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Articles from Clinical Chemistry (July 1, 2004)

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A pair of medical terminology primers. Wiley, Nancy A. 660
AACC Award recipients, 2004. Bruns, David E. 7015
Apolipoprotein A-IV in the fed and fasting states. Rafat, Mostafa; Sattler, Alexander M.; Hackler,Rolf; Soufi, Mouhidien; Steinmetz, Armin; Maisch, Ber Letter to the editor 853
Arnold O. Beckman. Bruns, David E. 100
Assessment of parathyroid function in clinical practice: which parathyroid hormone assay is better? Santini, Stefano A.; Carrozza, Cinzia; Vulpio, Carlo; Capoluongo, Ettore; Luciani, Giovanna; Lulli, 2276
Atherogenic index of plasma [log(triglycerides/HDL-cholesterol)]: theoretical and practical implications. Dobiasova, Milada 2012
Breast cancer susceptibility gene mRNAs quantified by microarrays with electrochemical detection. Xie, Hong; Yu, Yuan Hong; Xie, Fang; Lao, Yuan Zhi; Gao, Zhiqiang 2023
Cardiac Markers, 2nd ed. Thygesen, Kristina A. 548
Comparison of ultracentrifugation and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy in the quantification of triglyceride-rich lipoproteins after an oral fat load. Tsai, Michael Y.; Georgopoulos, Angeliki; Otvos, James D.; Ordovas, Jose M.; Hanson, Naomi Q.; Peaco 2211
D-dimer testing for deep venous thrombosis: a metaanalysis. Heim, Steven W.; Schectman, Joel M.; Siadaty, Mir S.; Philbrick, John T. Clinical report 9938
Denaturing HPLC-based approach for detecting RYR2 mutations involved in malignant arrhythmias. Bagattin, Alessia; Veronese, Caterina; Bauce, Barbara; Wuyts, Wim; Settimo, Luca; Nava, Andrea; Ramp 4631
Denaturing HPLC-based assay for molecular screening of nondeletional mutations causing [alpha]-Thalassemias. Guida, Valentina; Colosimo, Alessia; Fiorito, Mirella; Foglietta, Enrica; Bianco, Ida; Ivaldi, Giova 2224
Denaturing-HPLC-based assay for detection of ABL mutations in chronic myeloid leukemia patients resistant to imatinib. Soverini, Simona; Martinelli, Giovanni; Amabile, Marilina,; Poerio, Angela; Bianchini, Michele; Rost 6541
Detection and monitoring of SARS coronavirus in the Plasma and peripheral blood lymphocytes of patients with severe acute respiratory syndrome. Wang, Haibin; Mao, Yuanli; Ju, Liancai; Zhang, Jing; Liu, Zhiguo; Zhou, Xianzhi; Li, Qinghong; Wang, 1921
Differentiation of acute myeloid leukemia from B- and T-lineage acute lymphoid leukemias by real-time quantitative reverse transcription-PCR of lineage marker mRNAs. Saussoy, Pascale; Vaerman, Jean-Luc; Straetmans, Nicole; Deneys, Veronique; Cornu, Guy; Ferrant, Aug 6767
Early detection of the selectivity loss of the cobas integra analyzer chloride ion-selective electrode. Braun, Siegmund L.; Ciolek, Kathrin; Vogt, Wolfgang Letter to the editor 758
Enzyme immunoassay for serum autoantibody to surviving and its findings in head-and-neck cancer patients. Chang, Joseph T.; Wong, Fen-Hwa; Liao, Chun-Ta; Chen, I.-How; Wang, Hung-Ming; Cheng, Ann-Joy 2258
Genotyping of single-nucleotide polymorphisms by high-resolution melting of small amplicons. Liew, Michael; Pryor, Robert; Palais, Robert; Meadows, Cindy; Erali, Maria; Lyon, Elaine; Wittwer, C 5685
Homogeneous enzymatic colorimetric assay for total cysteine. Han, Qinghong; Xu, Mingxu; Tang, Li; Sun, Xinghua; Zhang, Nan; Tan, Xuezhong; Tan, Xiuying; Tan, Yuy 1742
Imprecision of cerebrospinal fluid net bilirubin absorbance. Viljoen, Adie; Walker, Simon W.; Walker, Kay S.; Twomey, Patrick J. 1738
Innotrac Aio! Second-generation cardiac troponin I assay: imprecision profile and other key characteristics for clinical use. Pagani, Franca; Stefini, Francesca; Panteghini, Mauro Letter to the editor 1344
