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Articles from Clinical Chemistry (January 1, 2008)

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A critical appraisal of current practice in the detection, analysis, and reporting of cryoglobulins. Vermeersch, Pieter; Gijbels, Koenraad; Marien, Godelieve; Lunn, Rod; Egner, William; White, Peter; B Survey 2134
Adrenomedullin blood concentrations in infants subjected to cardiopulmonary bypass: correlation with monitoring parameters and prediction of poor neurological outcome. Florio, Pasquale; Abella, Raul; Marinoni, Emanuela; Di Iorio, Romolo; Letizia, Claudio; Meli, Marco; 2332
Analytical validation of serum proteomic profiling for diagnosis of prostate cancer: sources of sample bias. 5317
Are clinical laboratories prepared for accurate testing of 25-hydroxy vitamin D? Singh, Ravinder J. Letter to the editor 952
Arsenic speciation analysis in human saliva. Yuan, Chungang; Lu, Xiufen; Oro, Nicole; Wang, Zhongwen; Xia, Yajuan; Wade, Timothy J.; Mumford, Jud 5898
Association of changes in oxidative and proinflammatory states with changes in vascular function after a lifestyle modification trial among obese children. Kelishadi, Roya; Hashemi, Mohammad; Mohammadifard, Noushin; Asgary, Sedigheh; Khavarian, Noushin 4792
Association of cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) mutation/variant/haplotype and tumor necrosis factor (TNF) promoter polymorphism in hyperlipidemic pancreatitis. Chang, Yu-Ting; Chang, Ming-Chu; Su, Ta-Chen; Liang, Po-Chin; Su, Yi-Ning; Kuo, Chun-Hung; Wei, Shu- 5237
Biological variation of myeloperoxidase. Dednam, Marita; Vorster, Barend Christiaan; Ubbink, Johan Bernard Letter to the editor 1069
Clinical Chemistry: a glimpse into the future. Rifai, Nader 1165
David Bruns: an editor for all reasons. Burtis, Carl A. 610
Drug monitoring and toxicology (DMT). Neale, Sarah; Brown, Anne; Jeffery, Jinny; Ayling, Ruth M. Letter to the editor 627
Erythrocyte fatty acid composition and the metabolic syndrome: a National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute GOLDN study. Kabagambe, Edmond K.; Tsai, Michael Y.; Hopkins, Paul N.; Ordovas, Jose M.; Peacock, James M.; Borec Clinical report 7036
Evaluation of a fully automated serum assay for total N-terminal propeptide of type I collagen in postmenopausal osteoporosis. Garnero, Patrick; Vergnaud, Philippe; Hoyle, Nicholas Clinical report 5615
Excretion of methamphetamine and amphetamine in human sweat following controlled oral metamphetamine administration. Barnes, Allan J.; Smith, Michael L.; Kacinko, Sherri L.; Schwilke, Eugene W.; Cone, Edward J.; Moolc Clinical report 6484
False-positive rates for the qualitative analysis of urine benzodiazepines and metabolites with the reformulated Abbott Multigent[TM] reagents. Lum, Gifford; Mushlin, Barry; Farney, Linda Letter to the editor 866
Fasting versus nonfasting triglycerides and the prediction of cardiovascular risk: do we need to revisit the oral triglyceride tolerance test? Ridger, Paul M 2284
Fasting versus nonfasting triglycerides: implications for laboratory measurements. Warnick, G. Russell; Nakajima, Katsuyuki 1939
Fifty-eight years of hemoglobin analysis. Brennan, Stephen O. 1844
Hexaprimer amplification refractory mutation system PCR for simultaneous single-tube genotyping of 2 close polymorphisms. Piccioli, Patrizia; Serra, Martina; Pedemonte, Simona; Balbi, Giuseppe; Loiacono, Fabrizio; Lastraio Letter to the editor 1211
High-throughput genotyping of oncogenic human papilloma viruses with MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry. Soderlund-Strand, Anna; Dillner, Joakim; Carlson, Joyce 4339
Inflammation in atherosclerosis: from vascular biology to biomarker discovery and risk prediction. Packard, Rene R.S.; Libby, Peter 11409
