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Articles from Clinical Chemistry (July 1, 2003)

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A Clinical Guide to Inherited Metabolic Diseases, 2nd edition. Tang, Nelson L.S. 585
A Manager's Guide to the Design and Conduct of Clinical Trials. Cole, Thomas G. 531
AACC Award for Outstanding Contributions in Education, sponsored by Quest Diagnostics Hospital Services. Bruns, David E. 173
AACC Award for Outstanding Contributions through Service to the Profession of Clinical Chemistry, sponsored by Beckman Coulter, Inc. Bruns, David E. 237
AACC Award for Outstanding Contributions to Clinical Chemistry in a Selected Area of Research, sponsored by Olympus America Inc. Diagnostic Systems Group. Bruns, David E. 207
AACC Award for Outstanding Scientific Achievements by a Young Investigator, sponsored by Roche Diagnostics Corporation. Bruns, David E. 183
AACC Award recipients, 2003: AACC Award for Outstanding Contributions to Clinical Chemistry, sponsored by Bayer HealthCare Diagnostics Division. Bruns, David E. 276
AACC International Travel Fellowship, sponsored by BD Vacutainer Systems, Preanalytical Solutions of Becton Dickinson and Company. Bruns, David E. 226
AACC's Past-President's Award, sponsored by Cardinal Health Scientific Products Distribution. Bruns, David E. 210
Basic Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy. Ball, David W. 493
Bilirubin concentration, UGT1A1*28 polymorphism, and coronary artery disease. Schwertner, Harvey A. Clinical report 1652
Biological threat detection via host gene expression profiling. Lin, Baochuan; Vahey, Maryanne T.; Thach, Dzung; Stenger, David A.; Pancrazio, Joseph J. 3695
Biomarkers of Disease: An Evidence-based Approach. Risby, Terence H. 491
Biotechnology Graphics Gallery. Rej, Robert 157
Cell-free fetal DNA in maternal circulation after amniocentesis. Samura, Osamu; Miharu, Norio; Hyodo, Maki; Honda, Hiroshi; Ohashi, Yoko; Honda, Nao; Hara, Tetsuaki; 1776
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Division of Laboratory Systems. Rej, Robert 94
Comprehensive UGT1A1 genotyping in a Japanese population by pyrosequencing. Saeki, Mayumi; Saito, Yoshiro; Jinno, Hideto; Tohkin, Masahiro; Kurose, Kouichi; Kaniwa, Nahoko; Kom 2181
Correction. Correction notice 118
Department of Pathology, SUNY Upstate Medical University. Rej, Robert 96
Detection of anti-livin antibody in gastrointestinal cancer patients. Yagihashi, Atsuhito; Asanuma, Koichi; Tsuji, Naoki; Torigoe, Toshihiko; Sato, Noriyuki; Hirata, Koic 1943
Diagnostic accuracies of plasma creatinine, cystatin C, and glomerular filtration rate calculated by the Cockcroft-Gault and Levey (MDRD) formulas. Harmoinen, Aimo; Lehtimaki, Terho; Korpela, Markku; Turjanmaa, Vaino; Saha, Heikki 2132
Disease-related metabolites in culture medium of fibroblasts from patients with D-2-hydroxyglutaric aciduria, L-2-hydroxyglutaric aciduria, and combined D/L-2-hydroxyglutaric aciduria. Struys, Eduard A.; Verhoeven, Nanda M.; Roos, Birthe; Jakobs, Cornelis 4011
Distribution of 3-hydroxy fatty acids in tissues after intraperitoneal injection of endotoxin. Szponar, Bogumila; Krasnik, Leonard; Hryniewiecki, Tomasz; Gamian, Andrzej; Larsson, Lennart 2931
DNA integrity as a potential marker for stool-based detection of colorectal cancer. Boynton, Kevin A.; Summerhayes, Ian C.; Ahlquist, David A.; Shuber, Anthony P. 5068
