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Articles from Clinical Chemistry (May 1, 2002)

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[beta]-trace protein, cystatin C, [[beta].sub.2]-microglobulin, and creatinine compared for detecting impaired glomerular filtration rates in children. Filler, Guido; Priem, Friedrich; Lepage, Nathalie; Sinha, Pranav; Vollmer, Ilka; Clark, Heather; Kee 5816
Application of the Bland-Altman plot for interpretation of method-comparison studies: a critical investigation of its practice. Dewitte, Katy; Fierens, Colette; Stockl, Dietmar; Thienpont, Linda M. Letter to the editor 1480
Assessment of the diagnostic accuracy of the TDx-FLM II to predict fetal lung maturity. Fantz, Corinne R.; Powell, Cynthia; Karon, Brad; Parvin, Curtis A.; Hankins, Kelly; Dayal, Molina; S 3217
Biochemical Investigations in Laboratory Medicine. Kleerekoper, Michael 606
Blood glutathione disulfide: in vivo factor or in vitro artifact? Rossi, Ranieri; Milzani, Aldo; Dalle-Donne, Isabella; Giustarini, Daniela; Lusini, Lorenzo; Colombo, 8603
Can glycohemoglobin be used to assess glycemic control in patients with chronic renal failure? Little, Randie R.; Tennill, Alethea L.; Rohlfing, Curt; Wiedmeyer, Hsiao-Mei; Khanna, Ramesh; Goel, Clinical report 1641
Changes in bone turnover in patients with anorexia nervosa during eleven weeks of inpatient dietary treatment. Heer, Martina; Mika, Claudia; Grzella, Ina; Drummer, Christian; Herpertz-Dahlmann, Beate 5390
Commentary on quantifying agreement between two methods of measurement. Altman, Douglas G.; Bland, J. Martin Letter to the editor 998
Comparison of cardiac troponin I in serum and heparin plasma with the dimension RxL assay. Cerutti, Alberto; Corsini, Leonora; Finotto, Roberto; Perazzi, Carlo 1521
Complete sequencing of a genetic polymorphism in NAT2 in the Korean population. Lee, Soo-Youn; Lee, Kyung-A; Ki, Chang-Seok; Kwon, O. Jung; Kim, Ho Joong; Chung, Man Pyo; Suh, Gee 2294
Cystatin C: an improved estimator of glomerular filtration rate? Laterza, Omar F.; Price, Christopher P.; Scott, Mitchell G. 8211
Denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis for the molecular characterization of six patients with guanidinoacetate methyltransferase deficiency. Item, Chike B.; Stromberger, Carmen; Muhl, Adolf; Edlinger, Claudia; Bodamer, Olaf A.; Schulze, Andr 2054
Electrophoresis in Practice. A Guide to Methods and Application of DNA and Protein Separations, 3rd ed. Derua, Rita; Bossuyt, Xavier 464
Errors in laboratory medicine. Bonini, Pierangelo; Plebani, Mario; Ceriotti, Ferruccio; Rubboli, Francesca 5692
Estimation Of true calcium absorption in men. Heaney, Robert P.; Dowell, Mary Susan; Wolf, Randi L. 2068
Hemolytic uremic syndrome attributable to streptococcus pneumoniae infection: a novel cause for secondary protein N-Glycan abnormalities. de Loos, Femke; Huijben, Karin M.L.C.; van der Kar, Nicole C.A.J.; Monnens, Leo A.H.; van den Heuvel 2443
HFE genotyping by amplification refractory mutation system-denaturing HPLC. Pissard, Serge; Huynh, Lam-Thuy-Ai; Martin, Josiane; Goossens, Michel 2395
Highly sensitive cholesterol assay with enzymatic cycling applied to measurement of remnant lipoprotein-cholesterol in serum. Kishi, Koji; Ochiai, Koji; Ohta, Yohsuke; Uemura, Yahiro; Kanatani, Kazushi; Nakajima, Katsuyuki; Na 2297
Increased homocysteine in liver cirrhosis: a result of renal impairment? Woitas, Rainer P.; Stoffel-Wagner, Birgit; Poege, Uwe; Sauerbruch, Tilman; Ferre, Natalia; Camps, Jo Letter to the editor 1243
Lack of association of the -1171 (5A) allele of the MMP3 promoter with breast cancer. Lei, Haixin; Zaloudik, Jan; Vorechovsky, Igor Letter to the editor 1000
Marketing guru's advice: become underwriters like the Medicis. Bruns, David E. 99
Metabolic, nutritional, iatrogenic, and artifactual sources of urinary organic acids: a comprehensive table. Kumps, Alain; Duez, Pierre; Mardens, Yves 6483
New endowed professorship in laboratory medicine. Bruns, David E. 441
New honors for members of editorial board. Bruns, David E. 177
New nuclear encoded mitochondrial mutation illustrates pitfalls in prenatal diagnosis by biochemical methods. Schuelke, Markus; Detjen, Anne; van den Heuvel, Lambert; Korenke, Christoph; Janssen, Antoon; Smits, 2263
Noninvasive prenatal exclusion of congenital adrenal hyperplasia by maternal plasma analysis: a feasibility study. Chiu, Rossa W.K.; Lau, Tze K.; Cheung, Pik T.; Gong, Zhi Q.; Leung, Tse N.; Lo, Y.M. Dennis 2300
Online submission of manuscripts. Bruns, David E. 186
Parathyroid hormone is more stable in EDTA plasma than in serum. Glendenning, Paul; Laffer, Leonie L.A.; Weber, Hayley K.; Musk, Alexander A.; Vasikaran, Samuel D. 863
Prenatal exclusion of recessively inherited disorders: should maternal plasma analysis precede invasive techniques? Bianchi, Diana W. 1730
Reforming laboratory reimbursement: issues, impact and innovations. A summary of the Clinical Chemistry Forum held on November 15, 2001. Young, Donald S. 3213
Sensitive immunoluminometric assay for the detection of procalcitonin. Morgenthaler, Nils G.; Struck, Joachim; Fischer-Schulz, Christina; Bergmann, Andreas 1494
September 11, 2001. Bruns, David E. 201
Unusual late onset of X-linked chronic granulomatous disease in an adult woman after unsuspicious childhood. Lun, Andreas; Roesler, Joachim; Renz, Harald 1034
Use of constant denaturant capillary electrophoresis of pooled blood samples to identify single-nucleotide polymorphisms in the genes (Scnn1a and Scnn1b) encoding the [alpha] and [beta] subunits of the epithelial sodium channel. Xue, Ming-Zhan; Bonny, Olivier; Morgenthaler, Stephan; Bochud, Murielle; Mooser, Vincent; Thilly, Wi 5167
Variability in potassium/hemoglobin ratios for hemolysis correction. Hawkins, Robert Letter to the editor 596

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