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Articles from Clinical Chemistry (July 1, 2007)

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6-thioguanine nucleotide--adapted azathioprine therapy does not lead to higher remission rates than standard therapy in chronic active crohn disease: Results from a randomized, controlled, open trial. Reinshagen, Max; Schutz, Ekkehard; Armstrong, Victor W.; Behrens, Christoph; Von Tirpitz, Christian; 5347
A case for integrated morphomolecular diagnostic pathologists. Salto-Tellez, Manuel 1480
A model for an uncertainty budget for preanalytical variables in clinical chemistry analyses. Rynning, Marit; Wentzel-Larsen, Tore; Bolann, Bjorn J. 4647
A novel method of tissue collection and storage: validation using SELDI-TOF MS analysis. Machaalani, Rita; Arlotto, Marie; Waters, Karen A.; Gozal, Evelyne; Berger, Francois; Dematteis, Mau Letter to the editor 1139
Agreement in breast cancer classification between microarray and quantitative reverse transcription PCR from fresh-frozen and formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissues. Mullins, Michael; Perreard, Laurent; Quackenbush, John F.; Gauthier, Nicholas; Bayer, Steven; Ellis, 4897
Association between helicobacter pylori related peptic ulcer tissue and somatic mitochondrial DNA mutations. Lee, Soong; Shine, Myung-Geun; Joe, Won-Hyeong; Kim, Mi-Ji; Kim, Hye-Ran; Lee, Wan-Sik; Park, Dong-H Letter to the editor 1424
B-type natriuretic peptide concentrations predict the progression of nondiabetic chronic kidney disease: The mild-to-moderate kidney disease study. Spanaus, Katharina-susanne; Kronenberg, Florian; Ritz, Eberhard; Schlapbach, Ralph; Fliser, Danilo; Clinical report 6294
Characterization of immune reactivity profiles using microarray technology may expedite identification of candidate antigens for next generation malaria vaccines. Parekh, Falgunee K.; Richie, Thomas L. 2085
Chip-based genotyping: translation of pharmacogenetic research to clinical practice. von Ahsen, Nicolas; Oellerich, Michael 1497
Comparison of brain natriuretic peptide (BNP) and amino-terminal proBNP for early diagnosis of heart failure. Emdin, Michele; Passino, Claudio; Prontera, Concetta; Fontana, Marianna; Poletti, Roberta; Gabutti, 5508
Concentrations of TIMPI mRNA splice variants and TIMP- I protein are differentially associated with prognosis in primary breast cancer. Sieuwerts, Anieta M.; Usher, Pernille A.; Gelder, Marion E. Meijer-Van; Timmermans, Mieke; Martens, 6256
Digoxin-like immunoreactive factors induce apoptosis in human acute T-cell lymphoblastic leukemia. Ihenetu, Kenneth; Qazzaz, Hassan M.; Crespo, Fabian; Fernandez-Botran, Rafael; Valdes, Roland, Jr. 4671
EQUAL-qual: a European program for external quality assessment of genomic DNA extraction and PCR amplification. Orlando, Claudio; Verderio, Paolo; Maatman, Ronald; Danneberg, Jan; Ramsden, Simon; Neumaier, Michae 5147
Errors in a stat laboratory: types and frequencies 10 years later. Carraro, Paolo; Plebani, Mario 3634
Estimation of warfarin maintenance dose based on VKORC1 (-1639 G>A) and CYP2C9 genotypes. Zhu, Yusheng; Shennan, Michael; Reynolds, Kristen K.; Johnson, Nancy A.; Herrnberger, Matthew R.; Va 4843
Feature construction can improve diagnostic criteria for high-dimensional metabolic data in newborn screening for medium-chain Acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency. Ho, Sirikit; Lukacs, Zoltan; Hoffmann, Georg F.; Lindner, Martin; Wetter, Thomas 5769
High concentrations of soluble P-selectin are associated with risk of venous thromboembolism and the P-selectin Thr75 variant. Ay, Cihan; Jungbauer, Lea V.; Sailer, Thomas; Tengler, Theres; Koder, Silvia; Kaider, Alexandra; Pan 6194
High-throughput quantitative profiling of serum N-glycome by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry and N-glycomic fingerprint of liver fibrosis. Kam, Richard K.T.; Poon, Terence C.W.; Chan, Henry L.Y.; Wong, Nathalie; Hui, Alex Y.; Sung, Joseph 6222
