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Articles from Clinical Chemistry (February 1, 2012)

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A 14-year-old boy with chronic cyanosis, mild anemia, and limited physical resistance to stress. Zur, Berndt; Mayer-Hubner, Bernd; Ludwig, Michael; Stoffel-Wagner, Birgit 3248
A strong start: plasma glial fibrillary acidic protein and stroke differential diagnosis. Mohr, Jay P.; Kejda-Scharler, Julia 1000
American Old Master: the art and science of Thomas Eakins. Dominiczak, Marek H. 1592
Aptameric molecular switch for cascade signal amplification. Ma, Cuiping; Zhao, Chunhui; Ge, Yujie; Shi, Chao 3442
Brain natriuretic peptide and breathing not properly: the merger of 2 BNPs. Maisel, Alan 867
Breaking the bottleneck in the protein biomarker pipeline. Witkowska, H. Ewa; Hall, Steven C.; Fisher, Susan J. 2092
Circulating soluble intercellular adhesion molecule 1 and subclinical atherosclerosis: the Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults study. Gross, Myron D.; Bielinski, Suzette J.; Suarez-Lopez, Jose R.; Reiner, Alex P.; Bailey, Kent; Thyaga 7112
Comparison of serum creatinine and cystatin C for early diagnosis of contrast-induced nephropathy after coronary angiography and interventions. Ribichini, Flavio; Gambaro, Giovanni; Graziani, Maria Stella; Pighi, Michele; Pesarini, Gabriele; Pa 5151
Correction. Correction notice 405
Diary. Cacciatore, Stefano 214
Do platform-specific factors explain MicroRNA profiling disparities? Watson, Andria K.; Witwer, Kenneth W. Letter to the editor 1961
Estimating glomerular filtration rates by use of both cystatin C and standardized serum creatinine avoids ethnicity coefficients in Asian patients with chronic kidney disease. Teo, Boon Wee; Xu, Hui; Wang, Danhua; Li, Jialiang; Sinha, Arvind Kumar; Shuter, Borys; Sethi, Sunil 6594
Exhaled endogenous particles contain lung proteins. Bredberg, Anna; Gobom, Johan; Almstrand, Ann-Charlotte; Larsson, Per; Blennow, Kaj; Olin, Anna-Carin 7534
Fetal laboratory medicine: on the frontier of maternal-fetal medicine. Geaghan, Sharon M. 12405
Further improvement in quantifying male fetal DNA in maternal plasma. Jin, Shengnan; Lin, Xueqin Michelle; Law, Haiyang; Kwek, Kenneth Y.C.; Yeo, George S.H.; Ding, Chunm 2844
Growth differentiation factor-15 in the early diagnosis and risk stratification of patients with acute chest pain. Schaub, Nora; Reichlin, Tobias; Twerenbold, Raphael; Reiter, Miriam; Steuer, Stephan; Bassetti, Stef 6107
Impact of the introduction of guidelines on Vitamin [B.sub.12] testing. McHugh, Johnny; Afghan, Rabia; O'Brien, Edel; Kennedy, Patricia; Leahy, Maeve; O'Keeffe, Denis Letter to the editor 952
Junction site analysis of chimeric CYP21A1p/CYP21A2 genes in 21-hydroxylase deficiency. Chen, Wuyan; Xu, Zhi; Sullivan, Annie; Finkielstain, Gabriela P.; Van Ryzin, Carol; Merke, Deborah P 5869
Kinetic modeling of storage effects on biomarkers related to B vitamin status and one-carbon metabolism. Hustad, Steinar; Eussen, Simone; Midttun, Oivind; Ulvik, Arve; van de Kant, Puck M.; Morkrid, Lars; 5438
Multiplex immunoassays of peptide hormones extracted from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue accurately subclassify pituitary adenomas. Strathmann, Frederick G.; Borlee, Grace; Born, Donald E.; Gonzalez-Cuyar, Luis F.; Huber, Bertrand R 4373
Newborn screening for metabolic disorders: how are we doing, and where are we going? Interview 5475
Quantification of methylated markers with a multiplex methylation-specific technology. Zou, Hongzhi; Allawi, Hatim; Cao, Xiaoming; Domanico, Mike; Harrington, Jonathan; Taylor, William R. 5168
Searching for new biomarkers of renal diseases through proteomics. Konvalinka, Ana; Scholey, James W.; Diamandis, Eleftherios P. 9715
Sinusitis or something worse? Fisher-Hubbard, Amanda O.; Annesley, Thomas M.; Warren, Jeffrey 446
Specificity characteristics of 7 commercial creatinine measurement procedures by enzymatic and Jaffe method principles. Greenberg, Neil; Roberts, William L.; Bachmann, Lorin M.; Wright, Elizabeth C.; Dalton, R. Neil; Zak 6542

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