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Articles from Clinical Chemistry (October 1, 2006)

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A multiplex assay for the detection and mapping of complex glycerol kinase deficiency. Klein, Roger D.; Thorland, Erik C.; Gonzales, Patrick R.; Beck, Patricia A.; Dykas, Daniel J.; McGra 3911
A prospective analysis of the prognostic value of biomarkers (FibroTest) in patients with chronic hepatitis C. Ngo, Yen; Munteanu, Mona; Messous, Djamila; Charlotte, Frederic; Imbert-Bismut, Francoise; Thabut, D 6729
Apolipoprotein A5 S19W may play a role in dysbetalipoproteinemia in patients with the apo E2/E2 genotype. Martin-Campos, Jesus M.; Rico, Naira; Bonet, Rosa; Mayoral, Carme; Ordonez-Llanos, Jordi; Blanco-Vac Letter to the editor 1014
Children's Hospital Boston names first Chair of Laboratory Medicine. Bruns, David E. 99
Circulating cell-free DNA in plasma/serum of lung cancer patients as a potential screening and prognostic tool. Pathak, Ashutosh K.; Bhutani, Manisha; Kumar, Sachin; Mohan, Anant; Guleria, Randeep Clinical report 7924
Cocaethylene affects human microvascular endothelial cell p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase activation and nuclear factor-[kappa]B DNA-binding activity. Tacker, Danyel Hermes; Herzog, Norbert K.; Okorodudu, Anthony O. 4780
Comparison of DNA array platform vs DNA sequencing as genetic diagnosis tools for familial hypercholesterolemia. Tejedor, Diego; Castillo, Sergio; Mozas, Pilar; Jimenez, Elisa; Lopez, Monica; Tejedor, M. Teresa; A Letter to the editor 1094
Correction. Correction notice 134
Definition of an XML markup language for clinical laboratory procedures and comparison with generic XML markup. Saadawi, Gilan M.; Harrison, James H., Jr. 5983
False reduction in serum methadone concentrations by BD Vacutainer[R] serum separator tubes (SST[TM]). Berk, Steven I.; Litwin, Alain H.; Du, Yunling; Cruikshank, Greg; Gourevitch, Marc N.; Arnsten, Juli Letter to the editor 1054
First international proficiency study on West Nile virus molecular detection. Niedrig, Matthias; Linke, Sonja; Zeller, Herve; Drosten, Christian Report 2858
Genotype-specific signal generation based on digestion of 3-way DNA junctions: application to KRAS variation detection. Amicarelli, Giulia; Adlerstein, Daniel; Shehi, Erlet; Wang, Fengfei; Makrigiorgos, G. Mike 5481
How to measure creatinine. Bruns, David E. 356
In situ amplified chemiluminescent detection of DNA and immunoassay of IgG using special-shaped gold nanoparticles as label. Wang, Zhouping; Hu, Jiangiang; Jin, Yan; Yao, Xin; Li, Jinghong 2904
Increased serum concentrations of pigment epithelium-derived factor in patients with end-stage renal disease. Motomiya, Yoshihiro; Yamagishi, Sho-ichi; Adachi, Hisashi; Abe, Akio Letter to the editor 1231
Information for authors: is the advice regarding the reporting of residuals in regression analysis incomplete? Should Cook's distance be included? Henderson, A. Ralph 1656
Laboratory errors in context. Bruns, David E. Reprint 444
Landmark Papers in Clinical Chemistry. Doumas, Basil T. 770
Lipids and Atherosclerosis (Advances in Translational Medical Science). Remaley, Alan T. 410
Macro thyrotropin-IgG complex causes factitious increases in thyroid-stimulating hormone screening tests in a neonate and mother. Halsall, David J.; Fahie-Wilson, Michael N.; Hall, S. Kate; Barker, Peter; Anderson, Janet; Gama, Ro Letter to the editor 1558
Multilectin affinity chromatography for characterization of multiple glycoprotein biomarker candidates in serum from breast cancer patients. Yang, Ziping; Harris, Lyndsay E.; Palmer-Toy, Darryl E.; Hancock, William S. 6174
Obituary: Arthur Ralph Henderson (1932-2006). Goldberg, David M. Obituary 745
Performance and clinical utility of a commercial von Willebrand factor collagen binding assay for laboratory diagnosis of Von Willebrand disease. Popov, Joanna; Zhukov, Olga; Ruden, Susan; Zeschmann, Terry; Sferruzza, Anthony; Sahud, Mervyn 2120
Postanalytical external quality assessment of warfarin monitoring in primary healthcare. Kristoffersen, Ann-Helen; Thue, Geir; Sandberg, Sverre 4662
Pro 12Ala sequence variant of the PPARG Gene is associated with postprandial hypertriglyceridemia in non-E3/E3 patients with the metabolic syndrome. Cardona, Fernando; Morcillo, Sonsoles; Gonzalo-Marin, Montserrat; Garrido-Sanchez, Lourdes; Macias-G 4965
Protease inhibitor-associated dyslipidemia in HIV-infected patients is strongly influenced by the APOA5-1131T [right arrow] C gene variation. Guardiola, Montse; Ferre, Raimon; Salazar, Juliana; Alonso-Villaverde, Carlos; Coll, Blai; Parra, Sa 3598
Proteomic analysis of cerebrospinal fluid changes related to postmortem interval. Finehout, Erin J.; Franck, Zsofia; Relkin, Norman; Lee, Kelvin H. Clinical report 4262
Quality assessment of CoaguChek point-of-care prothrombin time monitors: comparison of the European community--approved procedure and conventional external quality assessment. Poller, Leon; Keown, Michelle; Ibrahim, Saied A.; van der Meer, Felix J.M.; van den Besselaar, Anton 3793
Quantification by liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry of mycophenolic acid and its phenol and acyl glucuronide metabolites. Brandhorst, Gunnar; Streit, Frank; Goetze, Sandra; Oellerich, Michael; Armstrong, Victor William 2231
Successful Women in Chemistry, Corporate America's Contribution to Science. Reed, Roberta 474
Textbook of Biochemistry with Clinical Correlations, Sixth Edition. Bennett, Michael J. 532
The C-reactive protein +1444C/T alteration modulates the inflammation and coagulation response in human endotoxemia. Marsik, Claudia; Sunder-Plassmann, Raute; Jilma, Bernd; Kovar, Florian M.; Mannhalter, Christine; Wa 4297
The relationships of plasma adiponectin with a favorable lipid profile, decreased inflammation, and less ectopic fat accumulation depend on adiposity. Kantartzis, Konstantinos; Rittig, Killian; Balletshofer, Bernd; Machann, Jurgen; Schick, Fritz; Poru 6179
Unfavorable prognostic value of human kallikrein 7 quantified by ELISA in ovarian cancer cytosols. Shan, Shannon J.C.; Scorilas, Andreas; Katsaros, Dionyssios; de la Longrais, Irene Rigault; Massobri 4636

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