Effect of anti-carbonic anhydrase antibodies on carbonic anhydrases I and II. Botre, Francesco; Botre, Claudio; Podesta, Elisabetta; Podda, Mauro; Invernizzi, Pietro 2603
F. William Sunderman MD, PhD (1898-2003). Savory, John Obituary 1752
Frequency, risk factors, and outcome of hyperlactatemia in HIV-positive persons: implications for the management of treated patients. Marceau, Geoffroy; Sapin, Vincent; Jacomet, Christine; Ughetto, Sylvie; Cormerais, Louis; Regagnon, Clinical report 5805
Generation, characterization, and use of monoclonal antibodies against parathyroid hypertensive factor. Krylova, Svetlana; Labedz, Teresa; Lewanczuk, Richard Z.; Benishin, Christina G. 2016
Hemolysis interference in the ortho-clinical diagnostics vitros ECi cTnI assay. Hawkins, Robert C.; Reeves, Rebecca Letter to the editor 1150
High concentrations of excised oxidative DNA lesions in human cerebrospinal fluid. Rozalski, Rafat; Winkler, Piotr; Gackowski, Daniel; Paciorek, Tomasz; Kasprzak, Heliodor; Olinski, R 2691
ICP Emission Spectrometry: A Practical Guide. Paschal, Dan 264
Infrared spectroscopic identification of [beta]-thalassemia. Liu, Kan-Zhi; Tsang, Kam Sze; Li, Chi Kong; Shaw, R. Anthony; Mantsch, Henry H. 5208
Introduction to Macromolecular Crystallography. Van Roey, Patrick 459
Iodinated contrast media interfere with gel barrier formation in plasma and serum separator tubes. Spiritus, Tom; Zaman, Zahur; Desmet, Walter 1689
Ion suppression in mass spectrometry. Annesley, Thomas M. 2432
Is low serum bilirubin an independent risk factor for coronary artery disease in men but not in women? Endler, Georg; Hamwi, Ahmad; Sunder-Plassmann, Raute; Exner, Markus; Vukovich, Thomas; Mannhalter, C 2509
Leikin and Paloucek's Poisoning and Toxicology Handbook, 3rd Edition. Moyer, Thomas P. 329
Linked linear amplification for simultaneous analysis of the two most common hemochromatosis mutations. Killeen, Anthony A.; Breneman, John W., III; Carillo, Arlene R.; Liu, Jason; Hixson, Craig S. 4065
Mass spectrometry-based diagnostics: the upcoming revolution in disease detection has already arrived. Chace, Donald H.; Petricoin, Emanuel F.; Liotta, Lance A. Letter to the editor 1152
Maternal glucocorticoid supplementation and S100B protein concentrations in cord blood and urine of preterm infants. Gazzolo, Diego; Kornacka, Maria; Bruschettini, Matteo; Lituania, Mario; Giovannini, Lia; Serra, Giov 2944
Molecular beacon reverse transcription-PCR of human chorionic gonadotropin-[beta]-3, -5, and -8 mRNAs has prognostic value in breast cancer. Span, Paul N.; Manders, Peggy; Heuvel, Joop J.T.M.; Thomas, Chris M.G.; Bosch, Remko R.; Beex, Louk 5825
Negative interference in cardiac troponin I immunoassays from a frequently occurring serum and plasma component. Eriksson, Susann; Junikka, Miia; Laitinen, Paivi; Majamaa-Voltti, Kirsi; Alfthan, Henrik; Pettersson 6982
Optimal sampling strategies to assess inulin clearance in children by the inulin single-injection method. van Rossum, Lyonne K.; Mathot, Ron A.A.; Cransberg, Karlien; Vulto, Arnold G. 6586
Plasma amino-terminal B-type natriuretic peptide measured by Elecsys 2010 assay in a trial of hormone-guided treatment for heart failure. Troughton, Richard W.; Frampton, Christopher M.; Yandle, Timothy G.; Espiner, Eric A.; Nicholls, Gar 3020
