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Articles from Clinical Psychiatry News (August 1, 2001)

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A Modified Social Anxiety Scale for Children. JACOBSON, ANNE 371
Age, Gender, History Influence Onset of Pathologic Gambling. SHERMAN, CARL 486
Algorithmic Psychiatry. RUSH, DR. A. JOHN 691
Algorithms Promise Better Mental Health Care. MANN, ARNOLD 453
Alzheimer's and Apathy. Splete, Heidi 150
Antipsychotics Mean Higher Risk of MI, Arrhythmia for Some With Schizophrenia. Imperio, Winnie Anne 256
Atypical Improves Cognition in First Episode Psychosis. Walsh, Nancy 228
Atypicals Address Behavioral Problems in Alzheimer's. BRUNK, DOUG 361
BEWARE BAD BILLING ADVICE. Imperio, Winnie Anne 140
Body Dysmorphic Disorder Is Common in Men. SHERMAN, CARL 573
Brief CBT Improves Insight in Schizophrenia. SHERMAN, CARL 362
Bulimic Brain Changes. Splete, Heidi 126
BUSH RX DRUG PLAN. Imperio, Winnie Anne 129
Caution Is Key to Avoiding Confidentiality Breaches. IMPERIO, WINNIE ANNE 568
Challenges of Genetic Testing. EMANUEL, DR. EZEKIEL J. 789
Childhood Psychosis Often Defies Diagnosis. SHERMAN, CARL 457
Cholinesterase Inhibitors Work Best at High Dose. BRUNK, DOUG 624
Courts Frown on MDs Who Just Manage Meds. BATES, BETSY 567
Data Show No Link Between Accutane, Depression. TUCKER, MIRIAM E. 314
Delayed Recall Tests Effectively Detect Dementia. BRUNK, DOUG 576
FDA Approval of 'Club Drug' for Cataplexy Is Imminent. ZOLER, MITCHEL L. 822
Feds Furnish Emergency Aid for Texas Research. Silverman, Jennifer 161
Fluoxetine During Luteal Phase Calms Premenstrual Woes. Imperio, Winnie Anne 277
Glial Cell Defects May Be Central to Bipolar Disorder. SHERMAN, CARL 599
Group Therapy Eases OCD. Splete, Heidi 157
HCFA Changes Name in Bid to Burnish Reputation. FRIEDEN, JOYCE 774
Heart Failure Risk 2.5 Times Higher In Depressed Elderly Patients. Zoler, Mitchel L. 369
HHS Issues Document to Clarify Medical Privacy. PETERS, SALLY 582
Imaging Hippocampus May Be Best for Early Dementia Dx. MITCHELL, STEVE 407
Intramuscular Olanzapine Alleviates Acute Agitation. IMPERIO, WINNIE ANNE 575
Lamotrigine Prevents Mania Relapse in Bipolar I Disorder. MECHCATIE, ELIZABETH 274
LETTERS. Letter to the Editor 791
Medical Marijuana Up in Smoke? CONANT, DR. MARCUS 567
Medical Schools Suffer Effects of Managed Care. 488
MENTAL ILLNESS IN PRISONS. Imperio, Winnie Anne 133
Neurobehavior Signals Risk of Adult Schizophrenia. WALSH, NANCY 400
New Consensus Guidelines Address Behavioral Emergencies. IMPERIO, WINNIE ANNE 601
NSAID Use Can Have Psychiatric Consequences. SHERMAN, CARL 546
Off-Label Anticonvulsants Useful in Schizophrenia. SHERMAN, CARL 645
Off-Label Antiepileptic Use Grows Despite Risks. MULCAHY, NICHOLAS 409
Olanzapine Significantly Improves Alzheimer's Anxiety in Small Study. Walsh, Nancy 200
PARITY EXPIRATION LOOMS. Imperio, Winnie Anne 151
Paroxetine Improves Memory in PTSD Patients. JACOBSON, ANNE 223
Paternal Age May Be Risk Factor for Schizophrenia. CHRISTENSEN, LYNNE 601
Prodromal Symptoms May Predict Schizophrenia. WALSH, NANCY 511
Psychotropic Prescription Trends in School-Aged Children. Statistical Data Included 188
Puerperal Psychosis. Splete, Heidi 144
Radical Makeover Proposed for DSM. COLLINS, GENEVA 686
Radiologic Tracer, PET Scan Spotlight Alzheimer's Disease. McNamara, Damian 177
Raloxifene May Cut Postmenopausal Depression. Sherman, Carl 265
Ritalin May Aid Cognition After Childhood Cancer. MCNAMARA, DAMIAN Product/Service Evaluation 529
Rx Practices May Influence Pediatric Bipolar Rates. SHERMAN, CARL 521
Sertraline Eases Symptoms of Pediatric OCD. JACOBSON, ANNE 335
Sertraline Slashes Managed Care Costs for PMDD. IMPERIO, WINNIE ANNE 222
Social Anxiety and Adolescents. Splete, Heidi 124
Study Disputes Link Between Risk Taking and Alcohol Injuries. JANCIN, BRUCE 564
Survey Blames Misdiagnosis, Patient Delays for Untreated Bipolar Disorder. SHERMAN, CARL 514
Ten Leading Causes of Disability in Adults Aged 18 and Older, 1999. Statistical Data Included 80
Therapists Who Treat Addicts Often Face Ethical Dilemma. MACREADY, NORRA 508
Therapy, Drug Combo Best for Schizophrenia. Worcester, Sharon 171
Tinnitus-Induced Psychoses Improve With CBT. SHERMAN, CARL 444
Treatment Resistance Raises Depression Costs. SHERMAN, CARL 462
Tricyclics Endure Despite Charges of Obsolescence. SHERMAN, CARL 691
Venlafaxine Superior to SSRIs for Major Depression. IMPERIO, WINNIE ANNE 280
Weigh Cultural Issues in Dementia Assessment. BRUNK, DOUG 591
Ziprasidone Offers Long-Term Symptom Control. WALSH, NANCY 422

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