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Articles from Clinical Chemistry (January 1, 2007)

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[gamma]-glutamyltransferase as a predictor of chronic kidney disease in nonhypertensive and nondiabetic Korean men. Ryu, Seungho; Chang, Yoosoo; Kim, Dong-Il; Kim, Won Sool; Suh, Byung-Seong 5947
A novel proximal -13914G>A base replacement in the vicinity of the common-13910T/C lactase gene variation results in an atypical LightCycler melting curve in testing with the mutareal lactase test. Tag, Carmen G.; Schifflers, Marie-Claire; Mohnen, Monika; Gressner, Axel M.; Weiskirchen, Ralf Letter to the editor 1043
Antenatal biochemical expression of cystinuria and relation to fetal hyperechogenic colon. Benoist, Jean-Francois; Imbard, Apolline; Dreux, Sophie; Garel, Catherine; Haddad, Georges; Hoffet, Letter to the editor 1107
Candidate gene genotypes, along with conventional risk factor assessment, improve estimation of coronary heart disease risk in healthy UK men. Humphries, Steve E.; Cooper, Jackie A.; Talmud, Philippa J.; Miller, George J. Clinical report 6935
Changes in biochemical markers after lower limb fractures. Stoffel, Karl; Engler, Hanna; Kuster, Markus; Riesen, Walter Clinical report 2413
Coexistence of (partial) immune defects and risk of recurrent respiratory infections. Bossuyt, Xavier; Moens, Leen; Van Hoeyveld, Erna; Jeurissen, Axel; Bogaert, Guy; Sauer, Kate; Proesm 5158
Detection of epidermal growth factor receptor variations by partially denaturing HPLC. Chin, Tan Min; Anuar, Diyanah; Soo, Ross; Salto-tellez, Manuel; Li, Wei Qi; Ahmad, Baidah; Lee, Soo 4902
Detection of monoclonal proteins by capillary zone electrophoresis: comparison of 2 multichannel automated systems. Bossuyt, Xavier; Marien, Godelieve Letter to the editor 827
Endothelial nitric oxide synthase haplotypes are associated with features of metabolic syndrome. Gonzalez-Sanchez, Jose L.; Martinez-Larrad, Maria T.; Saez, Maria E.; Zabena, Carina; Martinez-Calat Survey 5309
Enzyme assays: high-throughput screening, genetic selection, and fingerprinting. Ryan, Thomas J. 639
Evolving paradigms of clinical pathology resident education and consultation. Rinder, Henry; Smith, Brian R. 1126
Ex vivo simulation of drug action: quantification of drug-induced mrna as a bridge between preclinical and clinical trials. Mitsuhashi, Masato Letter to the editor 613
Factitious diarrhea induced by stimulant laxatives: accuracy of diagnosis by a clinical reference laboratory using thin layer chromatography. Shelton, Joseph H.; Ana, Carol A. Santa; Thompson, Donald R.; Emmett, Michael; Fordtran, John S. 4089
Hemoglobin constant spring can interfere with glycated hemoglobin measurements by boronate affinity chromatography. Roberts, William L. Letter to the editor 1011
High-volume extraction of nucleic acids by magnetic bead technology for ultrasensitive detection of bacteria in blood components. Stormer, Melanie; Kleesiek, Knut; Dreier, Jens 5020
Innate immune response by ficolin binding in apoptotic placenta is associated with the clinical syndrome of preeclampsia. Chi Chiu Wang; Ka Wing Yim; Poon, Terence C.W.; Kwong Wai Choy; Ching Yan Chu; Wai Ting Lui; Tze Kin 5163
Instrument comparison for heterozygote scanning of single and double heterozygotes: a correction and extension of Herrmann et al., Clin Chem 2006;52:494-503. Herrmann, Mark G.; Durtschi, Jacob D.; Bromley, L. Kathryn; Wittwer, Carl T.; Voelkerding, Karl V. Letter to the editor 694