Plasminogen activator inhibitor 1 4G/5G polymorphism and coagulation factor XIII Val34Leu polymorphism: impaired fibrinolysis and early pregnancy loss. Dossenbach-Glaninger, Astrid; van Trotsenburg, Michael; Dossenbach, Martin; Oberkanins, Christian; M 4929
Practical challenges to positive drug tests for marijuana. ElSohly, Mahmoud A. 1674
Procedure for the monitoring of gabapentin with 2,4,6-trinitrobenzene sulfonic acid derivatization followed by HPLC with ultraviolet detection. Juenke, JoEtta M.; Brown, Paul I.; McMillin, Gwendolyn A.; Urry, Francis M. 2364
Quantification of human DNA in feces as a diagnostic test for the presence of colorectal cancer. Klaassen, Corne H.W.; Jeunink, Marcel A.F.; Prinsen, Clemens F.M.; Ruers, Theo J.M.; Tan, Adriaan C. 1797
Rapid detection of aneuploidy (trisomy 21) by allele quantification combined with melting curves analysis of single-nucleotide polymorphism loci. Pont-Kingdon, Genevieve; Lyon, Elaine 5312
Rapid liquid chromatography-electrospray tandem mass spectrometry method for serum free and total carnitine. Ho, Chung S.; Cheng, Brian S.S.; Lam, Christopher W.K. 1738
Reference change value for [alpha]-fetoprotein and its application in early detection of hepatocellular carcinoma in patients with hepatic disease. Trape, Jaume; Botargues, Josep M.; Porta, Francesc; Ricos, Carmen; Badal, Josep M.; Salinas, Ramon; 2956
Reliability of IFCC method for lactate dehydrogenase in heparin plasma. Bakker, Andries J. Letter to the editor 166
Renal elimination of troponin T and troponin I. Ziebig, Reinhard; Lun, Andreas; Hocher, Berthold; Priem, Friedrich; Altermann, Claudia; Asmus, Gerno 2138
Screening and quantification of multiple chromosome translocations in human leukemia. Shi, Run Zhang; Morrissey, Joseph M.; Rowley, Janet D. 5737
Screening for interference in immunoassays. Emerson, Jane F.; Ngo, Gilda; Emerson, Scott S. Clinical report 4805
The AACC Lectureship Award, sponsored by an Educational Grant from Bayer HealthCare Diagnostics Division. Bruns, David E. 163
The Edwin F. Ullman Award, sponsored by Dade Behring, Inc. Bruns, David E. 280
The Sigi Ziering Award for Outstanding Contribution for a Publication in the Journal Clinical Chemistry, sponsored by Diagnostic Products Corporation (DPC). Bruns, David E. 216
The transcobalamin (TC) codon 259 genetic polymorphism influences holo-TC concentration in cerebrospinal fluid from patients with Alzheimer disease. Zetterberg, Henrik; Nexo, Ebba; Regland, Bjorn; Minthon, Lennart; Boson, Roberta; Palmer, Mona; Rymo 2423
Time-resolved fluorescence resonance energy transfer assay for point-of-care testing of urinary albumin. Qin, Qiu-Ping; Peltola, Olli; Pettersson, Kim 5749
UGT1A1*28 allele and coronary heart disease: the Rotterdam Study. Bosma, Piter J.; van der Meer, Irene M.; Bakker, Conny T.; Hofman, Albert; Paul-Abrahamse, Marianne; 2054
Urinary cannabinoid detection times after controlled oral administration of [[Delta].sup.9]-tetrahydrocannabinol to humans. Gustafson, Richard A.; Levine, Barry; Stout, Peter R.; Klette, Kevin L.; George, M.P.; Moolchan, Eri Clinical report 9410
Urinary estrone conjugate and pregnanediol 3-glucuronide enzyme immunoassays for population research. O'Connor, Kathleen A.; Brindle, Eleanor; Holman, Darryl J.; Klein, Nancy A.; Soules, Michael R.; Cam 7211

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