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Clinical Hypnosis Textbook.

James, U. (2010). Clinical hypnosis textbook: a guide for practical intervention. Second edition. United Kingdom: Radcliffe Pub, 2010. ISBN978-1-84619420-7. Soft cover. 198 pages. Available from Elsevier Australia, telephone 1800 263 951, website: or your local bookshop.


The author's intention is to provide an overview of the topic and an indication of the potential uses for hypnosis. This has been done well and this book would be suitable for a novice or someone with a fundamental knowledge of hypnosis. It outlines basic hypnosis structures, including the structure of a hypnosis consultation rather than a clinical hypnotherapy consultation. Whilst it still promotes scripts, it does indicate that to 'personalise' a script would allow the suggestions to be more easily accepted by the client.

The book is well written with information presented in a succinct easy to read manner. It presents hypnosis as an adjunct to an existing health modality and includes a section called 'Questions patients ask' and 'What to expect in the next few weeks' which makes this an excellent guide for the inexperienced practitioner.

The best aspect of the book is that it covers many topics, some of which are unusual to see in a book of this type, e.g. 'Past Life Regression'--it is rare to see a book which promotes a medical viewpoint and acknowledges Past life Regression as this one does.

The appendices are also well constructed. Although short, Appendix I and Appendix II provide a good summary of the history of hypnosis and a glossary of terms respectively.

To summarise, this book would be of interest to health practitioners who want a basic understanding of hypnosis/hypnotherapy. It would however be of limited benefit to practitioners who want to use hypnosis or clinical hypnotherapy within their practice--for that, as the book suggests, training in the discipline is required.

It follows the standard format of many clinical hypnotherapy text books.
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Author:Cowen, Leon
Publication:Journal of the Australian Traditional-Medicine Society
Date:Jun 1, 2011
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