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Articles from Clinical Chemistry (January 1, 2013)

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A young adult with aplastic anemia and gray hair. Guinan, Eva C.; Agarwal, Suneet Clinical report 3611
An interview with Ronald DePinho. Landau, Misia Interview 5912
Are companion diagnostics useful? Barrett, J. Carl; Frigault, Melanie M.; Hollingsworth, Simon; Miller, Glenn A.; Modur, Vijay Report 2624
Biomarker failures. Ioannidis, John P.A. 2325
Cancer chemoprevention: successes and failures. Patterson, Sherri L.; Maresso, Karen Colbert; Hawk, Ernest Report 5814
Cancer genome scanning in plasma: detection of tumor-associated copy number aberrations, single-nucleotide variants, and tumoral heterogeneity by massively parallel sequencing. Chan, K.C. Allen; Jiang, Peiyong; Zheng, Yama W.L.; Liao, Gary J.W.; Sun, Hao; Wong, John; Siu, Shin Report 8670
Cancer stem cells--the evidence accumulates. Azizi, Ebrahim; Wicha, Max S. 2155
Cancer stem cells: nonbelievers' viewpoint. Gokmen-Polar, Yesim; Badve, Sunil S. 2107
Cardiac and inflammation biomarker profile after initiation of adjuvant trastuzumab therapy. Dhesy-Thind, Sukhbinder; Kumar, Vikaash; Snider-McNair, Aidan; Shortt, Colleen; Mukherjee, Som D.; E 1811
Cell plasticity and heterogeneity in cancer. Marjanovic, Nemanja D.; Weinberg, Robert A.; Chaffer, Christine L. Report 7439
Circulating tumor cells: liquid biopsy of cancer. Alix-Panabieres, Catherine; Pantel, Klaus Clinical report 5426
Comparative assessment of urinary prostate cancer antigen 3 and TMPRSS2:ERG gene fusion with the serum [-2]proprostate-specific antigen-based prostate health index for detection of prostate cancer. Stephan, Carsten; Jung, Klaus; Semjonow, Axel; Schulze-Forster, Kai; Cammann, Henning; Hu, Xinhai; M Report 6435
Conquering cancer in our lifetime: new diagnostic and therapeutic trends. Diamandis, Eleftherios P.; Bast, Robert C., Jr.; Lopez-Otin, Carlos 1669
Copy number and expression alterations of miRNAs in the ovarian cancer cell line OVCAR-3: impact on kallikrein 6 protein expression. Bayani, Jane; Kuzmanov, Uros; Saraon, Punit; Fung, William A.; Soosaipillai, Antoninus; Squire, Jere Report 5608
Design of tumor biomarker-monitoring trials: a proposal by the European Group on Tumor Markers. Soletormos, Gyorgy; Duffy, Michael J.; Hayes, Daniel F.; Sturgeon, Catharine M.; Barak, Vivian; Boss Report 5537
Downregulation and prognostic performance of microRNA 224 expression in prostate cancer. Mavridis, Konstantinos; Stravodimos, Konstantinos; Scorilas, Andreas Report 5645
Evidence-based laboratory medicine in oncology drug development: from biomarkers to diagnostics. Modur, Vijay; Hailman, Eric; Barrett, J.C. Report 5205
GALNT9 gene expression is a prognostic marker in neuroblastoma patients. Berois, Nora; Gattolliat, Charles-Henry; Barrios, Enrique; Capandeguy, Laura; Douc-Rasy, Setha; Valt Report 5086
Genomic medicine: new frontiers and new challenges. Pasic, Maria D.; Samaan, Sara; Yousef, George M. Report 7072
Heterogeneity of epidermal growth factor receptor status and mutations of KRAS/PIK3CA in circulating tumor cells of patients with colorectal cancer. Gasch, Christin; Bauernhofer, Thomas; Pichler, Martin; Langer-Freitag, Sabine; Reeh, Matthias; Seife Report 5618
Illness and culture: Maggie's Centres. Dominiczak, Marek H. 1009
Integrated analyses of proteins and their glycans in a magnetic bead-based multiplex assay format. Li, Danni; Chiu, Hanching; Chen, Jing; Zhang, Hui; Chan, Daniel W. Report 4908
Is early detection of cancer with circulating biomarkers feasible? Konforte, Danijela; Diamandis, Eleftherios P. 1989
