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Articles from Clinical Chemistry (November 1, 2005)

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[sup.41]Ca and accelerator mass spectrometry to monitor calcium metabolism in end stage renal disease patients. Fitzgerald, Robert L.; Hillegonds, Darren J.; Burton, Douglas W.; Griffin, Terrence L.; Mullaney, Sc 6248
AACC meetings. Bruns, David E. 85
Altered distribution of transferrin isoforms according to serum storage conditions. Appenzeller, Brice M.R.; Wennig, Robert 2710
Automated assay for the determination of methylmalonic acid, total homocysteine, and related amino acids in human serum or plasma by means of methylchloroformate derivatization and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Windelberg, Amrei; Arseth, Ove; Kvalheim, Gry; Ueland, Per Magne 5089
Automated spectrophotometric analysis of mitochondrial respiratory chain complex enzyme activities in cultured skin fibroblasts. Kramer, Karen A.; Oglesbee, Devin; Hartman, Stacy J.; Huey, Joe; Anderson, Bambi; Magera, Mark J.; M Clinical report 5506
Autosampler programming for improved sample throughput in liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry. Wang, Yingwu; Zhong, Dafang; Fawcett, John Paul; Gu, Jingkai Letter to the editor 852
Bennie Zak, PhD (September 29, 1919-July 29, 2005). Artiss, Joseph D. 1389
Bioinformatics: Sequence and Genome Analysis, 2nd ed. Gollery, Martin 657
Biological variation of vitamins in blood of healthy individuals. Talwar, Dinesh K.; Azharuddin, Mohammed K.; Williamson, Cathy; Teoh, Yee Ping; McMillan, Donald C.; 4677
Cardiac troponins and renal function in nondialysis patients with chronic kidney disease. Abbas, Nasir A.; John, R. Ian; Webb, Michelle C.; Kempson, Michelle E.; Potter, Aisling N.; Price, C 6147
Characterization of publicly available lymphoblastoid cell lines for disease-associated mutations in 11 genes. Bernacki, Susan H.; Beck, Jeanne C.; Muralidharan, Kasinathan; Schaefer, Frederick V.; Shrimpton, An 3076
Circulating peptide YY concentrations are higher in preterm than full-term infants and correlate negatively with body weight and positively with serum ghrelin concentrations. Siahanidou, Tania; Mandyla, Helen; Vounatsu, Maria; Anagnostakis, Dimitris; Papassotiriou, Ioannis; 4680
Clinical applications of whole-blood PCR with real-time instrumentation. Castley, Alison; Higgins, Melinda; Ivey, John; Mamotte, Cyril; Sayer, David C.; Christiansen, Frank 3859
Comparison of protocols for extracting circulating DNA and RNA from maternal plasma. Chiu, Rossa W.K.; Lui, Wing-bong; Sheikhah, Ahmad El-; Chan, Anthony T.C.; Lau, Tze K.; Nicolaides, Letter to the editor 1163
CYP3A5 genotype does not influence the blood concentration of tacrolimus measured with the Abbott immunoassay. Moreton, Michelle; Fredericks, Salim; McKeown, Denise A.; Shiferaw, Elizabeth W.; MacPhee, Iain A.M. Letter to the editor 867
Cystatin C intrapatient variability in children with chronic kidney disease is less than serum creatinine. Sambasivan, Aarathi S.; Lepage, Nathalie; Filler, Guido Letter to the editor 1275
Decreased asialotransferrin in cerebrospinal fluid of patients with childhood-onset ataxia and central nervous system hypomyelination/ vanishing white matter disease. Vanderver, Adeline; Schiffmann, Raphael; Timmons, Margaret; Kellersberger, Katherine A.; Fabris, Dan Clinical report 5487
Determination of amniotic fluid bilirubin absorbance in specimens contaminated by blood. Dubin, Stuart B. Letter to the editor 947
