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Articles from Clinical Chemistry (March 1, 2005)

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2-ethylhydracrylic aciduria in short/branched-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency: application to diagnosis and implications for the R-pathway of isoleucine oxidation. Korman, Stanley H.; Andresen, Brage S.; Zeharia, Avraham; Gutman, Alisa; Boneh, Avihu; Pitt, James J 4621
Aberrant thyroid testing results in a clinically euthyroid patient who had received a tumor vaccine. Choi, William W.L.; Srivatsa, Sumathi; Ritchie, James C. Letter to the editor 1356
Acquired activated protein C resistance associated with IgG antibodies against [[beta].sub.2]-glycoprotein I and prothrombin as a strong risk factor for venous thromboembolism. Nojima, Junzo; Kuratsune, Hirohiko; Suehisa, Etsuji; Iwatani, Yoshinori; Kanakura, Yuzuru 5459
Adiponectin and other adipocytokines as predictors of markers of triglyceride-rich lipoprotein metabolism. Chan, Dick C.; Watts, Gerald F.; Ng, Theodore W.K.; Uchida, Yoshiaki; Sakai, Naohiko; Yamashita, Shi 5604
Application of a modified real-time PCR technique for relative gene copy number quantification to the determination of the relationship between NKX3.1 loss and MYC gain in prostate cancer. Kindich, Roland; Florl, Andrea R.; Jung, Volker; Engers, Rainer; Muller, Mirko; Schulz, Wolfgang A.; 2326
Association of transcutaneous bilirubin testing in hospital with decreased readmission rate for hyperbilirubinemia. Petersen, John R.; Okorodudu, Anthony O.; Mohammad, Amin A.; Fernando, Amarasiri; Shattuck, Karen E. 3085
Biomarker responses during and after treatment with nesiritide infusion in patients with decompensated chronic heart failure. Miller, Wayne L.; Hartman, Karen A.; Burritt, Mary F.; Borgeson, Daniel D.; Burnett, John C., Jr.; J 5387
Circulating adiponectin and plasma fatty acid profile. Fernandez-Real, Jose-Manuel; Vendrell, Joan; Ricart, Wifredo 5838
Circulatory corticotropin-releasing hormone mRNA concentrations are increased in women with preterm delivery but not in those who respond to tocolytic treatment. Zhong, Xiao Yan; Holzgreve, Wolfgang; Hoesli, Irene; Hahn, Sinuhe 1308
Detection of loss of heterozygosity by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry-based analysis of single-nucleotide polymorphisms. Reuland, Andre; Humeny, Andreas; Magener, Achim; Becker, Cord-Michael; Schiebel, Katrin 2570
Determination of CYP2D6 gene copy number by Pyrosequencing. Soderback, Erik; Zackrisson, Anna-Lena; Lindblom, Bertil; Alderborn, Anders 5571
Discordance analysis characteristics as a new method to compare the diagnostic accuracy of tests: example of complexed versus total prostate-specific antigen. Keller, Thomas; Butz, Hermann; Lein, Michael; Kwiatkowski, Maciej; Semjonow, Axel; Luboldt, Hans-Joa 4521
Disposition of Toxic Drugs and Chemicals in Man, Seventh Edition. Broussard, Larry 449
Establishing a reference interval for measurement of flux through the mitochondrial fatty acid oxidation pathway in cultured skin fibroblasts. Narayan, Srinivas B.; Boriack, Richard L.; Messmer, Bette; Bennett, Michael J. 2119
Fifty years of molecular (DNA/RNA) diagnostics. Gingeras, Thomas R.; Higuchi, Russell; Kricka, Larry J.; Lo, Y.M. Dennis; Wittwer, Carl T. 7393
Flow Cytometry Protocols, 2nd edition. Methods in Molecular Biology, Volume 263. Lawrence, David A. 875
Genetic screening for hemochromatosis: a cautionary tale. Starczynski, Jane; Hooper, Laura; Ali, Nageeb; Hill, Mark; Fegan, Chris; Pratt, Guy Letter to the editor 719
Has the time arrived to replace the quick prothrombin time test for monitoring oral anticoagulant therapy? Jackson, Craig M.; Esnouf, M. Peter 2199
Hemoglobin H disease classification by isoelectric focusing: molecular verification of 110 cases from Thailand. Sutcharitchan, Pranee; Wang, Wen; Settapiboon, Rung; Amornsiriwat, Supaporn; Tan, Arnold S.C.; Chong 2300
