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Articles from Clinical Chemistry (November 1, 2006)

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A magnetic immunochromatographic strip test for detection of human papillomavirus 16 E6. Peck, Roger B.; Schweizer, Johannes; Weigl, Bernhard H.; Somoza, Chamorro; Silver, Jon; Sellors, Joh 1258
A systematic method for selection of promising serum protein biomarkers to improve prostate cancer ([PCa.sup.1]) detection. Finlay, Judith A.; Klee, Eric W.; McDonald, Cari; Attewell, John R.; Hebrink, Deanne; Dyer, Roy; Lov 1914
Adiponectin and leptin in maternal serum, cord blood, and breast milk. Weyermann, Maria; Beermann, Christopher; Brenner, Hermann; Rothenbacher, Dietrich 6448
An innovative, flow-assisted, noncompetitive chemiluminescent immunoassay for the detection of pathogenic bacteria. Magliulo, Maria; Roda, Barbara; Zattoni, Andrea; Michelini, Elisa; Luciani, Mirella; Lelli, Rossella 2325
Application of liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry technology for early detection of microalbuminuria in patients with kidney disease. Babic, N.; Larson, T.S.; Grebe, S.K.; Turner, S.T.; Kumar, R.; Singh, R.J. 2172
Association of adiponectin gene variations with risk of incident myocardial infarction and ischemic stroke: a nested case-control study. Hegener, Hillary H.; Lee, I-Min; Cook, Nancy R.; Ridker, Paul M.; Zee, Robert Y.L. 4735
Bioinformatics methods for prioritizing serum biomarker candidates. Klee, Eric W.; Finlay, Judith A.; McDonald, Cari; Attewell, John R.; Hebrink, Deanne; Dyer, Roy; Lov 2057
Cell-free DNA is more sensitive than cell-free mRNA as a marker for evaluation of fetal-maternal hemorrhage. Miura, Kiyonori; Yoshiura, Koh-ichiro; Miura, Shoko; Yamasaki, Kentaro; Nakayama, Daisuke; Ishimaru, Letter to the editor 1142
Chip electrophoresis as a method for quantifying total microalbuminuria. Chan, Owen T.M.; Herold, David A. 3601
Choline concentration in normal blood donor and cardiac troponin-positive plasma samples. Adamczyk, Maciej; Brashear, R. Jeffrey; Mattingly, Phillip G. Letter to the editor 1057
Circulating proteasomes are functional and have a subtype pattern distinct from 20S proteasomes in major blood cells. Zoeger, Annette; Blau, Michael; Egerer, Karl; Feist, Eugen; Dahlmann, Burkhardt 4174
Component analysis of HPLC profiles of unique lipoprotein subclass cholesterols for detection of coronary artery disease. Okazaki, Mitsuyo; Usui, Shinichi; Fukui, Akio; Kubota, Isao; Tomoike, Hitonobu 3403
Detection of exon deletions within an entire gene (CFTR) by relative quantification on the LightCycler. Schneider, Mircea; Joncourt, Franziska; Sanz, Javier; von Kanel, Thomas; Gallati, Sabina 5519
Development and preliminary clinical validation of a high sensitivity assay for cardiac troponin using a capillary flow (single molecule) fluorescence detector. Wu, Alan H.B.; Fukushima, Noelle; Puskas, Robert; Todd, John; Goix, Philippe 1587
Diffractive optics technology: a novel detection technology for immunoassays. Borisenko, Vitali; Hu, Wei; Tam, Pui; Chen, Irene; Houle, Jean-Francois; Ausserer, Walter 1600
Direct-tissue SELDI-TOF mass spectrometry analysis: a new application for clinical proteomics. Bouamrani, Ali; Ternier, Jessica; Ratel, David; Benabid, Alim-Louis; Issartel, Jean-Paul; Brambilla, 2174
DNA-programmed chemistry in rapid homogeneous assays for DNA and protein targets. Haff, Lawrence A.; Wilson, Christopher G.M.; Huang, Yumei; Benton, Benjamin K.; Bond, Julian F.; Ste 1650
Electron spin resonance spectroscopy of serum albumin: a novel new test for cancer diagnosis and monitoring. Kazmierczak, Steven C.; Gurachevsky, Andrey; Matthes, Gert; Muravsky, Vladimir 2944
Equimolar ammonia interference in potassium measurement on the Osmetech OPTI CCA: a reply. Lin, Chao; Tusa, James K. Letter to the editor 1170
Evaluation of the efficacy of chloroform extraction of amniotic fluid bilirubin. Bornhorst, Joshua A.; Cousin, Roxann; Pili, Auono T.; Erickson, J. Alan; Ashwood, Edward R. Letter to the editor 1182
Factors affecting S-homocysteinylation of LDL apoprotein B. Zinellu, Angelo; Zinellu, Elisabetta; Sotgia, Salvatore; Formato, Marilena; Cherchi, Gian Mario; Dei 4282
Falsely low LDL cholesterol results and cholestasis. Garcia-Hejl, Carine; Vest, Philippe; Renard, Christophe; Merens-Gonthier, Audrey; Boukhira, Abderrah Letter to the editor 1195