Determination of asymmetric dimethylarginine: liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry or ELISA? Martens-Lobenhoffer, Jens; Westphal, Sabine; Awiszus, Friedemann; Bode-Boger, Stefanie M.; Luley, Cl 1562
Diagnostic biomarkers for stroke: a stroke neurologist's perspective. Hill, Michael D. 1306
Differences in glomerular filtration rate estimates by 2 cystatin C-based equations. Risch, Lorenz; Drexel, Heinz; Huber, Andreas R. Letter to the editor 909
Disposition of cocaine and its metabolites in human sweat after controlled cocaine administration. Kacinko, Sherri L.; Barnes, Allan J.; Schwilke, Eugene W.; Cone, Edward J.; Moolchan, Eric T.; Huest 7581
Erythrocyte riboflavin for the detection of riboflavin deficiency in pregnant Nepali women. Graham, Joanne M.; Peerson, Janet M.; Haskell, Marjorie J.; Shrestha, Ram K.; Brown, Kenneth H.; All 2921
Evaluation of Enzyme Inhibitors in Drug Discovery: A Guide for Medicinal Chemists and Pharmacologists. Rich, Daniel H. 513
Expression of COX-2 mRNA in peripheral blood monocytes from patients with acute myocardial infarction and its significance. Zhao, Shui-ping; Deng, Ping; Huang, Hongguang; Xu, Zhu-mei; Dai, Hai-ying; Hong, Shao-cai; Yang, Jun 2980
False-positive results in the detection of methadone in urines of patients treated with psychotropic substances. Lancelin, Frederique; Kraoul, Linda; Flatischler, Nadia; Brovedani-Rousset, Sophie; Piketty, Marie-L 1170
Falsely low urinary albumin concentrations after prolonged frozen storage of urine samples. Brinkman, Jacoline W.; de Zeeuw, Dick; Duker, Jacko J.; Gansevoort, Ronald T.; Kema, Ido P.; Hillege 2772
Fetal rhesus D mRNA is not detectable in maternal plasma. Chiu, Rossa W.K.; Chan, Carol W.M.; Zhong, Xiao-yan; Lapaire, Olav; Holzgreve, Wolfgang; Hahn, Sinuh Letter to the editor 1217
Genetically characterized positive control cell lines derived from residual clinical blood samples. Bernacki, Susan H.; Beck, Jeanne C.; Stankovic, Ana K.; Williams, Laurina O.; Amos, Jean; Snow-Baile 9729
Immunoquantification of [beta]-glucosidase: diagnosis and prediction of severity in Gaucher disease. Fuller, Maria; Lovejoy, Melanie; Hopwood, John J.; Meikle, Peter J. 2371
Improved sensitivity of a thyrotropin receptor antibody assay. Jensen, Esther; Petersen, Per Hyltoft; Blaaberg, Ole; Hansen, Pia Skov; Hegedus, Laszlo 1839
Investigation into the origin and tumoral mass correlation of plasma epstein-barr virus DNA in nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Chan, K.C. Allen; Chan, Anthony T.C.; Leung, Sing-Fai; Pang, Jesse C.S.; Wang, Angela Y.M.; Tong, Jo 3220
Lipoprotein(a) is an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease in heterozygous familial hypercholesterolemia. Holmes, Daniel T.; Schick, Brian A.; Humphries, Karin H.; Frohlich, Jiri 4862
Liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry analysis of erythrocyte thiopurine nucleotides and effect of thiopurine methyltransferase gene variants on these metabolites in patients receiving azathioprine/6-mercaptopurine therapy. Dervieux, Thierry; Meyer, Gary; Barham, Robert; Matsutani, Mariko; Barry, Mary; Boulieu, Roselyne; N 7371
Measurement of pro-C-Type natriuretic peptide in plasma. Nielsen, Soren Junge; Rehfeld, Jens F.; Pedersen, Frants; Kastrup, Jens; Videbaek, Regitze; Goetze, 1978
Measuring what isn't there. Heaney, Robert P. 1929
Monitoring urinary orosomucoid in acute inflammation: observations on urinary excretion of orosomucoid, albumin, [[alpha].sub.I]-Microglobulin, and IgG. Magid, Erik; Guldager, Henrik; Hesse, Dan; Christiansen, Merete Skovdal 4597