High-sensitivity C-reactive protein: a useful marker for cardiovascular disease risk prediction and the metabolic syndrome. Rifai, Nader 1346
Homocysteine is lower in the third trimester of pregnancy in women with enhanced folate status from continued folic acid supplementation. Holmes, Valerie A.; Wallace, Julie M.W.; Alexander, H. Denis; Gilmore, William S.; Bradbury, Ian; Wa Clinical report 3697
Increased serum concentrations of intestinal alkaline phosphatase in peritoneal dialysis. Zetterberg, Henrik Letter to the editor 689
Intron retention: a common splicing event within the human Kallikrein gene family. Michael, Iacovos P.; Kurlender, Lisa; Memari, Nader; Yousef, George M.; Du, Daisy; Grass, Linda; Ste 6559
Lack of dramatic enrichment of fetal DNA in maternal plasma by formaldehyde treatment. Chung, Grace T.Y.; Chiu, Rossa W.K.; Chan, K.C. Allen; Lau, Tze K.; Leung, Tse N.; Lo, Y.M. Denis 2761
Low hematocrit and serum albumin concentrations underlie the overestimation of tacrolimus concentrations by microparticle enzyme immunoassay versus liquid chromatography--tandem mass spectrometry. Brown, Nigel W.; Gonde, Christopher E.; Adams, Jemimah E.; Tredger, J. Michael 4417
Lysosomal enzymes in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells and granulocytes. Isman, Ferruh; Palomaki, Glenn E.; Natowicz, Marvin R. 2825
Molar DNA in maternal serum in a case of 46,XY heterozygous complete hydatidiform mole coexisting with a 46,XX twin live fetus. Hyodo, Maki; Samura, Osamu; Miharu, Norio; Ohama, Koso; Kudo, Yoshiki Letter to the editor 1409
Osteoporosis--From Pathophysiology to Treatment: Special Topics in Diagnostic Testing. Kleerekoper, Michael 677
Poor agreement among prothrombin time International Normalized Ratio methods: comparison of seven commercial reagents. Horsti, Juha; Uppa, Helena; Vilpo, Juhani A. 4308
Preanalytical variables and off-site blood collection: influences on the results of the prothrombin time/International Normalized Ratio test and implications for monitoring of oral anticoagulant therapy. van Geest-Daalderop, Johanna H.H.; Mulder, Andre B.; Boonman-de Winter, Leandra J.M.; Hoekstra, Mart 5400
Predictive markers in breast and other cancers: a review. Duffy, Michael J. 7940
Quality specifications for B-type natriuretic peptide assays. Apple, Fred S.; Panteghini, Mauro; Ravkilde, Jan; Mair, Johannes; Wu, Allan H.B.; Tate, Jilian; Paga 5871
Quantification of antimalarial Bisthiazolium compounds and their neutral bioprecursors in plasma by liquid chromatography-electrospray mass spectrometry. Nicolas, Olivier; Farenc, Christine; Calas, Michele; Vial, Henri J.; Bressolle, Francoise 5995
Quantification of thiol-containing amino acids linked by disulfides to LDL. Zinellu, Angelo; Sotgia, Salvatore; Deiana, Luca; Carru, Ciriaco 2095
Reduction in hospital readmission rates for hyperbilirubinemia is associated with use of transcutaneous bilirubin measurements. Stevenson, David K.; Wong, Ronald J.; Vreman, Hendrik J. 1826
Relationship between in vitro lipopolysaccharide-induced cytokine response in whole blood, angiographic in-stent restenosis, and toll-like receptor 4 gene polymorphisms. Rittersma, Saskia Z.H.; Hovinga, Johanna A. Kremer; Koch, Karel T.; Boekholdt, S. Matthijs; van Aken 4309
Significance of urinary tartaric acid. Lord, Richard S.; Burdette, Cheryl K.; Bralley, J. Alexander Letter to the editor 913
Techniques for identifying heterophile antibody interference are assay specific: study of seven analytes on two automated immunoassay analyzers. Ellis, Margarette Jane; Livesey, John Hamilton 1507
Treatment of maternal blood samples with formaldehyde does not alter the proportion of circulatory fetal nucleic acids (DNA and mRNA) in maternal plasma. Chinnapapagari, Satheesh Kumar Reddy; Holzgreve, Wolfgang; Lapaire, Olav; Zimmermann, Bernhard; Hahn 2396
Urinary osteocalcin as a marker of bone metabolism. Ivaska, Kaisa K.; Kakonen, Sanna-Maria; Gerdhem, Paul; Obrant, Karl J.; Pettersson, Kim; Vaananen, H 7463

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