Hybridization probe genotyping of the R67X nonsense polymorphism in the protein z-dependent protease inhibitor reveals a new R67Q mutation. Burggraf, Siegfried; Dorhofer, Barbara; Olgemoller, Bernhard Letter to the editor 973
Identifying common genetic variants by high-resolution melting. Vandersteen, Joshua G.; Bayrak-Toydemir, Pinar; Palais, Robert A.; Wittwer, Carl T. 4796
Increased plasma concentrations of soluble CD40 ligand in acute coronary syndrome depend on in vitro platelet activation. Ivandic, Boris T.; Spanuth, Eberhard; Haase, Detlef; Lestin, Heiko-Gundmar; Katus, Hugo A. 2357
Increased serum lipoprotein(a) concentrations and low molecular weight phenotypes of apolipoprotein(a) are associated with symptomatic peripheral arterial disease. Dieplinger, Benjamin; Lingenhel, Arno; Baumgartner, Nadja; Poelz, Werner; Dieplinger, Hans; Haltmaye 6282
Intraindividual stability of human erythrocyte cholinesterase activity. Lefkowitz, Lee J.; Kupina, Joseph M.; Hirth, Nigel L.; Henry, Rachel M.; Noland, Georgia Y.; Barbee, 3584
Magnetic control of an electrochemical microfluidic device with an arrayed immunosensor for simultaneous multiple immunoassays. Tang, Dianping; Yuan, Ruo; Chai, Yaqin 4023
Mass spectral determination of fasting tear glucose concentrations in nondiabetic volunteers. Baca, Justin T.; Taormina, Christopher R.; Feingold, Eleanor; Finegold, David N.; Grabowski, Joseph 2095
Microtransponder-based multiplex assay for genotyping cystic fibrosis. Xin, Lin; Flint, James A.; Azaro, Marco; Coradetti, Thomas; Kopacka, Wesley M.; Streck, Deanna L.; Z 3950
Misleading glycated hemoglobin results in a patient with hemoglobin SC disease. Wang, Yihong; Beckwith, Bruce; Smith, Christopher; Horowitz, Gary Letter to the editor 1033
Multiplex assay for comprehensive genotyping of genes involved in drug metabolism, excretion, and transport. Daly, Thomas M.; Dumaual, Carmen M.; Miao, Xin; Farmen, Mark W.; Njau, Reuben K.; Fu, Dong-Ding; Bau 4560
Optimal markers for real-time quantitative reverse transcription PCR detection of circulating tumor cells from melanoma, breast, colon, esophageal, head and neck, and lung cancers. Xi, Liqiang; Nicastri, Daniel G.; El-Hefnawy, Talal; Hughes, Steven J.; Luketich, James D.; Godfrey, 6340
Optimization of high-resolution melting analysis for low-cost and rapid screening of allelic variants of bacillus anthracis by multiple-locus variable-number tandem repeat analysis. Fortini, Daniela; Ciammaruconi, Andrea; De Santis, Riccardo; Fasanella, Antonio; Battisti, Antonio; 2446
Possible biohazard risk from infectious tissue and culture cells preserved with RNAlater[TM]. Kurth, Andreas Letter to the editor 1054
Profiling the antibody immune response against blood stage malaria vaccine candidates. Gray, Julian C.; Corran, Patrick H.; Mangia, Elena; Gaunt, Michael W.; Li, Qiuxiang; Tetteh, Kevin K 5219
Quantification of alkylresorcinol metabolites in urine by HPLC with coulometric electrode array detection. Koskela, Anja; Linko-Parvinen, Anna-Maria; Hiisivuori, Perttu; Samaletdin, Adile; Kamal-Eldin, Afaf; 2505
Rapid 2nd-tier test for measurement of 3-OH-propionic and methylmalonic acids on dried blood spots: reducing the false-positive rate for propionylcarnitine during expanded newborn screening by liquid chromatography--tandem mass spectrometry. La Marca, Giancarlo; Malvagia, Sabrina; Pasquini, Elisabetta; Innocenti, Marzia; Donati, Maria Alice 3054
Sample number and denaturation time are crucial for the accuracy of capillary-based LightCyclers. von Kanel, Thomas; Adolf, Florentin; Schneider, Mircea; Sanz, Javier; Gallati, Sabina Letter to the editor 1069
Selected exonic sequencing of the AGXT gene provides a genetic diagnosis in 50% of patients with primary hyperoxaluria type I. Williams, Emma; Rumsby, Gill 4657
Unequal concentrations of free [T.sub.3] and free [T.sub.4] after ultrafiltration. Fritz, Kristofer S.; Weiss, Rene M.; Nelson, Jerald C.; Wilcox, R. Bruce Letter to the editor 1123
Unraveling the complexity of circulating forms of brain natriuretic peptide. Gundry, Rebekah L.; Van Eyk, Jennifer E. 1981

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