Interference in the vitros CREA method when measuring urine creatinine on samples acidified with acetic acid. Lambert, Linda; Caban, John; Jay, Dennis W. Letter to the editor 1270
Mass spectrometry-validated HPLC method for urinary nitrate. Tsikas, Dimitrios 2081
Measurement of [N.sup.[member of]]-(carboxymethyl)lysine and [N.sup.[member of]]-(carboxyethyl)lysine in human plasma protein by stable-isotope-dilution tandem mass spectrometry. Teerlink, Tom; Barto, Rob; Ten Brink, Herman J.; Schalkwijk, Casper G. 4816
Michael J. Bennett. Bruns, David E. 88
N-acetyltransferase 2 genotyping: an accurate and feasible approach for simultaneous detection of the most common NAT2 alleles. Brans, Richard; Laizane, Danute; Khan, Annika; Blomeke, Brunhilde 1831
Natriuretic peptides as markers of mild forms of left ventricular dysfunction: effects of assays on diagnostic performance of markers. Hammerer-Lercher, Angelika; Ludwig, Wilma; Falkensammer, Gerda; Muller, Silvana; Neubauer, Elke; Pus 6320
Pioglitazone reduces atherogenic index of plasma in patients with type 2 diabetes. Tan, Meng H.; Johns, Don; Glazer, N. Bradly Clinical report 3567
Plastic versus glass tubes: effects on analytical performance of selected serum and plasma hormone assays. Preissner, Carol M.; Reilly, William M.; Cyr, Richard C.; O'Kane, Dennis J.; Singh, Ravinder J; Greb 2396
Potential utility of Ret-Y in the diagnosis of iron-restricted erythropoiesis. Franck, Susanne; Linssen, Jo; Messinger, Maren; Thomas, Lothar 1577
Protein bead array for the detection of HIV-1 antibodies from fresh plasma and dried-blood-spot specimens. Faucher, Sylvie; Martel, Alexandre; Sherring, Alice; Ding, Tao; Malloch, Laurie; Kim, John E.; Berge 2836
Proteomic and Genomic Analysis of Cardiovascular Disease. Remaley, Alan T. 494
Quantitative real-time PCR assay for rapid identification of deletion carriers in hemophilia. Costa, Catherine; Jouannic, Jean-Marie; Stieltjes, Nathalie; Costa, Jean-Marc; Girodon, Emmanuelle; Letter to the editor 966
Rapid intraoperative immunoassay of parathyroid hormone and other hormones: a new paradigm for point-of-care testing. Sokoll, Lori J.; Wians, Frank H., Jr.; Remaley, Alan T. Report 7717
ROC curves in Clinical Chemistry: uses, misuses, and possible solutions. Obuchowski, Nancy A.; Lieber, Michael L.; Wians, Frank H., Jr. 6608
Serum copper is decreased in premature newborns and increased in newborns with hemolytic jaundice. Schulpis, Kleopatra H.; Karakonstantakis, Theodoros; Gavrili, Stavroula; Costalos, Christos; Roma, E 2811
Sex and age differences in lipoprotein subclasses measured by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy: the Framingham study. Freedman, David S.; Otvos, James D.; Jeyarajah, Elias J.; Shalaurova, Irina; Cupples, L. Adrienne; P Clinical report 8064
Simultaneous determination of [alpha]-fetoprotein and free [beta]-human chorionic gonadotropin by element-tagged immunoassay with detection by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. Zhang, Sichun; Zhang, Chao; Xing, Zhi; Zhang, Xinrong 5400
The Clinical chemome: a tool for the diagnosis and management of chronic disease. Baynes, John W. 1404
Trehalose is a potent PCR enhancer: lowering of DNA melting temperature and thermal stabilization of Taq polymerase by the disaccharide trehalose. Spiess, Andrej-Nikolai; Mueller, Nadine; Ivell, Richard 2650
Use of denaturing HPLC for detection of mutations in the BCR-ABL kinase domain in patients resistant to imatinib. Irving, Julie A.E.; O'Brien, Stephen; Lennard, Anne L.; Minto, Lynne; Lin, Feng; Hall, Andrew G. 2630

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