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Articles from Clinical Chemistry (December 1, 2016)

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"Reaching Out to the World" Appreciation. 610
About Human Habitats. Dominiczak, Marek H. 962
Biological Variation of Hemostasis Variables in Thrombosis and Bleeding: Consequences for Performance Specifications. de Maat, Moniek P.M.; van Schie, Marianne; Kluft, Cornelis; Leebeek, Frank W.G.; Meijer, Piet Clinical report 5350
Can Red Blood Cell Indices Act as Surrogate Markers for Discordance between Hemoglobin [A.sub.1c] and Fasting Blood Glucose? Cohen, Robert M.; Franco, Robert S. 2910
Clinical Chemistry's Invited Reviewers 2016. 1321
Commutability Assessment of External Quality Assessment Materials with the Difference in Bias Approach: Are Acceptance Criteria Based on Medical Requirements too Strict? Delatour, Vincent; Liu, Qinde; Vesper, Hubert W. Letter to the editor 1628
Critically High Plasma Ammonia in an Adolescent Girl. Orton, Dennis J.; Gifford, Jessica L.; Seiden-Long, Isolde; Khan, Aneal; de Koning, Lawrence 3403
Diurnal Rhythm of Cardiac Troponin: Consequences for the Diagnosis of Acute Myocardial Infarction. Klinkenberg, Lieke J.J.; Wildi, Karin; van der Linden, Noreen; Kouw, Imre W.K.; Niens, Marijke; Twer Clinical report 6468
Dried Blood Spot Reference Intervals for Steroids and Amino Acids in a Neonatal Cohort of the National Children's Study. Dietzen, Dennis J.; Bennet, Michael J.; Lo, Stanley F.; Grey, Vijay L.; Jones, Patti M. Report 5573
Drummond Rennie's Views on Peer Review: Make it Scientific. Snozek, Christine L.H. 776
Free and Glucuronide Whole Blood Cannabinoids' Pharmacokinetics after Controlled Smoked, Vaporized, and Oral Cannabis Administration in Frequent and Occasional Cannabis Users: Identification of Recent Cannabis Intake. Newmeyer, Matthew N.; Swortwood, Madeleine J.; Barnes, Allan J.; Abulseoud, Osama A.; Scheidweiler, 10668
GDF-15 Is Associated with Cancer Incidence in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes. Pavo, Noemi; Wurm, Raphael; Neuhold, Stephanie; Adlbrecht, Christopher; Vila, Greisa; Strunk, Guido; 7025
Generation of Full-Length Class I Human Leukocyte Antigen Gene Consensus Sequences for Novel Allele Characterization. Clark, Peter M.; Duke, Jamie L.; Ferriola, Deborah; Bravo-Egana, Valia; Vago, Tunde; Hassan, Aniqa; 5674
Impact of Mean Cell Hemoglobin on Hb [A.sub.1c]-Defined Glycemia Status. Rodriguez-Segade, Santiago; Garcia, Javier Rodriguez; Garcia-Lopez, Jose M.; Gude, Francisco; Casanu 7930
Impact of Pneumatic Tube System Transport of Whole Blood Samples on Free DNA Concentration in Human Plasma. Kriegshauser, Gernot; Wagner, Carina; Mangge, Harald; Halwachs-Baumann, Gabriele; Enko, Dietmar Letter to the editor 1174
Improved Diagnostic Performance of High-Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin Assays Is an Artifact of Censored Data. Pretorius, Carel J.; Ungerer, Jacobus P.J. 2922
Metformin and the Gut Microbiome in Diabetes. Devaraj, Sridevi; Venkatachalam, Alamelu; Chen, Xinpu 1517
Necessity Is the Mother of Invention: The Development of Digital Genomics. Kinzler, Kenneth; Vogelstein, Bert 1540
Physical Energy Bronze Sculpture at London's Kensington Gardens. Tan, It-Koon 482
Prolonged Bleeding in a 34-Year-Old Man following Oral Surgery. Olson, Nicholas J.; Shajani-Yi, Zahra; Cervinski, Mark A.; Ornstein, Deborah L. 596
Short-term Variability of Vitamin D-Related Biomarkers. Lutsey, Pamela L.; Parrinello, Christina M.; Misialek, Jeffrey R.; Hoofnagle, Andy N.; Henderson, Cl 6327
Stable-Isotope Dilution HPLC-Electrospray Ionization Tandem Mass Spectrometry Method for Quantifying Hydroxyurea in Dried Blood Samples. Marahatta, Anu; Megaraj, Vandana; McGann, Patrick T.; Ware, Russell E.; Setchell, Kenneth D.R. 5585
Sudden Severe Bleeding in a Patient with Hemochromatosis: Liver Failure or Something Else? Olson, Nicholas J.; Cervinski, Mark A.; Ornstein, Deborah L. 458
The Use of Targeted Therapies for Precision Medicine in Oncology. Habeeb, Nicole White-Al; Kulasingam, Vathany; Diamandis, Eleftherios P.; Yousef, George M.; Tsongali 6658
Unexpected Creatinine Values. Oudart, Jean-Baptiste; Braham, Imad Dali; Maquart, Francois-Xavier 497
Using Targeted Sequencing of Paralogous Sequences for Noninvasive Detection of Selected Fetal Aneuploidies. Ellison, Christopher K.; Sun, Youting; Hogg, Grant; Fox, Jesse; Tao, Helen; McCarthy, Erin; Sagoe, B 5957

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