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Articles from Clinical Chemistry (October 1, 2009)

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[uPA.sup.+/+]-SCID mouse with humanized liver as a model for in vivo metabolism of exogenous steroids: methandienone as a case study. Lootens, Leen; Meuleman, Philip; Pozo, Oscar J.; Van Eenoo, Peter; Leroux-Roels, Geert; Delbeke, Fra 6329
Circulating concentrations of follistatin-like 1 in healthy individuals and patients with acute coronary syndrome as assessed by an immunoluminometric sandwich assay. Widera, Christian; Horn-Wichmann, Rudiger; Kempf, Tibor; Bethmann, Kerstin; Fiedler, Beate; Sharma, 4747
Design and optimization of reverse-transcription quantitative PCR experiments. Tichopad, Ales; Kitchen, Rob; Riedmaier, Irmgard; Becker, Christiane; Stahlberg, Anders; Kubista, Mi 5519
Development of an immunoassay for the quantification of soluble LR11, a circulating marker of atherosclerosis. Matsuo, Masanao; Ebinuma, Hiroyuki; Fukamachi, Isamu; Jiang, Meizi; Bujo, Hideaki; Saito, Yasushi 4401
False-negative results from point-of-care qualitative human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) devices caused by excess hCG[beta] core fragment vary with device lot number. Gronowski, Ann M.; Powers, Michelle; Stenman, Ulf H.; Ashby, Lori; Scott, Mitchell G. Letter to the editor 1116
Humanized animal models to study drug metabolism: no longer a "chimera"? Botre, Francesco 1624
Increased plasma lipoprotein(a) found in large-artery atherosclerotic, but not small-artery occlusive, stroke. Jones, Gregory T.; Deng, Meiying; Hammond-Tooke, Graeme D.; McCormick, Sally P.A.; van Rij, Andre M. Letter to the editor 2015
Increased tissue factor expression is associated with reduced survival in non-small cell lung cancer and with mutations of TP53 and PTEN. Regina, Sandra; Valentin, Jean-Baptiste; Lachot, Sebastien; Lemarie, Etienne; Rollin, Jerome; Gruel, 5994
Interactive modeling for ongoing utility of pharmacogenetic diagnostic testing: application for warfarin therapy. Linder, Mark W.; Homme, Marjorie Bon; Reynolds, Kristen K.; Gage, Brian F.; Eby, Charles; Silvestrov 5417
Kudos. 131
Lily Robinson and an assassin's tracks. 998
Measurement of ribosomal RNA turnover in vivo by use of deuterium-labeled glucose. Defoiche, Julien; Zhang, Yan; Lagneaux, Laurence; Pettengell, Ruth; Hegedus, Andrea; Willems, Luc; M 5052
Methylation status and neurodegenerative markers in parkinson disease. Obeid, Rima; Schadt, Achim; Dillmann, Ulrich; Kostopoulos, Panagiotis; Fassbender, Klaus; Herrmann, 5919
New ELISA for B cell-activating factor. Pottier, Laetitia Le; Bendaoud, Boutahar; Renaudineau, Yves; Youinou, Pierre; Pers, Jacques-Olivier; 5794
Nonylphenol ethoxylate plastic additives inhibit mitochondrial respiratory chain complex I. Belaiche, Corinne; Holt, Andrew; Saada, Ann Letter to the editor 1670
Pediatric brain natriuretic peptide concentrations vary with age and sex and appear to be modulated by testosterone. Saenger, Amy K.; Dalenberg, Daniel A.; Bryant, Sandra C.; Grebe, Stefan K.; Jaffe, Allan S. 4097
Pharmacogenomics of tamoxifen therapy. Brauch, Hiltrud; Murdter, Thomas E.; Eichelbaum, Michel; Schwab, Matthias 10063
Proficiency testing of HB [A.sub.1c]: a 4-year experience in Taiwan and the Asian Pacific Region. Shiesh, Shu-Chu; Wiedmeyer, Hsiao-Mei; Kao, Jau-Tsuen; Vasikaran, Samuel D.; Lopez, Joseph B. 3347
Short- and long-term risk stratification using a next-generation, high-sensitivity research cardiac troponin I (hs-cTnI) assay in an emergency department chest pain population. Kavsak, Peter A.; Wang, Xuesong; Ko, Dennis T.; MacRae, Andrew R.; Jaffe, Allan S. 4386
Simple and reliable measurement of nitric oxide metabolites in plasma. Moshage, Han 1093
The case of a bow legged toddler. Tatsas, Armanda D.; Woodworth, Alison 432
The Special Sticky Hemoglobin. Anand, Usha Poem 400
Unexpected urine drug testing results in a hospice patient on high-dose morphine therapy. Reisfield, Gary M.; Chronister, Chris W.; Goldberger, Bruce A.; Bertholf, Roger L. 3348
Use of likelihood ratios can improve the clinical usefulness of enzyme immunoassays for the diagnosis of small-vessel vasculitis. Vermeersch, Pieter; Blockmans, Daniel; Bossuyt, Xavier Letter to the editor 1204

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