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Articles from Clinical Chemistry (July 1, 2011)

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Analysis of glycosaminoglycans in cerebrospinal fluid from patients with mucopolysaccharidoses by isotope-dilution ultra-performance liquid chromatography--tandem mass spectrometry. Zhang, Haoyue; Young, Sarah P.; Auray-Blais, Christiane; Orchard, Paul J.; Tolar, Jakub; Millington, 4821
Between-method differences in prostate-specific antigen assays affect prostate cancer risk prediction by nomograms. Stephan, Carsten; Siemssen, Kerstin; Cammann, Henning; Friedersdorff, Frank; Deger, Serdar; Schrader 5927
Biologic Variation of a novel cardiac troponin I assay. Vasile, Vlad C.; Saenger, Amy K.; Kroning, Jean M.; Klee, George G.; Jaffe, Allan S. Letter to the editor 1320
Biological variation and reference change value of high-sensitivity troponin T in healthy individuals during short and intermediate follow-up periods. Frankenstein, Lutz; Wu, Alan H.B.; Hallermayer, Klaus; Wians, Frank H., Jr.; Giannitsis, Evangelos; 2703
Both immunohistochemistry and fluorescence in situ hybridization play important roles for HER2 evaluation. Bloom, Kenneth J.; Cote, Richard J. 2135
Clinical chemistry trainee council: a new journal initiative. Rifai, Nader; Boyd, James C.; Annesley, Thomas M. 749
Combined molecular genetic and cytogenetic analysis from single cells after isothermal whole-genome amplification. Kroneis, Thomas; Geig, Jochen B.; El-Heliebi, Amin; Auer, Martina; Ulz, Peter; Schwarzbraun, Thomas; 5684
Comparative analysis of PCR-electrospray ionization/mass spectrometry (MS) and MALDI-TOF/MS for the identification of bacteria and yeast from positive blood culture bottles. Kaleta, Erin J.; Clark, Andrew E.; Cherkaoui, Abdessalam; Wysocki, Vicki H.; Ingram, Elizabeth L.; S 6499
Corrections. Correction notice 170
Elimination of complement interference in immunoassay of hyperglycosylated human chorionic gonadotropin. Stenman, Ulf-Hakan; Birken, Steven; Lempiainen, Anna; Hotakainen, Kristina; Alfthan, Henrik Letter to the editor 1394
First-trimester risk calculation for trisomy 13, 18, and 21: comparison of the screening efficiency between 2 locally developed programs and commercial software. Sorensen, Steen; Momsen, Gunther; Sundberg, Karin; Friis-Hansen, Lennart; Jorgensen, Finn Stener 5438
Fluorescence in situ hybridization is the preferred approach over immunohistochemistry for determining HER2 status. Ross, Jeffrey S. 1775
Hepatitis C--removing barriers to diagnosing the "silent epidemic". Dufour, D. Robert 1749
HMG CoA reduction in patients with average cholesterol concentrations. Braunwald, Eugene; Sacks, Frank M.; Pfeffer, Marc A.; Ridker, Paul M. 1657
Identification of circulating nonclassic human leukocyte antigen G (HLA-G)--like molecules in exudates. Gonzalez, Alvaro; Alegre, Estibaliz; Arroyo, Ainhoa; LeMaoult, Joel; Echeveste, Jose Ignacio 5176
Improved reflexive testing algorithm for hepatitis C infection using signal-to-cutoff ratios of a hepatitis C virus antibody assay. Lai, Keane K.Y.; Jin, Ming; Yuan, Shan; Larson, Meaghan F.; Dominitz, Jason A.; Bankson, Daniel D. 4726
Isotope dilution--LC-MS/MS reference method assessment of serum folate assay accuracy and proficiency testing Consensus Mean. Blackmore, Sheena; Pfeiffer, Christine M.; Lee, Anne; Fazili, Zia; Hamilton, Malcolm S. 5992
Limitations of direct methods and the reference method for measuring HDL and LDL cholesterol. Schaefer, Ernst J.; Otokozawa, Seiko; Ai, Masumi Letter to the editor 1622
Measured dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate positively influences testosterone measurement in unextracted female serum: comparison of 2 immunoassays with testosterone measured by LC-MS. Benton, Sally C.; Nuttall, Michelle; Nardo, Luciano; Laing, Ian Letter to the editor 1190
MicroRNAs as regulators of signal transduction in urological tumors. Fendler, Annika; Stephan, Carsten; Yousef, George M.; Jung, Klaus 9507
Multiple cerebrospinal fluid bands: multiple sclerosis? Chen, Yu; Watts, Gail 316
Multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification analysis is useful for diagnosing congenital adrenal hyperplasia but requires a deep knowledge of CYP21A2 genetics. Concolino, Paola; Mello, Enrica; Minucci, Angelo; Zuppi, Cecilia; Capoluongo, Ettore Letter to the editor 840
New technology and its applications to laboratory medicine. Kumar, Vikram S.; Webster, Molly 952
Optimal detection of fetal chromosomal abnormalities by massively parallel DNA sequencing of cell-free fetal DNA from maternal blood. Sehnert, Amy J.; Rhees, Brian; Comstock, David; de Feo, Eileen; Heilek, Gabrielle; Burke, John; Rava 5362
Patient safety and clinical effectiveness as imperatives for achieving harmonization inside and outside the clinical laboratory. McLawhon, Ronald W. 2026
Reflections on the gene patent war: the myriad battle, sputnik and beyond. Caulfield, Timothy 2169
The athlete biological passport. Sottas, Pierre-Edouard; Robinson, Neil; Rabin, Olivier; Saugy, Martial 4185
The detection of double mutations in KRAS depends on the mutation-detection assay used. Hostein, Isabelle; Lamy, Aude; Faur, Nicolas; Primois, Charlotte; Verdon, Severine; Sabourin, Jean-C Letter to the editor 1171
The importance of sequences. Dominiczak, Marek H. 1011
The quest for clean competition in sports: are the testers catching the dopers? Butch, Anthony W. 3142
Transplantation monitoring by plasma DNA sequencing. Lo, Y.M. Dennis 1481
Unusual increased [beta]-globulins in an elderly patient. Busser, Benoit; Millet, Sylvain; Bulabois, Claude Eric; Faure, Patrice; Renversez, Jean Charles 3661

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