MicroRNAs regulate expression of oncogenes. Slack, Frank J. Report 1190
Multicenter evaluation of [-2]proprostate-specific antigen and the prostate health index for detecting prostate cancer. Stephan, Carsten; Vincendeau, Sebastien; Houlgatte, Alain; Cammann, Henning; Jung, Klaus; Semjonow, Report 6544
New opportunities from the cancer metabolome. Aboud, Omran Abu; Weiss, Robert H. Report 5626
Novel strategies to test biological hypotheses in early drug development for advanced prostate cancer. Ferraldeschi, Roberta; Attard, Gerhardt; de Bono, Johann S. Report 5863
Oral cancer diagnosis via a ferrocenylnaphthalene diimide-based electrochemical telomerase assay. Mori, Kumiko; Sato, Shinobu; Kodama, Masaaki; Habu, Manabu; Takahashi, Osamu; Nishihara, Tatsuji; To Report 4493
Pancreatic cancer. Report 4310
Plasma-derived tumor DNA analysis at whole-genome resolution. Swanton, Charles 1921
Reflection on the discovery of carcinoembryonic antigen, prostate-specific antigen, and cancer antigens CA125 and CA19-9. 8201
Reflections on the founding of the International Cancer Genome Consortium. Jennings, Jennifer; Hudson, Thomas J. 2687
SOX17 promoter methylation in circulating tumor cells and matched cell-free DNA isolated from plasma of patients with breast cancer. Chimonidou, Maria; Strati, Areti; Malamos, Nikos; Georgoulias, Vasilis; Lianidou, Evi S. Report 5497
Targeting the tumor microenvironment for cancer therapy. Sounni, Nor Eddine; Noel, Agnes Report 5309
The biology of brain metastasis. Langley, Robert R.; Fidler, Isaiah J. Report 7096
The Early Detection Research Network's specimen reference sets: paving the way for rapid evaluation of potential biomarkers. Feng, Ziding; Kagan, Jacob; Pepe, Margaret; Thornquist, Mark; Rinaudo, Jo Ann; Dahlgren, Jackie; Kru Report 4408
The Early Detection Research Network: 10-year outlook. Srivastava, Sudhir Report 4721
The impact of tumor heterogeneity on patient treatment decisions. Farhangfar, Carol J.; Meric-Bernstam, Funda; Mendelsohn, John; Mills, Gordon B.; Lucio-Eterovic, Agd Report 1829
The long and winding road to FDA approval of a novel prostate cancer test: our story. Rittenhouse, Harry; Blase, Amy; Shamel, Blair; Schalken, Jack; Groskopf, Jack 2298
The long journey of cancer biomarkers from the bench to the clinic. Pavlou, Maria P.; Diamandis, Eleftherios P.; Blasutig, Ivan M. Report 8395
The riddle of protein diagnostics: future bleak or bright? Anderson, N. Leigh; Ptolemy, Adam S.; Rifai, Nader Report 1773
TMPRSS2-ERG fusion transcripts in matched urine and needle rinse material after biopsy for the detection of prostate cancer. Bories, Phuong-Nhi; Younes, Patrick; Zerbib, Marc; Denjean, Lydie; Popovici, Theodora; Cynober, Luc; Report 5102
TMPRSS2-ERG fusion transcripts in matched urine and needle rinse material after biopsy for the detection of prostate cancer: really a step forward? Stephan, Carsten; Jung, Klaus Editorial 1681
Translating genomics to the clinic: implications of cancer heterogeneity. Samuel, Nardin; Hudson, Thomas J. Report 7036
Tumor Markers. Anand, Usha Poem 446
Unleashing the power of proteomics to develop blood-based cancer markers. Taguchi, Ayumu; Hanash, Samir M. Report 5610
Validating serum markers for monitoring of cancer. Stenman, Ulf-Hakan Report 1401
Very low PSA concentrations and deletions of the KLK3 gene. Rodriguez, Santiago; Ghamdi, Osama A. Al-; Burrows, Kimberley; Guthrie, Philip A.I.; Lane, J. Athene Report 7188
What aspect of your job do you find most challenging? 460
Will early detection for breast cancer ever work? Esserman, Laura; Ozanne, Elissa; vant Veer, Laura Report 2557

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