Influence of 5,10-methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase polymorphism on whole-blood folate concentrations measured by LC-MS/MS, microbiologic assay, and Bio-Rad radioassay. Fazili, Zia; Pfeiffer, Christine M.; Zhang, Mindy; Jain, Ram B.; Koontz, Deborah 3204
Inherited chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: new selective-sequencing workup for [[alpha].sub.1]-antitrypsin deficiency identifies 2 previously unidentified null alleles. Prins, Janke; van der Meijden, Brenda B.; Kraaijenhagen, Rob J.; Wielders, Jos P.M. 5631
Mass spectrometry: a tool for enhanced detection of hemoglobin variants. Kleinert, Peter; Schmid, Marlis; Zurbriggen, Karin; Speer, Oliver; Schmugge, Markus; Roschitzki, Ber 5344
Mismeasure of C-type natriuretic peptide. Nielsen, Soeren Junge; Rehfeld, Jens F.; Goetze, Jens Peter Letter to the editor 922
Nanogold catalysis-based immunoresonance-scattering spectral assay for trace complement component 3. Zhiliang, Jiang; Wenxing, Huang; Jiangping, Li; Mingshun, Li; Aihui, Liang; Shengsen, Zhang; Bing, C 4947
P-selectin--coated microtube for enrichment of [CD34.sup.+] hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells from human bone marrow. Narasipura, Srinivas D.; Wojciechowski, Joel; Charles, Nichola; Liesveld, Jane L.; King, Michael R. 4392
Persistent low concentration of human chorionic gonadotropin in a nonpregnant woman. McCudden, Christopher R.; Willis, Monte S.; Grenache, David G. 3009
Plasma concentration of heat shock protein 27 and risk of cardiovascular disease: a prospective, nested case- control study. Kardys, Isabella; Rifai, Nader; Meilhac, Olivier; Michel, Jean-Baptiste; Martin-Ventura, Jose Luis; Clinical report 5790
Plasma fatty acid-binding protein 4 increases with renal dysfunction in type 2 diabetic patients without microalbuminuria. Cabre, Anna; Lazaro, Iolanda; Girona, Josefa; Manzanares, Josep M.; Marimon, Francesc; Plana, Nuria; 3962
Preanalytical influences in clinical proteomic studies: raising awareness of fundamental issues in sample banking. Banks, Rosamonde E. 1458
Putting the "bio" back into biomarkers: orienting Proteomic discovery toward biology and away from the measurement platform. Liotta, Lance A.; Petricoin, Emanuel F. 2108
Quadruplex genotyping of F5, F2, and MTHFR variants in a single closed tube by high-resolution amplicon melting. Seipp, Michael T.; Pattison, David; Durtschi, Jacob D.; Jama, Mohamed; Voelkerding, Karl V.; Wittwer 4211
Reactivity of urinary albumin (microalbumin) assays with fragmented or modified albumin. Sviridov, Denis; Drake, Steven K.; Hortin, Glen L. 5034
Screening using serum percentage of carbohydrate-deficient transferrin for congenital disorders of glycosylation in children with suspected metabolic disease. Perez-Cerda, Celia; Quelhas, Dulce; Vega, Ana I.; Ecay, Jesus; Vilarinho, Laura; Ugarte, Magdalena 4454
SELDI-TOF MS whole serum proteomic profiling with IMAC surface does not reliably detect prostate cancer. Clinical report 5762
Stability of thiopurine metabolites: a potential analytical bias. de Graaf, Peer; de Boer, Nanne K.H.; Jharap, Bindia; Mulder, Chris J.J.; van Bodegraven, Ad A.; Veld Letter to the editor 1201
Statistical evaluation of prognostic versus diagnostic models: beyond the ROC curve. Cook, Nancy R. 4418
Unbound bilirubin: a better predictor of kernicterus? Wennberg, Richard 848
Use of single-value protein compensation of the Jaffe creatinine assay contributes to clinically significant inaccuracy in results. Parry, David M. Letter to the editor 1199
Variability of serial lipoprotein-associated phospholipase [A.sub.2] measurements in post-myocardial infarction patients: results from the AIRGENE study center Augsburg. Khuseyinova, Natalie; Greven, Sonja; Ruckerl, Regina; Trischler, Gerlinde; Loewel, Hannelore; Peters Clinical report 5102

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