Nonradioactive vitamin [B.sub.12] absorption test evaluated in controls and in patients with inherited malabsorption of vitamin [B.sub.12]. Bor, Mustafa Vakur; Cetin, Mualla; Aytac, Selin; Altay, Cigdem; Nexo, Ebba 3012
Novel protein markers of acute coronary syndrome complications in low-risk outpatients: a systematic review of potential use in the emergency department. Mitchell, Alice M.; Brown, Michael D.; Menown, Ian B.A.; Kline, Jeffery A. 5682
Oxidative susceptibility of unfractionated serum or plasma: response to antioxidants in vitro and to antioxidant supplementation. Atkin, Mark A.; Gasper, Amy; Ullegaddi, Raj; Powers, Hilary J. Clinical report 5157
PARK7 and nucleoside diphosphate kinase A as plasma markers for the early diagnosis of stroke. Allard, Laure; Burkhard, Pierre R.; Lescuyer, Pierre; Burgess, Jennifer A.; Walter, Nadia; Hochstras Clinical report 5964
Proteins: Structure and Function. Peters, Theodore 600
Rapid detection of nucleophosmin (NPM1) mutations in acute myeloid leukemia by denaturing HPLC. Ammatuna, Emanuele; Noguera, Nelida Ines; Zangrilli, Daniela; Curzi, Paola; Panetta, Paola; Benciven 1756
Rare IgM interference with Roche/Hitachi Modular glucose and [gamma]-glutamyltransferase methods in heparin samples. Dimeski, Goce; Carter, Andrew 1315
Reliable and cost-effective screening of inherited heterozygosity by [Zn.sup.2+]-cyclen polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Kinoshita, Eiji; Kinoshita-Kikuta, Emiko; Kojima, Hirokazu; Nakano, Yukiko; Chayama, Kazuaki; Koike, 2101
Response of serum C-reactive protein to percutaneous coronary interventions has prognostic value. Saleh, Nawsad; Svane, Bertil; Hansson, Lars-Olof; Jensen, Jens; Nilsson, Tage; Danielsson, Olle; Tor 4540
Selenium and mortality in the elderly: results from the EVA study. Akbaraly, N. Tasnime; Arnaud, Josiane; Hininger-Favier, Isabelle; Gourlet, Veronique; Roussel, Anne- Report 5345
Short-term urine deoxypyridinoline biological variability in the first 5 years after menopause. Di Stefano, Marco; Formoso, Federica; Tamone, Cristina; Aimo, Giuseppe; Mengozzi, Giulio; Bergui, Si 2083
The polymorphism c.-3279T>G in the phenobarbital-responsive enhancer module of the bilirubin UDP-glucuronosyltransferase gene is associated with Gilbert syndrome. Costa, Elisio; Vieira, Emilia; dos Santos, Rosario 2178
The toll-Like receptor 4 Asp299G1y and Thr399Ile polymorphisms influence the late inflammatory response in human endotoxemia. Marsik, Claudia; Jilma, Bernd; Joukhadar, Christian; Mannhalter, Christine; Wagner, Oswald; Endler, 2671
Tumor necrosis factor-[alpha]-related intraperitoneal release of CA 125 in cirrhotic patients with sterile ascites. Kalambokis, Georgios; Kostoula, Ageliki; Economou, Michalis; Tsianos, Epameinondas V. Letter to the editor 1561
Unusual rearrangement of the [alpha]-globin gene cluster containing both the -[[alpha].sup.3.7] and [[alpha][alpha][alpha].sup.anti-4.2] crossover junctions: clinical diagnostic implications and possible mechanisms. Wang, Wen; Chan, Amy Y.Y.; Chan, Li-Chong; Ma, Edmond S.K.; Chong, Samuel S. 2421
Use of fully denaturing HPLC for UGT1A1 genotyping in Gilbert syndrome. Harraway, James R.; George, Peter M. 2017
Validation of the 99th percentile cutoff independent of assay imprecision (CV) for cardiac troponin monitoring for ruling out myocardial infarction. Apple, Fred S.; Parvin, Curtis A.; Buechler, Kenneth F.; Christenson, Robert H.; Wu, Alan H.B.; Jaff 1521

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