Health outcomes categorized by current and previous definitions of acute myocardial infarction in an unselected cohort of troponin-naive emergency department patients. Kavsak, Peter A.; MacRae, Andrew R.; Palomaki, Glenn E.; Newman, Alice M.; Ko, Dennis T.; Lustig, Vi Clinical report 5837
High-speed interferometric detection of label-free immunoassays on the biological compact disc. Zhao, Ming; Nolte, David; Cho, Wonryeon; Regnier, Fred; Varma, Manoj; Lawrence, Greg; Pasqua, John 2759
Improvement of technical and analytical performance in DNA sequencing by external quality assessment-based molecular training. Dorn-Beineke, Alexandra; Ahmad-Nejad, Parviz; Pfeiffer, Ulrike; Ramsden, Simon; Pazzagli, Mario; Neu 3483
Inhibitory effects of micronized fenofibrate on carotid atherosclerosis in patients with essential hypertension. Zhu, Shiming; Su, Guohai; Meng, Qing H. 4875
Laboratory reporting of 25-hydroxyvitamin D results: potential for clinical misinterpretation. Binkley, Neil; Drezner, Marc K.; Hollis, Bruce W. Letter to the editor 1112
Lipoprotein(a) in the cerebrospinal fluid of neurological patients with blood-cerebrospinal fluid barrier dysfunction. Pepe, Gabriella; Chimienti, Guglielmina; Liuzzi, Grazia Maria; Lamanuzzi, Biagia Leila; Nardulli, Ma Clinical report 3769
Markedly increased vitamin [B.sub.12] concentrations attributable to IgG-IgM-vitamin [B.sub.12] immune complexes. Bowen, Raffick A.R.; Drake, Steven K.; Vanjani, Rachna; Huey, Edward D.; Grafman, Jordan; Horne, McD 4591
Measurement of urinary metanephrines to screen for pheochromocytoma in an unselected hospital referral population. Brain, Keith L.; Kay, Jonathan; Shine, Brian 3431
Melting of the ribosomal RNA gene reveals bacterial species identity: a step toward a new rapid test in clinical microbiology. Reischl, Udo 2124
More on reporting medical errors. Krouwer, Jan S. Letter to the editor 353
Plasma aldosterone: comparison of a new automated assay with a standard extraction method. Hartman, Deirdre; Doulton, Timothy W.; Chesters, Christine A. Sagnella, Giuseppe A.; MacGregor, Grah Letter to the editor 1101
Preparation of uric acid standard stock solution. Xinhua, Dai Letter to the editor 461
Rapid detection and identification of clinically important bacteria by high-resolution melting analysis after broad-range ribosomal RNA real-time PCR. Cheng, Ju-Chien; Huang, Chien-Ling; Lin, Chung-Ching; Chen, Chi-Ching; Chang, Yi-Chih; Chang, Shy-Sh 4717
Rapid, simple, and sensitive immunoagglutination assay with Si[O.sub.2] particles and quartz crystal microbalance for quantifying Schistosoma japonicum antibodies. Wang, Hua; Zhang, Yun; Yan, Bani; Liu, Li; Wang, Shiping; Shen, Guoli; Yu, Ruqin 4306
Real-time label-free acoustic technology for rapid detection of Escherichia coli O157:h7. Huang, Ling; Cooper, Matthew A. 2196
Reliability of thrombin generation assay on frozen-thawed platelet-rich plasma: a reply. Hezard, Nathalie; Remy, Marie-Genevieve; Florent, Bernadette; Nguyen, Philippe Letter to the editor 685
Representational fragment amplification: exponential amplification of fragmented cDNA enables multimillion-fold expression testing. Sgarlato, Gregory D.; Sussman, Howard H. 2669
Reproducibility of risk figures in 2nd-trimester maternal serum screening for Down syndrome: comparison of 2 laboratories. Benn, Peter A.; Makowski, Gregory S.; Egan, James F.X.; Wright, Dave Clinical report 3745
Single-molecule detection for femtomolar quantification of proteins in heterogeneous immunoassays. Nalefski, Eric A.; D'Antoni, Christina M.; Ferrell, Evan P.; Lloyd, Janice A.; Qiu, Haoqun; Harris, 1821
Surface-enhanced laser desorption ionization/time-of-flight mass spectrometry reveals significant artifacts in serum obtained from clot activator-containing collection devices. Pilny, Radomir; Bouchal, Pavel; Borilova, Sarka; Ceskova, Pavla; Zaloudik, Jan; Vyzula, Rostislav; V Letter to the editor 1145
Targeted gene-expression analysis by genome-controlled reverse transcription-PCR. Stenman, Jakob; Paju, Annukka; Rissanen, Oso; Tenkanen, Tuomas; Haglund, Caj; Rasanen, Jari; Salo, J 4857
Use of routinely collected amniotic fluid for whole-genome expression analysis of polygenic disorders. Nagy, Gyula Richard; Gyorffy, Balazs; Galamb, Orsolya; Molnar, Bela; Nagy, Balint; Papp, Zoltan 4983

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