Lipocalin-2 is an inflammatory marker closely associated with obesity, insulin resistance, and hyperglycemia in humans. Wang, Yu; Lam, Karen S.L.; Kraegen, Edward W.; Sweeney, Gary; Zhang, Jialiang; Tso, Annette W.K.; Ch 5804
Lipocalins and insulin resistance: etiological role of retinol-binding protein 4 and lipocalin-2? van Dam, Rob M.; Hu, Frank B. 1952
MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry for multiplex genotyping of CYP2B6 single-nucleotide polymorphisms. Blievernicht, Julia K.; Schaeffeler, Elke; Klein, Kathrin; Eichelbaum, Michel; Schwab, Matthias; Zan 6164
Mass spectrometric detection of an SNP panel as an internal positive control for fetal DNA analysis in maternal plasma. Chow, Katherine C.K.; Chiu, Rossa W.K.; Tsui, Nancy B.Y.; Ding, Chunming; Lau, Tze K.; Leung, Tse N. Letter to the editor 1288
Medicinal Chemistry of Bioactive Natural Products. Millington, Karmaine; Okorodudu, Anthony O. 220
Methylmercury measurement in whole blood by isotope-dilution GC-ICPMS with 2 sample preparation methods. Baxter, Douglas C.; Rodushkin, Ilia; Engstrom, Emma; Klockare, Dennis; Waara, Hans Clinical report 4273
Microchip capillary electrophoresis for point-of-care analysis of lithium. Vrouwe, Elwin X.; Luttge, Regina; Vermes, Istvan; Van Den Berg, Albert 4289
Molecular beacon-based temperature control and automated analyses for improved resolution of melting temperature analysis using SYBR I green chemistry. Nellaker, Christoffer; Wallgren, Ulf; Karlsson, Hakan 2577
Online database for documenting clinical pathology resident education. Hoofnagle, Andrew N.; Chou, David; Astion, Michael L. 2088
Opportunity available for volunteer in country of Bhutan. Bruns, David E. 135
Potential utility of plasma fatty acid analysis in the diagnosis of cystic fibrosis. Batal, Ibrahim; Ericsoussi, Mhd-Bassel; Cluette-Brown, Joanne E.; O'Sullivan, Brian P.; Freedman, St 4347
Praise for J. Stanton King. Bruns, David E. Excerpt 206
Prolonged frozen storage of urine reduces the value of albuminuria for mortality prediction. Brinkman, Jacoline W.; de Zeeuw, Dick; Gansevoort, Ronald T.; Duker, Jacko J.; Kema, Ido P.; de Jong Letter to the editor 1122
Quantitative high-resolution CpG island mapping with pyrosequencing[TM] reveals disease-specific methylation patterns of the CDKN2B gene in myelodysplastic syndrome and myeloid leukemia. Brakensiek, Kai; Wingen, Luzie U.; Langer, Florian; Kreipe, Hans; Lehmann, Ulrich 3848
Real-Time RT-PCR quantification of human telomerase reverse transcriptase splice variants in tumor cell lines and non-small cell lung cancer. Mavrogiannou, Eleni; Strati, Areti; Stathopoulou, Aliki; Tsaroucha, Emily G.; Kaklamanis, Loukas; Li 5724
Serum [gamma]-glutamyltransferase and risk of disease. Whitfield, John B. 2022
Tandem mass spectrometry for the direct assay of enzymes in dried blood spots: application to newborn screening for mucopolysaccharidosis II (hunter disease). Wang, Ding; Wood, Tim; Sadilek, Martin; Scott, C. Ronald; Turecek, Frantisek; Gelb, Michael H. 2230
To mix with pooled normal plasma or not to mix: a comparative study of 2 approaches for assessing lupus anticoagulant inhibitory activity in the dilute russell viper venom method. Aboud, Margaret; Roddie, Clair; Ward, Christopher; Coyle, Luke Letter to the editor 1237
Upconversion fluorescence enables homogeneous immunoassay in whole blood. Kuningas, Katri; Pakkila, Henna; Ukonaho, Telle; Rantanen, Terhi; Lovgren, Timo; Soukka, Tero Letter to the editor 1085

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