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Articles from Clinical Chemistry (June 1, 2008)

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Acute variation of osteocalcin and parathyroid hormone in athletes after running a Half-Marathon. Lippi, Giuseppe; Schena, Federico; Montagnana, Martina; Salvagno, Gian Luca; Banfi, Giuseppe; Guidi, Letter to the editor 1177
Affinity maturation of tacrolimus antibody for improved immunoassay performance. Siegel, Robert W.; Baugher, Wade; Rahn, Tanya; Drengler, Susan; Tyner, Joan 5320
After ENHANCE: is more LDL cholesterol lowering even better? Stein, Evan A. Clinical report 1982
Aspirin responsiveness in healthy volunteers measured with multiple assay platforms. Karon, Brad S.; Wockenfus, Amy; Scott, Renee; Hartman, Stacy J.; McConnell, Joseph P.; Santrach, Pau 4370
Cell-free plasma DNA as a predictor of outcome in severe sepsis and septic shock. Saukkonen, Katri; Lakkisto, Paivi; Pettila, Ville; Varpula, Marjut; Karlsson, Sari; Ruokonen, Esko; 5044
Design and application of noncontinuously binding probes used for haplotyping and genotyping. Pont-Kingdon, Genevieve; Margraf, Rebecca L.; Sumner, Kelli; Millson, Alison; Lyon, Elaine; Schutz, 5019
Detection of a thalassemic [alpha]-chain variant (hemoglobin Groene Hart) by reversed-phase liquid chromatography. Zanella-Cleon, Isabelle; Becchi, Michel; Lacan, Philippe; Giordano, Piero C.; Wajcman, Henri; Franci 4546
Effect of collection tube type and preanalytical handling on myeloperoxidase concentrations. Shih, Jessie; Datwyler, Saul A.; Hsu, Stephen C.; Matias, Matthew S.; Pacenti, David P.; Lueders, Ch 2233
Ethnic differences in C-reactive protein concentrations. Kelley-Hedgepeth, Alyson; Lloyd-Jones, Donald M.; Colvin, Alicia; Matthews, Karen A.; Johnston, Jane Clinical report 7237
Expanding assay dynamics: a combined competitive and direct assay system for the quantification of proteins in multiplexed immunoassays. Hartmann, Michael; Schrenk, Monika; Dottinger, Anette; Nagel, Sarah; Roeraade, Johan; Joos, Thomas O 4112
Fundamentals of Molecular Diagnostics. Schneider, Erasmus 411
Implementation of standardization of hemoglobin [A.sub.1c] measurement. Rifai, Nader Clinical report 673
Importance of chemical reduction in plasma and serum homocysteine analysis. Ueland, Per Magne 907
Improved HPLC analysis of serum 7[alpha]-hydroxycholest-4en-3-one, a marker of bile acid malabsorption. Lenicek, Martin; Juklova, Miroslava; Zelenka, Jaroslav; Kovar, Jan; Lukas, Milan; Bortlik, Martin; V Letter to the editor 1188
Increased reporting of estimated glomerular filtration rate and call for improved creatinine traceability. Rifai, Nader 171
Influence of L-thyroxine therapy on parathyroid hormone concentrations. Zanglis, Adonios; Andreopoulos, Demterios; Baziotis, Nikolaos Letter to the editor 953
Insufficient standardization of a direct carbohydrateDeficient transferring immunoassay. Helander, Anders; Nordin, Gunnar Letter to the editor 1005
Joint effects of antibody to heat shock protein 60, hypertension, and diabetes on risk of coronary heart disease in Chinese. Zhang, Xiaomin; He, Mei-An; Cheng, Longxian; Zhou, Li; Zeng, Hesong; Wang, Jing; Wang, Feng; Chen, Y 4575
Log-PCR: a new tool for immediate and cost-effective diagnosis of up to 85% of Ddstrophin gene mutations. Trimarco, Amelia; Torella, Annalaura; Piluso, Giulio; Ventriglia, Vega Maria; Politano, Luisa; Nigro 5312
MicroRNA signatures as diagnostic and therapeutic targets. Waldman, Scott A.; Terzic, Andre 1146
Modified HPLC-electrospray ionization/mass spectrometry method for [Hba.sub.1c] based on IFCC reference measurement procedure. Kaiser, Patricia; Akerboom, Theodorus; Molnar, Petra; Reinauer, Hans 2817
Monomeric calgranulins measured by SELDI-TOF mass spectrometry and calprotectin measured by ELISA as biomarkers in arthritis. de Seny, Dominique; Fillet, Marianne; Ribbens, Clio; Maree, Raphael; Meuwis, Marie-Alice; Lutteri, L 6969
Plasma PCSK9 concentrations correlate with LDL and total cholesterol in diabetic patients and are decreased by fenofibrate treatment. Lambert, Gilles; Ancellin, Nicolas; Charlton, Francesca; Comas, Daniel; Pilot, Julia; Keech, Anthony Clinical report 4466
Protein microarrays address the elephant in the room. Kattah, Michael G.; Utz, Paul J.; Balboni, Imelda 1586
Rapid and sensitive detection of BRCA1/2 mutations in a diagnostic setting: comparison of two high-resolution melting platforms. De Leeneer, Kim; Coene, Ilse; Poppe, Bruce; De Paepe, Anne; Claes, Kathleen 4400
Rapid determination of monozygous twinning with a microfabricated capillary array electrophoresis genetic-analysis device. Yeung, Stephanie H.I.; Medintz, Igor L.; Greenspoon, Susan A.; Mathies, Richard A. 2741
Rapid real-time PCR detection of H[P.sup.del] directly from diluted blood samples. Soejima, Mikiko; Koda, Yoshiro Letter to the editor 1100
Single-step scalable-throughput molecular screening for Huntington disease. Teo, Clara R.; Wang, Wen; Law, Hai Yang; Lee, Caroline G.; Chong, Samuel S. 4932
Standardization of C-peptide measurements. Little, Randie R.; Rohlfing, Curt L.; Tennill, Alethea L.; Madsen, Richard W.; Polonsky, Kenneth S.; 2355
The perfect storm: obesity, adipocyte dysfunction, and metabolic consequences. Ferranti, Sarah de; Mozaffarian, Dariush 8195
Unexpected hemoglobin a results after an erythrocyte exchange: importance of specimen mixing. Sullivan, Megan E.; Carolan, Anna; Perkins, James T.; Check, Irene J. Letter to the editor 941

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