maintains Recovery). Boschert, Sherry Product/Service Evaluation 826
St. John's Wort Labels often lead to more Questions, Few Answers. (What to Ask When Comparing Products). Mann, Arnold 296
Suspect Bipolar Disorder? Try Mood Stabilizer First. (Use Before Antidepressants). Jancin, Bruce 622
Three Tests can divide Autism into Subgroups. (Readily Available). Brunk, Doug 231
Treat Geriatric Depression. (Policy Practice). Imperio, Winnie Anne 117
Trend toward ADHD Subtyping is Premature. (Use 'Nos' Diagnostic Category More Often). Jancin, Bruce 555
Wanted: Child psychiatrists. (Guest Editorial). Benoit, Marilyn B. 589

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